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'Borrowed' wholesale from The Evil Dead/Army of Darkness, the S-Mart was created to solve an important question no one was asking: Where did the people of Twisted buy clothes and/or food? Generic fake-shops are fine depending on the scene but it'd be a little weird if everyone was going to a totally random-non-existent place for their everyday shopping or buying groceries at the 24*7.

How long it's been there isn't important. It's there now, and they're slightly cheaper than everyone else by about three cents.

S-Mart (#3055R)


Welcome S-Mart shoppers! Thank you for shopping with us today! We have all the new fashions available in our clothing department. Our electronics department has the latest in goods and our grocery department just got a fresh shipment of fish. There is also a huge sale in our sporting goods department! For your convenience two of our twenty-six available check lanes are now open!

Remember, shop Smart! Shop S-Mart!

S-Mart Parking Lot (#3058R)

There's not a lot which can be said about the large S-Mart parking lot. Like all department stores it's larger than it needs to be. There's more cars parked here than anyone ever sees coming and going, and at night a lone security guard patrols around in a little golf-cart looking vehicle. The place is built on a hill, so the view of Twisted is pretty nice, especially at night - save for that eyesore to the west called the Wastelands.

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