Nowhereto Park

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Nowhereto Park
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Available Exits
Nowhereto Park-Map.png
View of the park from the Simplified Map of Mabase.

Nowhereto Park is a large outdoor park with a reputation for it's skyline not matching the rest of the city.

Nestled in the Eastern side of Mabase is the idyllic (and badly named) Nowhereto Park, which overlooks Lake Emepherea. The Park is an area that has a playground and a beach along the shore of the lake and is typically described as being surrounded by dense trees. The park does not exist on the same physical plane as the rest of Twisted and actually exists as its own pocket dimension. Because of this, on occasion people can make out buildings in the distance which may or may not actually be real structures.

A small building is always located along the short alley that leads from the Street to the park which is referred to as The Waiting Room.

Grid Descriptions

Nowhereto Park - Entrance(#5257R)
Parting the iron gates, a lavish walkway between two high, stone walls leads into the aptly-named Nowhereto Park. Because there's NOWHERE TO PARK. (We're not sorry.) Along the north side of the boundary wall is a grime-covered window, and an old, half-rotted door. Strangely, the door is extremely durable and won't give no matter how hard you try.

...unless you happen to have one foot in the grave, whereon it swings open invitingly at your faintest touch.

Less morbid expanses of tree-smattered grass lead away in most other directions, while the paved trail continues, turning several lazy bends before it slopes gently down to the east.

Nowhereto Park - Fountain (#2924R)
You find yourself standing around a small fountain, surrounded by a small concrete courtyard with paths leading off in each of the compass directions. Spaced around the fountain evenly are benches and lamps; nothing really too elaborate. To the north, kids can be heard playing on the playground equipment. A cool breeze flows in from the east, and the trees to the west provide plenty of shade. Not a bad place to visit, really.

Nowhereto Park - Lakeside (#2930R)
Through the thicket of brush, you've made your way to the lake. Clear, picturesque water ripples softly in a faint breeze, and the sand on the beach is soft and pale-peach. Small ducks swim happily at the shoreline, picking at random things floating here and there. In the distance, across the expansive lake, is what looks like a massive... iron? What is that?

Connecting via a small island near the center of the lake is two long bridges that allow you to cross to the other side of the lake. No one is sure when the bridges where built but the 'MM' design worked into the side panels is a sure give away as to whom was responsible.

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