Yue Shanti

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Yue Shanti

NPC: Yue Tuzi Shanti

Yue is one of the random students that go to Kohoku Public Academy, and is one of the few natives of Twisted who where born here and live in what is now known as the City of Mabase. Her family consists of her father (whom she often brings up in conversation), her mother, and her annoying younger brother Napa (who goes out of his way to make her feel dumb). She freely admits that her life goal is to make a name for herself by beating every video game she can find. Yue has also gained a reputation amongst the other students for coercing them into helping her with projects just to raid their kitchens for snacks or play any video games they might have. Adding to her ridicule from other students is the fact she's known to cry at the drop of the hat. Because of this she's often overly eager to try and help others but frequently becomes too distracted to be of any real use. Secretly she yearns to be a super hero but is too afraid of being laughed at to admit to it publicly.

Yue Shanti

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