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WHO [<player>]

Permissions: W1 Mage - To see Wiz-WHO.

Must be in all capitals, and typed in full. Lists the name of every player currently logged in, their time online, how long since they last did something, and optionally a @doing phrase of their choosing. If given a player name, it displays only the matching names and idle times. The message at the top of the @doing column may be changed by setting a prop on #0 called _poll:<message>.

Mages may type WHO ! to get the following info on the players: Descriptor #, Unparsed name, port #, Online time, Idle time, and ISP. Players of W3 and higher will also get the user name of the ISP.

New in Proto1.6 and newer is WHO !!, which gives the following info: Descriptor #, Unparsed name, Output Kbytes, Input Kbytes, # of commands, and Port type.

The WHO command can easily be replaced with a @WHO action that has a wizard flag set on it. However, this will not work for login screens. Instead, you can use the '@tune login_who_prog' to override the in-server WHO program at login.

ProtoWHO v1.04

WHO See all players that are online.
WHO <smatch string> See all players that are online matching properly.
WHO #WF See who is online in your watchfor list.
3WHO Works much like WHO, except in three columns.
WHO ! Check the wizard who.
WHO !! Check the second wizard who screen.

Special Props:

_prefs/Def3WHO?:yes Switches 3who and WHO as defaults.
_/IdleDo:<doing> An @doing that displays when idle.
_/AwayDo:<doing> An @doing that displays when p #away.
_/do#/ A lsedit list of random @doings.
_poll#/ Lsedit list of random polls on #0.
_prefs/ExtWHO?:yes Turns on extra WHO options.
_prefs/ShowAlias?:yes Lists players by Alias instead of real name.
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