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page <player> [=<message>]

This tells a player that you are looking for them. They will get a message in the form of 'You sense <pager> is looking for you in <location>.' A <message> is optional, and is delivered in the form of '<pager> pages: <message>.' Your location is not revealed in message pages.

If a player is set HAVEN, you cannot page them, and they will not be notified that you tried. You will instead be told, 'That player does not wish to be disturbed.'

Players set GUEST can only page those that are wizard or higher.

Note: Most systems use a 'program' with a global 'page' action, which takes the place of the built-in 'page' command, and has more features.

MUFpage v2.551
To give your location to another player: 'page <player>'
To send a message to another player: 'page <player> = <message>'
To send a pose style page to a player: 'page <player> = :<pose>'
To page multiple people: 'page <plyr> <plyr> [= <msg>]'
To send another mesg to the last players: 'page = <message>'
To send your loc to the last players paged: 'page'
To send a message in a different format: 'page !<fmt> <plyrs> = <msg>'
To reply to a page sent to you: 'page #r [= <message>]'
To reply to all the people in a multi-page: 'page #R [= <message>]'
To erase a message you sent to a player: 'page #erase <players>'
To list who you last paged, who last
paged you, and who you are ignoring:
'page #who'
To display what version this program is: 'page #version'
To display the latest program changes: 'page #changes'
To show who all helped with this program: 'page #credits'
To display an index of commands: 'page #index'
To test if you can page a player: 'page #ping <players>'
To refuse pages from specific players: 'page #ignore <players>'
To set the mesg all ignored players see: 'page #ignore [<plyrs>]=<mesg>'
To accept pages from a player again: 'page #!ignore <player>'
To let PC's page you despite haven/sanct: 'page #priority <players>'
To remove players from your priority list: 'page #!priority <players>'
To page a group of people in an alias: 'page *<aliasname> = <message>'
To set a personal page alias: 'page #alias <alias>=<players>'
To clear a personal page alias: 'page #alias <alias>='
To list who is in an alias: 'page #alias <alias>'
To list all your personal aliases: 'page #alias'
To set an alias to the players last paged: 'page &<aliasname>'
To make an alias that everyone can use: 'page #global <alias>=<players>'
To clear a global page alias: 'page #global <alias>='
To list all the global aliases: 'page #global'
To list all aliases with a player in them: 'page #lookup <playername>'
To see the time (useful with %w subs): 'page #time'
To set the max# of plyrs in a page to you: 'page #multimax <max#players>'
To see your multimax setting: 'page #multimax'
To set the your 'Sleeping' message: 'page #sleepmsg <message>'
To clear the your 'Sleeping' message: 'page #sleepmsg #clear'
To haven yourself so you are unpagable: 'page #haven'
To set your 'havened' message: 'page #haven <message>'
To clear your 'havened' message: 'page #haven #clear'
To unhaven yourself so you can be paged: 'page #!haven'
To set the entire room to be unpagable: 'page #sanctuary'
To set the 'sanctuary' message: 'page #sanctuary <message>'
To clear the 'sanctuary' message: 'page #sanctuary #clear'
To unblock the room and allow all pages: 'page #!sanctuary'
To turn on echoing of your message: 'page #echo'
To turn off echoing of your message: 'page #!echo'
To be informed when a page to you fails: 'page #inform'
To be turn off failed-page informing: 'page #!inform'
To see another player's formatted pages: 'page #formatted'
To prepend a format string to other's pages: 'page #prepend'
To set your prepended format string: 'page #prepend <formatstr>'
To force other's pages to a standard format: 'page #standard'
To set the standard format you receive in: 'page #standard <formatstr>'
To set a format that you see when paging: 'page #format <fmtname>=<fmt>'
To set a format that others receive: 'page #oformat <fmtname>=<fmt>'
To forward page-mail to another player: 'page #forward <players>'
To stop forwarding page-mail: 'page #forward #'
To see who page-mail to you is forwarded to: 'page #forward'
To see if page-mail is waiting for a player: 'page #check [players]'
To use an object for storing page props on: 'page #proploc <object>'
To mail someone a short message: 'page #mail <names>=<message>'
To use the mail editor for longer messages: 'page #mail <names>'
To read your own mail:
(You can now save mail when you read it.)
'page #mail'
To delete all your mail without reading it: 'page #nuke'
To list saved mail: 'page #old'
To look at a saved message: 'page #old <messagenumber>'
To delete a saved message: 'page #delete <number>'
To forward a saved message to others: 'page #send <number>=<names>'
To mark yourself away: 'page #away'
To set your away flag and message: 'page #away <message>'
To clear your away message: 'page #away #clear'
To reset your away flag: 'page #!away'
To set your idle message: 'page #idlemsg <message>'
To clear your idle message: 'page #idlemsg #clear'
To view what your current idle timeout is: 'page #idletime'
To set how long your idle timeout is: 'page #idletime <minutes>'
To turn off your idle messages: 'page #idletime #off'
To force showing of received multipages: 'page #showwho'
To not force showing of received multipages: 'page #!showwho'

All saved mail is cleaned out after 10 days for non-wizards.

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