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Full Name: Oblivion

Series: Original

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Gender: Male
Species: Mazoku
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable

Short Description:

Protoman + black armor + red-glowing eyes behind the visor = ME!


ChronoMUCK Logs

Pre Unification Logs

Twisted Logs


After all his experiences on worlds of the past, Oblivion seems to have finally found his niche here on Twisted. Although not as malevolent as he once was, he has found some degree of purpose. In Hell, he serves as Lord of it's skies, Builder of it's armies, and one seventh of it's Council. This only serves to fuel his fascination with what he sees as an investigation of great potential: What happens when a pauper is made a king? More importantly, when power is given to the powerless?

While not seeking to corrupt directly, his armies consists of those given power, and chose to misuse it of their own free will. An act resulting in a smaller force of much more individually competant combatants.

Common Aliases

Vanessa - A hot chick with long dirty-blonde hair, sunglasses, a tight leather top covering just her breasts, tight leather pants, and combat boots. The red glow of her eyes can be seen through the sunglasses, although from the side, they don't even appear to be glowing. Strange, that. Otherwise, she looks like your typical fiesty, maniaclly-grinning matrix-style chick.


The Council of Hell
Members or Affiliations Alessa  •  Caliga  •  Emi  •  Gegoshi  •  Hal  •  Herr Major  •  Johnny C  •  Senor Diablo  •  Vergil
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