2009-02-06 (PreU) And now a word from our sponsors

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And now a word from our sponsors...

Summary: Airing during prime time

Who: Samurai Pizza Cats
When: February 6th, 2009
Where: On the TV's of Twisted...

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The undead behemoth known as Mumm-Ra cackles down at his prey, cowering at his feet. "FINALLY!! After all this time I, Mumm-Ra the EVAH LIVING, have defeated the mighty Lord of the Thundercats with the aid of the gourd of ETERNAL HUNGAAAAAAH!"

Lion-O holds his head a moment, trying to clear his thoughts, and then shoots a determined glare at the beast standing over him. "You may have weakened the Thundercats, Mumm-Ra, but you will never defeat us!" Holding aloft his mighty sword, Lion-O brings it over his face and chants, "Eye of Thundara! Give me sight, beyond sight! Where can I find a place to defeat this terrible hunger which has weakened us...? Of course!"

Mumm-Ra begins to cower in fear. "NOOO! NOT THAT!!"

Lion-O stands proudly. "Yes Mumm-Ra! Your one and only weakness... PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA CATS!! HOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Like a sonic boom, the trio of Pizza Cats emerge out of the sky with arms full of hot, steaming, pizzas! Mumm-Ra backs away trembling. "YOU MAY HAVE DEFEATED ME THIS TIME, PIZZA CATS! BUT WE WIIIIIILL MEEEEET AGAAAAAIIIN!!!!"

And just like that the Pizza Cats pose dramatically! "TAA-DAAA!!"



Located in the Western City Ruins! Open seven days a week! Not available during giant monster attacks!

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