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NPC: Ashley J Williams

Age: 58
Birthday: June 22nd, 1958
Hometown: Elk Grove, Michigan
Align: Chaotic Neutral
Aliases: Ash, The Chosen One, He Who Would Fall From the Heavens and Deliver Us From the Terrors of the Deadites, The Man Who Would Be King, Fool, Coward, Housewares, Stock Boy, El Jefe, Ashy Slashy


While known to most as "That guy who works housewares at S-Mart" or "that guy with the fake hand" Ash Williams was the chosen savior in the world he comes from, not that he wanted any part of it. Traveling to a remote cabin in the woods with a group of his friends, they uncovered a copy of the Necronomicon Ex Mortis. A book detailing the dark, shadowy forces that lurk in the night who seek to enter into our world. Unknowingly they released the ancient evil contained within the book and subsequently where each possessed by evil spirits and driven to murder one another. Only Ash survived.

Broken both physically and mentally, Ash's ordeal only intensified. Haunted by spirits pretending to be the girlfriend he was forced to murder, his sanity was nearly broken. And then his own hand became possessed. This became the turning point for Ash giving him the drive to keep going after being forced to chop it off at the wrist. Unfortunately this is when the daughter of the owner of the cabin came home looking for her father and finding instead Ash Williams covered in blood and shooting holes in the walls. With the help of her boyfriend and a pair of locals Ash was subdued until the forces of the dead once more came back to kill them.

Quickly dispatching the new batch of living souls the matter came down to Ash and the daughter who helped him to open a portal and send the evil back where it had come from. Unfortunately dragging him along for the ride...

Stuck in the past and believed to be a legendary hero foretold in the Necronomicon, Ash again was forced to battle an army of darkness before he could return home. His actions reunited warring kingdoms and an offer was made for him to become King, which he promptly refused. Instead he went back home, not realizing what he would find himself coming back to.

Following the murder of so many in the cabin, Ash was given the nickname Ashy Slashy by the residents of his home town who were convinced he'd murdered his friends and family out of insanity. His name was dragged through the dirt, his father turned his back on him, and Ashley J Williams spent the remainder of his life going from one shit retail job to another.

Ash has in his blood a great destiny to rise up and fight the forces of evil when they appear. He's also incredibly cowardly and selfish wanting nothing to do with it. He would rather spend his time getting drunk and partying than saving the world - but he will always rise when the need is there. Luckily he's ended up on Twisted, a world full of heroes. Someone else can do the dirty work for a while.

Further Abilities

While he may be a slacker and a coward, Ash has an extensive background when it comes to engineering. He never finished getting certification for those classes, but he has the experience. With help he's managed to build a working robotic hand using parts found in the past. He's modified a chainsaw to be worn over his stump. He's turned his car into a battle wagon (and back). Yet he won't do the most basic of work on his own equipment if -anyone- is around to do it for him.

Ash is experienced enough with a sawed-off shotgun to be able to blow the heads off of deadites from across a room. His chainsaw never seems to run out of gas and has a blade sharp enough to cut through flesh and bone as easily as wood. He can almost read the Necronomicon despite it being written in another language - although he can't understand a word of it.

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