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Caliga Satanas
Full Name: Caliga Satanas

Series: Original

Threat Level: City Smasher
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Male
Species: Possibly Human

Short Description: Lord of the Endless Planes of Hell, Guide to it's lost souls, and one seventh Council.


Caliga Satanas
Age: It's over 9000 Birthdate:
Height: 5'10" Weight: 185 LBS.

What is there to notice first about this young man? That would depend on what one is looking for; what one appreciates. To one who looks for character first, the piercing crimson gems that serve as his eyes would ensnare their hearts instantly. For the fashion-oriented, there is nothing to be scoffed at; deep black hair is of medium length, flowing in no set direction... uniformly messy, one could say. A beautiful crimson trenchcoat made of a material that can be categorized - by texture - somewhere in between leather and rubber casts deep shadows in its folds and clings to his shoulders, hanging unclasped down past black capris to .White socks run up past the ankles, leaving smooth, flawless calves and shins uncovered, and tuck into the tops of a pair of black tennis shoes.

Accessories are done to an extensive degree, as well; multiple rings adorn his fingers, each of them the same shade of silver and yet each one unique in its style and design. Over his left wrist, a rough metal band hangs loosely over his deep red sleeve, almost celtic in its design, and is joined by a curious taliaman. The talisman is on a sinew cord, looped around the arm with its dagger-like, roughly carved golden pendant shining softly. Etched into it are a circle and a crescent, Apollo and Luna, Sun and Moon. Beneath the sleeve of his other arm there can be seen a hard, brown leather wristband with twizzlered edges and a link of chain curling around his forearm twice to fall down over it, hanging outside of his coat to rest on the back of his hand, glinting wickedly.

The final basic way to judge this man upon first appearance is just that; appearance. And at this, more than the others, is he the most noticeable. A smooth, tapered face with an almost avian reminiscence is unmarred and perfect, dark eyebrows visible even through the light strands of hair that arbitrarilly fall ofver them. Thick, long eyelashes flare out from those crimson eyes, and slant in a none-too-abrupt 'V' shape towards a sloped, delicate nose. Beneath the nose is a small mouth, the lips full for a male, though not enough to be blatantly feminine.

His hands are not large, but obviously strong with their distinguished knuckles and streamlined fingers. Beneath the thin white cotton shirt that he wears under his open coat, a physique that is a testament to attentive conditioning pushes gently against the soft fabric, gently curving pectorals and a washboard stomach apparant enough. Overall though, his figure is slender, built for speed and compact power, nothing more or less.

This man has an air of casualness around him, not enough to be mistaken as lazy, but certainly enough to dispel any thoughs of tension in his mind. His coat hangs off of him, one shoulder as far as nearly falling out, but is not adjusted. His shirt remains untucked, coat unclasped, even the top fastener for his capris have been neglected, along with the laces of his shoes. His hair speaks of carefree apathy as well, and yet the accessories he wears, and the style in which he doesn't seem to take careful attention to make his appearance flawless, only seems to enhance his look, add to his attitude as a whole. He looks artistically comfortable, not slothishly lazy. Few can pull such a feat off, but one look at his off-balance stance and the gleam in his eye, and one knows soon enough; this man can.


Caliga Satanas
Caliga is an ancient being, and is actually half of a being known as Aegis Ken. Long ago he was split from his other half, and reborn as a being of energy, taking the form of a human. Years had passed with him spending his time growing in ability and power, learning how to control the world around him, and discovering the very information of his origin that had been hidden from him.

Once a member of the Council of Hell before Twisted had been reformed, Caliga has been seeking the information he has lost, knowing that something had happened, but not what exactly. Vague recollections and slight inklings of knowledge of days since past leave him disgruntled.

He truly cares about the world around him, yet the anger of things being taken away from him without his noticing leaves him truly trying to discover the secrets once again...

Caliga recently obtained an Odachi from the maniac Johnny C that once belonged to Yoko.

Further information: The Daggers of Dread


Caliga Satanas
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Being an ass (Level UP!)


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