Higashi Ayase Street

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Higashi Ayase Street
Higashi Ayase Street.png
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Higashi Ayase Street(#5242R)
While a welcome sight to those crossing in from Adachi Boulevard, this area is quite the chaotic mess. Several roads appear to have been jammed together, forming multiple half-intersections and unintentional roundabouts fringed by seemingly random trees and bushes. Amidst the chaos, at least the inviting consumerist hulk of a shopping mall beckons, set beside a row of smaller stores and the remains of a few once-distinct parking lots.

Of the visible paths remaining, most run off into literal nothing, simply ending in a gaping void. Adachi is clear to the east, and... some sort of habitable area has been built to the north.

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Higashi Ayase Street
Available Exits

Grid Description

Higashi Ayase Street(#3054R)

Running along the northern side of Neo-Edo in an arc branching off of and then back onto Twisted Street to the South, Higashi Ayase street doesn't seem to serve much purpose besides separating the large New Market Mall to the North from the Park to the south. It's not the only thing on the street, but it's certainly the most eye catching. Beside it is a large multi-screen theater and a restaurant or two.

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