2007-06-27b (PreU) Tabitha's New Doll

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Tabitha's New Doll

Summary: Oblivion finds Tabitha and asks her to 'watch' Momo for him. This can't be good...

Who: Momo, Oblivion, Tabitha
When: June 27th, 2007
Where: The Twisted Street - Distorted Way


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The Twisted Street - Distorted Way

The Twisted street at this point seems to begin to loose it's greyscale and become more of a black and white contrast as the extremes of color begin to be sifted out, the street at this point seems to be extremely unstable and rock with sudden jarring movements. Doorways snap instead of fade in as the ground seems to become more torn apart and scattered the further it goes forward until it is just pieces distributed through the blackness. Buildings float around in constant motion as silvery beings can seen fading in and out in eternal confict, like this place is a warzone waiting to happen. (Travellers to Akushuukan must talk to Datenshi for Gate Requirements)

Tabitha dashes down the streets, trying to keep in the darkness. The only sounds heard are the occasional splish from her new boots in small puddles of water. As she reaches the UR she looks around nervously, and then after taking a quick glance in the windows, takes off a little ways past and into a dark ally. Satisfied that no one can see her in the shadows, she opens her satchel and pulls out the clothes she'd swiped from Sun's apartment. It doesn't take long before she's dressed, and quickly she's putting away her other clothes, pulling out a small mirror taken from Devi's bathroom, and trying to pull her hair into braids. Finished she leans into the light and smirks at herself. To anyone that didn't know what had happened to her she now looks like nothing more than an innocent child in a frilly dress who's lost her way. With a mischivous giggle she takes out one of the daggers and twirls it at her side as she works up the courage to just walk in. Just what is it she's up to?

"Just what is it she's up to?" comes Oblivion's voice, as if reading something. He then appears behind her about 2 feet away, smiling "Tune in next week to find out!". The camera he's holding then poofs from his hand, and gives her a clear look at his smiling face "To what place does something wicked go?"

Tabitha looks about ready to jump out of her skin as she hears his voice, but it only takes a roll of her eyes and a few profanities before she acknologes it. "I'll have ya know I'm havin' a lousy day an' I'm gonna take it out by feedin' mah new toys a bit." She waves the dagger in her hand to illustrate. "I'm cute. I'm innocent. Where's th' harm in takin' advantage of it?" oO('sides, there's a woman I need ta find...)

Oblivion laughs "Nothing wrong with that. Glad to see the young taking the initiative. However, i come with interesting offer". He holds his hands out, and Momo appears standing in them, smiling evily "It seems someone has taken a liking to you, and suggested you for the role of bodyguard. Interested? If so, i'll explain. If not, we'll depart, and bother you no more."

Tabitha sweatdrops and stares at the doll feeling that weird connection to it again. She becomes lost in it's eyes once more and then smiles. "A bodyguard, huh? Sure! Whatcha need me ta do?"

That's the odd thing. The hair in front of the dolls face is parted for a change, its eyes for once perfectly visible. Their black orbs, narrowed in focused glares of hatred and evil. Swirls of purple pervade the inky blackness at times, like black and purple ink mixing together endlessly. The doll grins wider at the response. "Groovy! All you hafta do is carry her with you, and make sure no harm comes to her. That's it!". He holds out his hand, the evil looking thing 'standing' upon his palm, unmoving.

Tabitha blinks as the spell is broken by Oblivion's voice. She looks up with an eyebrow raised. "Carry?" Looking back at Momo and into those eerie eyes again, the girl grins, "Hah! Sure! I think that would come in handy with what I was about ta do anyways." Abruptly seriousness washes over her face again and she narrows her eyes at the thing. "But no more randomly attacking me! That was th' only shirt I had when ya tore it up!!"

Momo giggles evily, in a twisted parody of a child amused by its own misbehaving, revealing the second row of sharp teeth that lies behind the first. Oblivion looks at her, and smirks "Don't worry. She won't. Shes under orders, afterall."

Tabitha smirks, "I'm glad ta hear that, actually." She reaches for the doll being careful to avoid it's teeth. "Well, this is gonna be fun, then!" The dagger in her hand twitches in response to Oblivion and Momo which forces Tabitha's grin to grow a little wider.

Momo allows herself to be taken, expression not changing. With the next blink, her hair has changed, no longer parted and flowing backwards, but now once again covering her face, the smile looking normal, rather than the ragged piranah-like maw it was a moment ago. For all intents and purposes, she looks like a completely normal, harmless doll now.

Oblivion smiles evily "A match made in hell. The new look is too cute, though. You looked better before. Then again, most would disagree". He waves "Have fun you two! Don't blow up anything i wouldn't! Then i wouldnt be able to do so later!"

Oblivion then vanishes

Tabitha sheaths her dagger into the makeshift backpack and holds Momo at arms length observing the change in her with a tilt of her head. "Neat! I didn't know ya could do that..." She looks up as Oblivion disappears and hmm's. "So, Momo? Ready ta go watch people squirm? I guess that's a dumb question, huh?" She grins and holds the evil doll to her chest with one arm so it can see whats going on around her and turns the corner towards the Usual Restaurant...

Momo's only reaction is a faint giggle. Nothing more.

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