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Unlike other muliplayer games MUCKs, such as Twisted MUCK, do not have random encounters or computer controlled non-player characters (NPCs). Combat here involves a mutual agreement between players. To elaborate, player one will use POSE to begin an attack and describe it in much the same way you'd find in novels. Player two reads the pose, and responds according to what is most appropriate to the situation and characters.

Doing something inappropriate to the situation or characters is known as Twinking. For example, if someone without magical ability suddenly casts a fire spell, or if someone without a weapon were to pull a gun or sword out of nowhere - these would both be considered twinking. Twinking is not permitted. If a player is caught twinking they will be given a warning. Three warnings and they will be punished accordingly or banned from the MUCK. No one can force you to do something you're not comfortable with. Poses are generally left open-ended so there's always some means of escaping a scene.

Please read our rules page for more detail.

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