Red Light District

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The Red Light District is an area which is home of the seedy underbelly of Mabase (what passes for it anyways).

Red Light District
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The Red Light District

Located in one of the less stable corners of Mabase, the Red Light District tends to stay off the Police's radar mostly due to the difficulties of getting officers in that part of town. The streets are very broken and the buildings barely cared for. It is not uncommon to find shops here which are almost too unsafe to enter due to the gymnastics involved with getting in the door. That said, many people on this part of town especially enjoy that difficulty and thrive in it. If you're after something that isn't entirely legal - this is the place to come looking for it.

Grid Description

Red Light District(#5264R)

Connecting to the north side of shattered Higashi Ayase Street using a ramshackle collection of boards, pipes, and ropes, there's absolutely nothing seedy about this district. Homes have been built here nonetheless, from seeping shanties to 'affordable' apartments in the skeletons of old brownstones.

Many of Twisted's darker denizens dwell here, lurking in the empty warehouses and docks that hang from the fringes of the island, sides tumbling off into the very-suitable blackness. If you feel at home, you probably are.

Previous Grid Description

Red Light District(#3046R)
Running South from the main center area of Neo-Edo and curving along the bay like a backwards J, the road separates the inland buildings and bars of the Red Light District from the docks, warehouses and piers which snake out over the water and the large ships randomly docked in between. As with most busy ports, this one is full of strange smells and stranger people and the sidewalks have the odd bits of trash that no one seems to care enough to clean up. During the day you might see only a handful of people and a lot of cars with no intent on stopping, but at night the area comes alive with lights and music from the clubs and bars trying to attract a more mature and adult crowd than you'd see elsewhere in Neo-Edo.

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