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Nancy Dark
Full Name: Nancy Dark

Series: Original
Class: Unknown
Threat Level: City Smasher
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Female
Species: humanoid
Age: Very old, but appears to be mid-late teens
Birthdate: July 14th

Short Description: A pale blue-haired woman whose hair and robes seem alive with an unfelt wind.

Nancy Dark
A young woman easily identified with blue-white hair and pale white skin. Her eyes reflecting life around them in their blue-tinted pearl gleam. The world seems to change when she's around, taking on a dreamlike quality. Fog comes and goes with a sweep of her hand, people and places long since gone seem to reappear in her presence, so as such it's no surprise that the long wisps of her dress and her almost shoulder-length hair always seem to move on their own as if caught in a breeze. She moves silently when she walks, barely making a sound. But then the way noises seem to quiet in her presence makes it hard to decide if this is intention or merely a side effect...
Nancy Dark
During her exile, Nancy learned to harness her abilities to a level where she could pull people and places to her location by conscious thought. This ability lets her act as an architect, able to reshape Twisted according to the whim of the Council, or as the leadership now sits, according to the whim of Diablo. Even though the old Council was disbanded, Diablo has yet to release her from her binding contract, even going so far as to change the status of the Council from ruling party to his own personal entourage just to keep her at his side. Thus far, only her own self-imposed fear of going back to the pocket dimension has kept her from speaking against this arrangement.

Nancy is terrified of going back, and that keeps her from doing any harm to the people or places currently in Twisted without direct orders. As such, the only manifestation of her powers she allows people to see is the ability to teleport in what appears to everyone else as moving through fog, and the constant movement of her hair and clothing even when no wind is present.

After overexerting herself the wind around her slows to a crawl. This has so far occurred twice. Once where she used her powers to transport a small group of people and furniture to another world to save a room full of people, and again while trying to stop a being she foolishly helped resurrect after they started murdering those around her.


The daughter of an esteemed Council member and inventor, Nancy was born with a highly unusual gift. Much like the nature of Twisted itself, she had the innate ability to pull people or places and anchor them to wherever she happened to be, seemingly at a whim. Fearful that her abilities would endanger the whole of Twisted, the Council decided to banish Nancy to a pocket dimension where she would live out the rest of her life alone. Little did the young child know at the time, but fear of another child with the same powers caused the same fate to befall her twin brother Seth as well.

For the child, her exile was literally an eternity. She was banished to a place where time had no meaning, giving her ample opportunity to learn how to use her powers, but as she quickly discovered... no one could leave the pocket dimension, not even people she pulled into it from random worlds to keep her company. Soon she'd pulled enough people and places in with her that she'd created a small town and a massive cemetery - as again, time had no meaning here. People brought in by her powers aged quickly, compounding her grief for her lost family and shame of things beyond her control with the horrible dwelling guilt of watching these people grow old and die around her, always leaving her alone again.

Eventually the Council members sent one of their number to collect her, offering her an escape from this eternal nightmare in exchange for her enslavement to the Council as one of its members. Eager to leave, she agreed to their terms and as soon as was able, the newly appointed councilwoman pulled the contents of the world she'd created onto Twisted, binding it as the area surrounding what is now known as Zeku-Kari Beach. She even cleared away the memory of Airashisa, the last person she'd brought in out of desperation, so that she could lead a life without memories of Nancy or the world she'd created.[1]

During Diablo's takeover of the Council and the creation of the 'Unified Twisted', she learned the fate of her forgotten brother. Upon releasing him, they discovered that his confinement had taken its toll on his mind and all of his memories of his old life were gone... replaced with a fictional life he'd created for himself. Nancy never told him the truth, leaving him to go on with his life without the trauma that remembering his past would cause. Even in a world full of people, once again she was alone...

While it has been hinted at in many scenes it was recently made obvious that Nancy was not given a very good education, or that she's lost large chunks of her experience due to the insane length of time she was imprisoned. Nancy cannot operate complex devices, often shutting them out completely rather than trying to learn. Also, while she randomly makes comments about books she's read[2] or alluding to characters from them her reading skills are remarkably poor. Often she has to sound out words letter by letter.[3] Her wealth of book knowledge simply being a bi-product of the vast amount of time she's had on her hands.


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