Sweaty Pits Apartments

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A lower income version of the Integra's Arms Apartments. Also owned by Medical Mechanica.

Sweaty Pits Apartments
Available Exits
Sweaty Pits Apts.png
View from the Simplified Map of Mabase.

Grid Description

Sweaty Pits Apartments - Lobby(#3036RV)
You step into an ugly green lobby. The carpet is stained. A hobo is sleeping in the corner. Behind a counter to your left an old woman with a lazy eye watches your every move. She's the manager. You'll have to deal with her if you want to stay here. As you stare a fly lands on her eye and flies away. Maybe you should go somewhere else?

Along the walls down the square-ish room are doors leading to various apartments. In the center of the room along the back wall is the stairs leading to the other floors.

Origins and Possible Connections

Sweaty Pits Apartments come directly from the Invader Zim episode "The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot." However, as the city from Invader Zim and the city from the JtHM/I Feel Sick/Squee! comics is known to be the same city, it's worth noting that the interior design of the apartment complex matches up with that of the apartment building where Devi and Tenna where shown to live indicating that they are possibly the same building (or just lazy art design). However, the damage done to the upper floors of the building matches the epilogue of I Feel Sick - probable proof that they are one and the same.

Devi-Apartment.png Sweaty-Apartment.png Sweaty Pits Apartments.png
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