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Originating behind a string of references, the Akira Institute was formerly an abandoned asylum which has resurfaced and vanished from Twisted Street several times over the years. Currently it has been anchored to Neo-Edo by Nancy Dark, and is run by Luna to give residence and support to the 1000 Wives of Cale whom she tries to care for.

Akira Institute
Akira Institute.png
Available Exits

Grid Descriptions

While this list is in no means complete, here are the first room descriptions you come across when visiting.

Akira Institute - Courtyard(#4491R)

A place that hosts eternal darkness. The skies here are never clear. The daylight never shines. Perhaps it's native world was too unstable, or perhaps the building is simply that corrupt. In this desolate courtyard there is no life. Dead trees hang dead barren branches over top lifeless soil. Pieces of broken glass are scattered here and there from the dozens of windows vandals have come and destroyed. Sometimes storms pass by over head, heavy rain and thunder are common. Even still, here in the shadow of the ominous structure it seems like standing in the rain would be better than going inside. The cool air reeks of death and decay. The only mysteries here concern the strange lights that come on inside the building and the shadows that seem to move on their own. No one in their right mind would possibly want to live here ...so what does that say about yourself?


Beneath a tangled mess of thorns rests a single highly decrepit sign. The original name is hard to read beneath someone's darkly painted vandalism. According to it's new name the building is apparently known as the 'Defective Head Meat Institute'.

Akira Institute - Shrine(#4495R)

Perhaps one of the greater mysteries of this place is the small shrine which sits in the corner of the courtyard. The signs and carvings here have been long since worn away by the elements and not even a trace of what this shrine was built for remains. Yet somehow there is always a candle burning brightly inside the tiny structure and the shutters that hide the candle from the elements are always in good repair. Local stories speak of wandering spirits which come to this shrine when offerings are left before it. Of course these legends also usually follow the course of begging people not to investigate them. This area is cursed, this place is a mystery. This is the Shrine of Akira. Only those who understand it's purpose can truly gain enlightenment.

Akira Institute 1F - Lobby(#4488R)

Whatever caused this place to become abandoned is no better understood from the state of this room. A reception desk is overturned, it's legs broken off. Dark stains gather in pools on the floor. In the corners of the room piles of trash and debris have been kicked carelessly by those who trespass. Chairs are scattered randomly around the ruined lobby, none of them looking the least bit inviting. Walls have been graffitied, windows have been broken. This place is a dump and the ceiling looks like it could cave in at any moment. Why are you still here?

Known Staff

  • Luna - Currently the Head Administrator (if titles where ever used)
  • Harleen Quinzel - Acting Head of Psychiatry


Deffective Head Meat.png

While references are made to the "Defective Head Meat Institute" from the Question Sleep Universe, this is never explicitly stated to be the same location. It's design was based on the Gothic mental asylums featured in various films. Despite being taken over by Luna and partly remodeled, several inaccessible areas still exist which reference back to the Insanity chat channel which was previously used as a semi-IC "voices in your head" channel for insane characters. To this end it's implied that somewhere deep within the bowels of the asylum exists a room where personifications of various mental avatars (such as Johnny's Doughboys and Devi's Sickness painting) reside and communicate with each other to the misery of those that can somehow hear them.

Other references relate back to the Shrine of Akira, from which the asylum got it's name, which was a "mock cult" run by Twisted's Head Wiz.

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