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Coffee of Doom
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Coffee of Doom, a coffee house located on the outskirts of Twisted known for deliberately rude baristas. CoD takes its name and image from the webcomic Questionable Content. Basic details, logos, and layout are available on the Questionable Content Wikia. While no other characters from the webcomic have made an appearance on Twisted yet a character from another webcomic, Wapsi Square, named Tina has recently been given ownership of the Twisted branch.

Grid Description

Coffee Of Doom(#1424R)

The bell chime on the door welcomes you to Coffee Of Doom. It's a simple little coffee shop with your standard decor. A few framed pictures that look like they where bought at a yard sale hang from the walls. There's some plastic plants to make the place look more inviting. Nothing really implies 'Doom' here, not even the prices which are pretty reasonable. It's not until you deal with the waitstaff that you understand the name. They're rude and snarky, they'll often make fun of people without obvious justification. Depending on what you order they may also make something not-quite what you expected. Smoothies are made with fruit and a hammer and not much else for example. They also make it a point to write up bizzare and horrifying new specials every few days that may or may not be real...

Full Time Employees

  • Sun is a full time employee at this location, and seems to revel in the rudeness and outright meanness that comes with employment. She also makes a damned good cup of coffee.
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