Mabase Drive

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Mabase Drive
Mabase Drive.png
Available Exits
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A street view of the drive from the Simplified Map of Mabase.

Provided by Medical Mechanica, Mabase Drive was originally referred to as the Housing District before the shattering of The Twisted Street.

Mabase Drive is run very similar to the same way the Integra's Arms Apartments is run with very little communication needed to claim a home. Likewise no money is transferred in exchange for the houses - some of which already come fully furnished. While publicly it's used as an example of helping the community many are skeptical of MM's generosity expressing concerns of privacy invasion and monitoring for nefarious purposes. Another point of interest is that prior to the shattering of Twisted there where about 100 available homes numbered 701-799 with #777 being an empty lot for unknown reasons.

Grid Description

Mabase Drive(#3174R)
Running along the far side of the Medical Mechanica building is a quaint little horseshoe road called Mabase, named after a now missing section of the island. Here several elaborately-decorated, but still quite identical, houses are built around the street. Each one features a gated yard and the MM emblem on the doors and mailboxes.

Similar to most suburbs on Earth, this is probably one of the nicer places to live on Twisted. It's at least among the quietest and most 'civilized'. Nature trails even run between the buildings.

The City of Mabase
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