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Run by a bunch of humanoid cats, the Pizza Cats Pizza Emporium is one of the more popular restaurants on the world of Twisted. (Probably because they deliver!) The phone number is, as always, 55-PIZZA (557-4992).

Pizza Cats Pizza Emporium
Available Exits

Grid Description

Pizza Cats Pizza Emporium(#3105R)

The smell of cooking pizza flows into your nostrils. Welcome to the Pizza Cats Pizza Emporium! The -only- Emporium that uses a massive gun, mounted to the roof of the building, to launch it's delivery staff at the speed of sound to deliver your food almost as fast as you can order it. Inside things are much the same as you'd expect from any themed restaurant. It looks like a cat-themed pizza parlor with fish hanging from the walls around the counter. Obviously over the counter is the large menu board listing almost any kind of topping you can think of and at least two you couldn't have. Of course, with a menu like this that door to the bathroom isn't something you want to miss.

Don't bother trying to snoop around though, the only way into the kitchen is behind that counter...


  • Francine - Usually the one left working the counter and answering phones.
  • Polly - Responsible for most of the actual cooking of food.
  • Speedy - Lead delivery cat.
  • Guido - All around cat-of-all-trades.

Television Commercial

Late at night on various television channels of Twisted and Neo-Edo, commercials for the Pizza Cats Emporium are shown frequently. This is generally a subject of annoyance by citizens who've been watching this same commercial for the past seven years - even during the multi-year gap that the Emporium was missing from the world of Twisted!

Most damning of all, the commercial was simply modified after Pizza Cats Pizza was moved to Neo-Edo by beeping over the audio of "Located in the Western City Ruins!" and adding text on screen that reads "NOW OPEN IN NEO-EDO!!"

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