Samurai Pizza Cats

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Samurai Pizza Cats

NPC: The Samurai Pizza Cats

Will somebody please cue that bird?

The Samurai Pizza Cats are a group of superhero humanoid cats who also have day jobs running a Pizza Parlor of the same name. Somehow they consider exchanging an apron for armor an alternate identity, and it's astounding their enemies never seen to notice. Each one has the ability to glide using hover-boots and summon robotic equipment that lets them fly.

The Samurai Pizza Cats Pizza Parlor also comes equipment with a giant roof-mounted gun which they use to travel to do battle, or deliver pizzas.

  • Speedy - There's Speedy Cerviche: he's the leader of the bunch. A heck of a fighter, Makes a heck of a lunch.
  • Polly - And little Polly Esther who's never afraid of going into battle when the bad guys invade.
  • Guido - There's Guido Anchovy, a wild romantic lover. The cat gets down, down with a love-hangover.
  • Francine - The source of all the Pizza Cats' rhymes is the green-wearing kitten whose voice does chime. She leads them all from the Pizza shop and along with witty banter, this de facto leader can make them hop by hitting them with hammers.

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Fan Club Oath


The Pizza Cats are Samurai, and I'd like to note:
Their antics take your breath away like furrballs in your throat.
We kittens are a special breed, we never call retreat.
Whenever Big Cheese knocks us down we land upon our feet.

So hail to thee, oh Pizza Cats. Please ring your little bell.
Although you may be pen and ink we know you'll fight like...
Pizza Cats!

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