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Noteworthy NPCs

Characters listed on this page are considered to be Non-Player Characters or NPCs. NPCs on Twisted differ from Player Characters in that they are typically considered to be nothing more than background characters used in scenes to make Twisted feel like more of a living place with a large number of characters. Sometimes NPCs also become minor characters in plotlines and on rarer occasions full characters themselves, but ones that don't exist full time and thus are not listed as regular PCs.

Not all NPCs on Twisted are listed, or need to be listed, here on this page. Specifically this page is reserved for NPCs that have some significance either to plotlines or have simply appeared enough times to need a little bit of information to be recorded to help Player Characters who encounter them.

Using This Page

This page is broken up into Public NPCs and Private NPCs to make it easier to check on the status of a Non Player Character. Public NPCs are free for use for anyone who wishes to include them in a scene, where as Private NPCs are typically reserved for a specific player to run or are frequently run by a specific group of players. Public or Private aside, please make sure you play an NPC correctly if you use one from this page. Read the information provided and consider reading some of the logs they've appeared in. If you have any questions or concerns about the NPCs or how they're portrayed, please ask a member of staff.

For a list of all NPCs with pages on this wiki, please visit Category:NPCs.

Note Note: The 1,000 Wives of Evil Cale/Luna are automatically considered to be Private NPCs and existing character profiles are listed on a separate page.

Creating NPCs

Players are welcome to create their own NPCs as long as they follow the guidelines on our rules page. If your NPC appears in multiple scenes please consider creating a page for them using the box below or asking a staff member for help doing so.

Public NPCs

Private NPCs

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