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news [<topic>]

Displays the current news file for the game. Must be typed in full. If a topic is given, then it displays the information on that specific topic.

Instructions on working with the news command on the server side:

The main news file for the MUCK is data/news.txt. This is a file of entries that are seperated by lines beginning with a ~ mark. The top of the file is what is displayed when someone types 'news' by itself. This should generally be your index.

The end of the first entry is marked by the line that starts with ~. The next entry begins immediately after and is searchable by a set of key words on the first line seperated by | marks. For example, if the first line after a ~ mark is THEME|HISTORY|STORY, then if someone types 'news theme', or 'news history', or 'news story', they will be shown the contents of that entry. Again, the entry ends at the first line starting with a ~ mark.

In addition, you can place files in the data/news/ directory. Those will be looked up according to their title. For example, if there is a file in the data/news/ directory titled application, then typing 'news application' will display that file. File titles in the data/news/ directory will be checked before the contents of news.txt will be.

Note that 'help', 'mpi', and 'man' all work the same way, and each has its related subdirectory that can be used as well.

TwistedMUCK's News file was originally intended to be an in-game resource for introducing the concepts and rules of the game. As it is no longer used for this function it has become horribly out of date and should be ignored.

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