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Located on the Southern end of Fukuoka Court, Kohoku Public Academy is the central point of education for students on the world of Twisted.

Kohoku Public Academy
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Originally dubbed as Kohoku High School, Kohoku Public Academy is a large three story campus used not only to teach elementary through high school level students, but also provides vocational teaching for older residents. In addition to regular standard classes, stranger ones have recently been added such as pet training and the occult arts. Populated primarily with NPCs, player-characters who wish to attend are more than welcome and scene attendance is not mandatory at this time.


Housing is available on the school grounds for youth who attend the school and have no homes on Neo-Edo. They are located in the building behind the Academy. There is limited space available and an imposed curfew for students. Residents are required to assist in cleaning and maintaining the facility in exchange for being allowed to live there. Please contact a member of staff if you are interested.

Grid Descriptions

Kohoku Public Academy - Courtyard(#4427R)
Sitting behind a large brick wall with an equally large iron gate is the grounds of the Kohoku Public Academy. The school itself is a three story affair with a large clock visible on the side near the roof. Between the gate and the doors of the school is a long walkway with cherry trees planted in regular intervals on both sides. In between them are a series of benches which usually have a student or two studying away during the daylight hours. At night the courtyard is lit by bright floodlights. In the distance one can make out the school's track from here.

Kohoku Public Academy - Interior(#3362R)
Much like almost any school the interior halls of Kohoku Public Academy are lined with lockers with classrooms breaking them up in between. The musty smell of someone's sweaty clothes inside a locker mixes with the smell of dust and books making anyone who steps through these halls a little nostalgic. At the front of the school around the doors is the front office - where no one ever wants to go. In the center of the school is a large auditorium with a stage that doubles as a lunchroom. Somewhere down identical hallways is a library and a computer room - but you'd better have a hall pass before you go exploring!

Kohoku Public Academy - Classroom(#2387R)
It goes without saying that all of the classrooms here look the same. Four rows of desks face a larger wooden desk the teacher sits at. Behind the desk is a large chalkboard (or a whiteboard if you're lucky). On one side of the room is a series of windows looking outside which some teachers choose to cover with construction paper because it's a "distraction". Just above the door on the opposite side is a clock that always seems to be stuck at one minute before the bell should ring to release everyone. How does that work when it's constantly ticking?

Kohoku Public Academy - Auditorium(#2362R)
Rows and rows of folding tables and uncomfortable chairs fill the large auditorium which is either full of life as students eat what passes for food or the room is deathly silent. There's really no in-between. For various events the tables are removed and the chairs are turned to face the large stage towards the front of the room. The auditorium, and for the most part the stage too, are as tall as the three-story school itself - making every sound magnified here. A rather nice touch is that the halls of the upper two floors look down into the room. According to the banners on the walls the school mascot is a tiger of some kind. How generic.

Kohoku Public Academy - Gymnasium(#2255R)
A large white room with bleachers that can be pushed into the walls for P.E. classes. Aside from two basketball hoops hanging from the celling there isn't much to see here. Just don't scuff up the floor with your street shoes! Rumor has it the floor can be opened to reveal a pool under the gym that supposedly someone drowned in so they had to seal it off. That's got to be a joke, right?

Kohoku Public Academy - Track(#1880R)
Accessible through a small gate; outside the stone wall and surrounded by trees, rests the Kohoku track. A large oval of blacktop with lines painted for running around an equally large field. At any given time you can see people jogging around the track or playing sports in the field. A well-worn path through the trees leads off into the distance beside a locked equipment shed.

Nature Trail(#4477R)
You find yourself walking down a long, well worn path through the forest. While the trail doesn't go anywhere but to a small clearing in the trees, it's a beautiful view and it's an easy way to kill a half hour. Depending on the time of day and time of year you may see people coming and going at random. Sometimes even people from the Academy's drama class marching around in costumes as they rehearse. Occasionally people mention seeing people carrying video equipment as well, no doubt filming something to put online. Otherwise, the only sound here is the sounds of nature and a strange hum that seems to come from the trees themselves...

Kohoku Public Academy - Outside the Dorms(#2252R)
Behind the school sits a large building used as a dormitory for students who have to live here for whatever reason. It's not much to look at, but what do you expect when the residents have to do all the cleaning themselves? It's two stories tall with windows looking back at the Academy and a single set of double doors in the center marks the entryway. At night these doors are locked and the students aren't given keys - so make it back before curfew!

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