Fukuoka District

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Fukuoka District
Available Exits

Grid Description

The Twisted Street - Fukuoka(#3040R)

Scattered about the remaining sliver of the island of Neo-Edo is the housing district of Fukuoka. Aside from a few moderately sized houses and the Sweaty Pits Apartments, there isn't a lot to see here except for the Twisted Street being lifted up into another bridge and vanishing into a dust cloud that strangely hangs over the rest of the bay. Mirroring the Western side of the city of Twisted, elaborate magic was put in place that wraps the road in on itself and into the Wastelands to prevent travelers from vanishing into the chaos that surrounds the world of Twisted.

The Twisted Street isn't the only road that cuts through Fukuoka. Stretching to the North from here, another small road leads to an old bridge that takes travelers to a tiny island where a permanent storm seems to hang over it ominously. It shouldn't be much of a surprise that it's the road less traveled. An old, abandoned asylum is hardly a vacation spot...

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