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Warning Warning: This section is a work in progress. For help with MUCK related issues, please log onto the game and ask a member of staff.

This MUCK Reference Guide is intended to help new and existing players with the ins and outs of MUCKing. While some of the features listed are unique to TwistedMUCK, much of the advice and many of the features listed here will remain true and useful on other games - especially those running the Zetamuck codebase.

If you would like to make a contribution, but are not a member of TwistedMUCK, please feel free to send your submissions to

Note Note: Most features listed on the The MUCK Manual are valid for our game as well and should be used as a reference when information is not referenced in this section or via the in-game help menus.

Basic MUCK Usage

Advanced Features

For a list of new and work-in-progress features, please visit Code Changes.

Wiki Tutorials

In-game Commands
@chan  •  @credits  •  @doing  •  @lock  •  @name  •  @owned  •  @password  •  @pingme  •  @propset  •  @set  •  @sweep  •  @teleport  •  @unlock  •  @version  •  Drop  •  Examine  •  Get  •  Give  •  Go  •  Gripe  •  Home  •  Homes  •  Info  •  Inventory  •  Leave  •  Look  •  Lsedit  •  Map  •  Morph  •  Motd  •  Mpi  •  News  •  Page  •  Pose  •  Quit  •  Say  •  Score  •  Whisper  •  Who
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