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examine <object>[=propdir]

!GUEST - To use on own objects.
W1 Mage - To view main examine info on other's objects.
W2 Wizard - To view properties on other's objects.

If you control <object>, examine will give you a complete breakdown of all fields, flags, and locks that are associated with the object. If the optional propdir field is supplied, then it instead lists out all the properties directly under that propdir. To list the base propdir of an object, use 'ex <object>=/'.

Program-executing fields are displayed as their true text, rather than executing the program in question. If you do not control <object>, however, it prints the owner of the object in question, and, again, displays the true text of the description.

If you examine an exit you do not own, and it is linked to a MUF program that is set VIEWABLE, then you will be given that program's dbref#.


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