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Stages are a method of room creation that allow two separate rooms to be connected in a way that allows one to view the goings on of another.

What are Stages?

First of all, no. Stages are not a nifty way of creating arcade-like games such as the infamous Neo-Tokyo Arcade Machine. Stages, as mentioned above, are intended to be used for the creating of a performance stage which other rooms can view without being able to directly interfere. Similar to an auditorium stage with seating where the performers on the stage cannot see the reactions of the audience watching. If utilized properly it can be used for anything from a radio or television station to a surgery theater or spy room.

Setting it up can be complicated until you've made your first pair of rooms. Just remember that the rooms have to be connected manually. The properties which can be set are listed below. Properties with asterisks are required.

Stage Room/Camera Object

*_arrive/stage:dbref# of program                                      
*_listen/stage:dbref# of program                                      
 _stage/roomName:What name should be used for the room when notifying.
 _stage/arrive:What message should be shown to arriving players.      
*_stage/group:List of room dbref#'s to notify to.

Example Code

    @set here=_arrive/stage:#59
    @set here=_listen/stage:#59
    @set here=_stage/group:#4390 #5384
  • On Twisted #59 is the dbref of the GEN-stagemaker.MUF program

Audience Room

*_stage/ok:yes Without this prop, a room won't be notified.           
 _stage/format: An alternate format to the default. Must include %w   
                for where the room name goes, and %m for where the    
                message goes.                                         
 _stage/<dbref of a room without the # mark> For alternate room names.
        For example, _stage/3122:DownStairs would replace whatever the
        original name of the stage was to 'downstairs' instead.   

Example Code

    @set here=_stage/5137:Arena
    @set here=_stage/format:^WHITE^[^FOREST^%w^WHITE^]^NORMAL^ %m
    @set here=_stage/ok:yes
  • In the above example, output is given in a format similar to our in-game Public Chat channel.


 _prefs/seestage:no -- Will block getting notified of events taking   
                         place on the stage. 

Example Code

    @set me=_prefs/seestage:no
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