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look [<object>]

Looks around at the current room, or at <object> if specified. For players, displays their description and inventory, for things, their description, and for rooms, their name, description, succ/fail message, and contents. Also triggers osucc/ofail messages on rooms. Programs are triggered accordingly on desc/succ/fail fields.

ProtoLook v2.10

Look [object] Look at an object, or blank for the room.
Lookat [obj1]'s [obj2] Look at an obj2 in obj1's inventory.
Lookat [obj1]=[obj2] Same as above.
Lookat [obj1] at [obj2] Same as above.
Look #Terse Toggle on/off the look tersing.
Look #Options Enter the configuration menu.
Look #Edit <obj> Enter interactive editors for <obj> object.
Look #Fake <obj> Enter the interactive fake object editor.
Look #Fake <obj>=<name> Edit a fake object <name> on <obj> object.

Catagories (Type 'look #help <catagory>' for help):

FAKEOBJS Help on fake objects.
CUSTOM Help on custom formats.
DESCS Help on descriptions.
FLAGS Help on how flags effect stuff.
COMMANDS Help on each of the different commands.
LOOKTHRU Help on exit lookthru support.
WHATSNEW Take a peek at what is new.
MISCPROP Miscellaneous properties for ProtoLook.
CREDITS Credits for ProtoLook.
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