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Color Codes

One of the recent changes to the primary game code itself was the implementation of 256 bit colors. In order to take advantage of this, you must have a client that supports 256 colors.

A listing of current MU* Clients that support 256 bit colors be found here.

In order to take advantage of these colors, you must enable the 256Color flag.

@set me=256COLOR

In order to view the current color listing (and the various hues offered on TwistedMUCK) please use the command: ansitest

Setting Custom Colors

Various options can be set with the new colors via personal configurations via the Player Editor (The command to use this is "pe") and manual toggles. A brief selection of some of the manual toggles are listed below.

@set me=_/colors/say/text:<COLOR>

This will change the colors of the text that's being said itself.

@set me=_/colors/say/pose:<COLOR>

This will change the color of the pose itself, IE: The name of the person speaking.

@set me=_/colors/say/quotes:<COLOR>

This will change the color of the quotes themselves.

For more information about the say program and changing colors, please visit Custom Colors for SAY

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