Devil May Cry

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Devil May Cry
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Devil May Cry

The offices of the DMC once belonged to Dante Sparda, a half-human demon and self-proclaimed bounty hunter. Somehow, despite his nature, Dante's Devil May Cry became the first vestiges of a proper peace keeping force on Twisted which soon propelled him into the position of Director of T.A.S.K.. It was his lead which led to the eventual founding of the Mabase City Police Department. Dante hasn't been seen since the shattering of the Twisted Street and his extended absence has left his name being placed on the list of casualties. In his memory the Devil May Cry offices are kept in working order in hopes he should return.

Since Dante's disappearance the task of keeping the DMC maintained has fallen to one of his close acquaintances, Tabitha Li-Bogard. She's managed to keep the doors open doing smaller investigative work thanks to an unknown benefactor going by the moniker of V.

Grid Description

Devil May Cry(#3063RJ)
From the inescapable darkness of the entrance to a fairly brightly lit room, your eyes most likely take a moment to adjust. Or not. Who the heck am I to tell you what your eyes are doing? I'm just a stupid narration. The paint scheme in here is a messy, splotchy mix of black and red. It looks as though the original paint was all black and perhaps someone decided to 'art' the place up a tad with some red highlights. It doesn't do much for the decor, to tell you the truth. A single pane of windows lie on either side of a very plain looking brown desk in the middle of the room. Yeah, nothing special about it. It's a desk. Cope. A non-descript black office chair lies just behind that desk. Nothing special about it either. There seems to be a theme here. - Off to one side is what appears to be a secretaries desk, which may or may not be manned. A single workstation with an LCD monitor and attached keyboard seems to be the only thing adorning the desk usually, although whomever is currently playing the role might very well spruce it up. - In the back of the room are a set of stairs that lead upward to another section of the building.

Looking really out of place, a set of metal doors have been added to the wall behind the desk. They don't seem to have any obvious way of opening. Strange...

Inside Devil May Cry.png

List of currently known employees

List of previous employees

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