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The Mabase City Police Department is the official peace keeping force on Twisted.

Badge carried by MCPD officers
Chief of Police Rayne Hurris
Headquarters Mabase City Police Department

Filling a gap previously held by T.A.S.K., the Mabase City Police Force was founded by Rayne Hurris in 4 UT to keep the citizens of Twisted safe from otherworldly threats. Unlike T.A.S.K. which was originally focused primarily on preventing cross-world contamination, the MCPD has been established to protect the citizens of Twisted and help them to feel safe - something which was very important once the Twisted Street was shattered. Currently there isn't a police academy on Twisted. Applicants need to get approval from Chief Hurris and she takes interviews very seriously.

The Police Station itself is a single story building built onto the rear of the Courthouse and shares a parking lot with it. In fact, the only way to reach the Police Station is through the Courthouse parking lot. Usually located at the rear lot behind the MCPD is the Taco Juan's taco truck.

Grid Descriptions

MCPD - Rear Parking Lot(#5289R)

Used mainly for the police department itself, the rear parking lot wraps around the building. (It might connect to Fukuoka Court North at some point) From here you can walk directly into the Police Department or visit 'TACO JUAN'S' a mobile taco stand usually parked here.

MCPD - Main Entrance and Lobby(#5295R)

Inside the doors is a large waiting room and lobby. There are doors leading into public bathrooms and access to the rear of the Courthouse. Beside the reception desk window is a hallway that requires a keycard to enter. This leads to the main interior of the Police Department.

MCPD - Offices and Training Rooms(#5298R)

A long series of hallways containing rooms used as offices for the various departments, the large training room, and evidence lockers. A very scary, overly secure looking door is labeled ARMORY.

MCPD - Locker Rooms(#5301R)

A large room seperated in half by a concrete wall for men and women. Both sides are identical with many lockers, benches to sit on, and private showers with small toilet areas. While technically this is two separate rooms, we're combining them here in the description to save space.

MCPD - Break Room(#5304R)

Your standard break room with two tables and lots of chairs. A well maintained coffee maker rests on a counter next to a huge stack of unused styrofoam cups.

MCPD - Services(#5307R)

From one series of hallways to another. This wing holds the long booking desk, medical exam room, and a very well stocked kitchen used for cooking meals for the officers and prisoners in the jail beyond. The entrance to the parking garage is located across from the booking desk through a series of holding rooms.

MCPD - Jail(#5310R)

This last wing of the MCPD is the Jail itself. The hallway ends in a large room with a control desk in the center. All along the walls are doors which lead to security rooms which keep the cells themselves seperate from one another. There is also a door that leads to a small exercise room and another that holds a multi-purpose library.

MCPD - Jail Cell (Generic)(#5313R)

All cells in the MCPD have white concrete walls, a metal bunk bed, and a metal toilet with the absolute minimum amount of water in it. The exception is the two special needs cells which only have one bed each. While there's no way to see it, behind each cell is a long service corridor and machine room which wraps around the jail and is only accessible from the rear parking lot. Why include that in the room description? Well, let's just say some people are better at escaping than anyone is going to admit.

Noteable Characters

Chief of Police Rayne Hurris

Formerly the second of TASK under Kotal Kahn, Rayne took over that organization's leadership upon her predecessor's disappearance. Largely concerned more for public safety than cross-contamination, she converted that force into a proper Police Department. Rayne is known for being very jaded and serious at all times. While little makes her afraid, she has been known to have a short temper and be quick to snap at officers.

Captain Mike Cosgrove

Second in command of the MCPD, Captain Cosgrove got his position out of sheer experience in policework. He is known for not abiding by nonsense from those under him, often simply telling junior officers to 'cut it out'. He is also well known for pointing out some officers for being 'whiny boys'. Much like Rayne, very little seems to phase him, and he very rarely is anything but calm.

Regular Officers

For the most part, regular MCPD officers are to be considered just like regular, mundane police officers in the real world. They regularly report in over radio, especially when something suspicious or dangerous happens. As for equipment, they are all armed with a pistol, a stun gun, and pepper spray. The trunk of a squad car has heavier equipment including shotguns and even a LAW rocket, in case of extreme emergencies. An officer that uses the LAW rocket without good reason is likely to get fired if they're lucky. Regular Officers are trained to try to talk down a situation first before resorting to weaponry, but aren't afraid to defend themselves or others.

TASK Veterans

TASK Veterans largely play the part of a SWAT team. Most have carried over equipment from the old organization, including heavy body armor, and are more likely to be carrying heavier weaponry around, as well. TASK Veterans tend to be a bit more combat oriented in personality, many having been recruited under the leadership of Kotal Kahn.


Currently, there are three full-time detectives on the MCPD's payroll.

Jack Hawksmoor


Sam is clearly from some sort of Film Noir world. He usually wears a trenchcoat and fedora over his uniform, and is well known for monologueing as if people can't hear him. He carries a personal .45 revolver, and generally is extremely serious. Sam is an open NPC available for anyone to use in a scene.


Cheyenne is apparently from some variation of a prime time crime drama. While generally very good at her job, she often is called out for trying to do more than she should, for instance getting in the way of lab techs or even attempting to do arrests herself. She is generally all business, but isn't too serious to keep from cracking a joke every now and then. Especially puns. Cheyenne is an open NPC available for anyone to use in a scene.

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