2008-09-30 (PreU) There's Something Rotten in the state of Denmark

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There's Something Rotten in the state of Denmark.....

Summary: Log double-whammy t'day. Since i'm a cheap bastard, i'm postin em both here at the same time. Enjoy! (or not, depending on your disposition).

Who: Siang, Oblivion
When: September 30th, 2008
Where: The Twisted Street - Distorted Way


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The Twisted Street - Distorted Way

The Twisted street at this point seems to begin to loose it's greyscale and become more of a black and white contrast as the extremes of color begin to be sifted out, the street at this point seems to be extremely unstable and rock with sudden jarring movements. Doorways snap instead of fade in as the ground seems to become more torn apart and scattered the further it goes forward until it is just pieces distributed through the blackness. Buildings float around in constant motion as silvery beings can seen fading in and out in eternal confict, like this place is a warzone waiting to happen. (Travellers to Akushuukan must talk to Datenshi for Gate Requirements)

Siang is very silently standing in the middle of the street, toying with her 'kimono' sleeve. A small sylph ( wind spirit) seems to be floating over her left shoulder, the two talking in a rather foreign sounding tone "This place is dreadfully confusing." she commented, tossing her dark brown hair over her shoulder, tanned nose fussing "Since they keep confusing me, maybe I should buy an eye patch already and assume her life." the woman comented with amusement and sarcasm.

After she says that, a voice nearby comments "So... your really NOT Mei..... interesting.... sister or clone, im guessing?". Looking over to the left, 'Blivy is standing on the wall, as if it was the floor, looking 'up' at her, hands clasped behind his back. His ever-present evil smile is, obviously, present.

Siang chuckles "Quite related." she commented "Did you too mistake me for her?" she asked, grinning. Of course, she's a lot more solidly built, and her face isn't scarred up. "Dare I ask who you are?" she moves to circle, petting her sylph "If he pulls anything, glide away darling, I can't have you unsummoned in this realm, its far too hard to resummon." The sylph for now lands on her bandana. "Wang Hou Yuan Mong Jing Siang at your service, I suppose." Her stance is sharp, on guard even, but not yet aggressive.

Oblivion's position is that of completely loose, as if he hasn't got a care in the world. Madness does that to you after a few thousand years "Oh, no. I can tell your not her. I was merely stating the obvious for the viewers at home". He starts walking down the wall "Oblivion Kinomoto, at your service". He sneers at her, in obvious amusement at some hidden joke, before walking off the wall and onto the pavement "So your her sister... ? You seem so much more... i dunno... dignified? Somethin like that.... least you don't seem nearly as clingy or needy".

Siang mms a bit "It could be the lack of beatings." she smoothes her obi, nodding at the name to remember it it seems. "Why would I be clingy or needy all things crumble and die with time, except for a few exponentials." she examines her claw tips carefully. "We were before our departure from one another entirely identical aside from my freckling." she offered, observing Oblivion "What do you know about her dream world disappearance? I lost track of her physically and in the dream world as well. Its very odd." she shifts her shapley body on her sandals, making a few of the bells on her anklet jingle.

Oblivion snickers, and nods, then shrugs "Oh, she died. Sun appearently killed her, you see. Messy affair, or so i heard. Wasn't there for it, though. Dunno where the kiddie ended up, if it even still lives". This is said with the complete lack of care, as if it were an everyday occurance

Siang hmms "What is Sun and is it killable?" she smiles "I'm afraid even if I was still sour, I can't have people killiing members of my birth clan. I can't find a trace of my blood line in this world, the child may of been sent out of this world. I'm a smidgeon worried, if the child's inherited insanity it could be messy for me.. What with Mei's old habbit of spazzing out and leaving deep scars in the earth and sending islands to the bottom of the sea and what not. From what I hear the father was also quite the card." she licks her nails, as if cleaning something from them. "Two insane parents, a trauma, it really isn't looking like a quality up bringing if the child is alive."

Oblivion laughs "Sun? Big, dragon-ish, bad breath, that kinda thing. WHERE she is, i have no idea. All i've heard is the word on the street. Nabiki might know where she is for a price, provided you can find her to begin with. Lots of things here are useful, but difficult if not impossible to find when you need them, unfortunately."

Siang holds her hands out form a small bar of gold "Money .. is nothing to me." she chuckles tucking the bar down her cleavage "Perhaps I will look for this Sun. Although I do so hate dragons.. If Datenshi didn't hold my pendant hostage I'd be in a better position. Or if Mei had dropped her pendant carelessly even.." she spins her finger around "So how do you know my darling little plum blossom?" she asked, shifting to sit mid air, legs folding, elbows soon upon her knees, hair swishing around lazily, both of her red vipers taking a chance to bask in the open air atop her head.

Oblivion winks at her, and wiggles a finger "Sore wa himitsu desu!". Then, he vanishes. Meanwhile, on the astral, he breaks down laughing. EAT THAT, XELLOS!

Siang's grin shows as she chuckles "That is a shame.. you seem like a powerful man.. now if you don't mind, I have business to attend with and the remnants of Mei's potions to destroy before they seep into the water supply and taint this place further." the air mage hops up, standing mid air to whistle, the air sylph changing shape and both vanishing, leaving behind a simple, and strange jade carving, a calling card it seems.

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