Mabase Gardens

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Mabase Gardens
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Available Exits

Mabase Gardens is an extension of the housing development started by Medical Mechanica.

When conceived, Mabase Gardens was intended to be a multi-tiered structure which used a series of elevators to reach platforms of different heights upon which different plants where grown to help make Twisted more self-sustaining. However, due to zoning issues and conflicts over land development the land was instead given to higher class housing just before the shattering of the Twisted Street. Now the high-class homes are partially in ruins and only the most stubborn and wealthy continue to live there. The fight to return Mabase Gardens to it's original intention is still ongoing at the Mabase City Courthouse.

Grid Description

Twisted St. and Mabase Dr.

To most, the name 'Mabase Gardens' can be taken literally; paths wind off from the suburbs, lined with trees, bushes, and wildflowers, all ripe for exploration and enjoyment by the residents. Here and there along the trails can be found a secluded home, and these would be among the finest on Twisted - not mansions by any means, but quiet, sedate, and spacious. Their overall effect is rather ruined, however, by the deep void that surrounds them, as almost every private garden runs off into cold nothing.

It's still easy to pass a lovely afternoon here, if one is so inclined.

The City of Mabase
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