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whisper <player>=<message>

Permissions: !GUEST

Whispers the message to the named person, if they are in the same room as you. No one else can see the message.

Note: Most systems use a program in place of the built in whisper command. These programs generally provide many more useful features.

Cmd-Whisper v1.2.3

Whisper to a list of players: Whisper <player-list>=<message>
Reply to those who last whispered to you: Whisper #R=<message>
Resend a message to those you last whispered to: Whisper #W=<message>
List the last whisperer/whispered info: Whisper #WHO

Whisper will not notify to players set HAVEN or players that are page #ignoring you.

NOTE: The 'mumble' command has the exact same parameters.

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