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Vergil Sparda
Full Name: Vergil Sparda

Series: Devil May Cry
Class: Demon Hunter
Threat Level: City Smasher
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gender: Male
Species: Cambion (half demon half human)
Age: 30’s
Height: About 5'10
Weight: 180ish

Short Description: Lord of the Abyss, Protector of the Void, and one seventh Council of Hell

You see a tall, pale man dressed in a elegant victorian long coat, adorned with gold and silver buttons and yellow trimming. He looks strangely like Dante, but spikey and with a forever sour expression.

Vergil Sparda
Vergil is a tall lithe man, who moves with an almost inhuman grace. At first glance he looks like Dante, be it a bit thinner and paler. The same platinum shade of hair, kept short with longer bangs, but his hair is nearly constantly spiked up or sliced back. He has blue eyes, nearly the shade that ice takes, to match the coldness in his heart. (Not that it really has anything to do with it.) He dresses in nearly all black, more of victorian feel to his clothing. A cravat around his neck and a leather vest, lacking sleeves of course, that zips up as his shirt. the only things not black are his coat, that is nearly electric blue, with white designs down the front, the trim is gold and the inside an elaborate pattern in orange. He wears pale brown riding boots that give him a nearly tapping step when he walks. He also constantly wears fingerless gloves that match his boots.
Vergil Sparda
Demon Sword Yamato: A keepsake passed down from his father, the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda. It is a sword that can cut through most anything. And is also the key to some of the portals to other worlds.

Dark Slayer Style: Vergil’s personal fighting style, a mixture of many styles but mostly dependant on speed and teleportation. This style demands him use both Yamato and it’s scabbard for optimal damage.

Summoned Swords: Astral swords that can spin around Vergil or be fired. He can also use them to travel at high speeds or make them rain down. He does not use guns, this is as close as he gets.

Teleportation: Yeah, he can go where he wants and not get flyer miles.

Devil Trigger: Daddy’s Devil’s blood is strong here. Don’t wanna fuck with this guy if he changes forms..

Nelo Angelo: ….no.

Magic: Son of a demon and witch he has great potential to magic, he is more inept to it than his brother, as he studies deeply into it. Magic is a last resort for Vergil, but he is fascinated by it.


Vergil was the elder twin born to the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, and his human lover; the historical witch Eva. The boys were hidden away with Eva after Sparda sacrificed himself for the human world, locking away his power to seal up the demon world and protect the humans he had come to love. His sons grew up on tales of their father's glory, one son full of energy and always ready to please mother, while the other became obsessed with learning. The two battled playfully in their youth, always making mischief and having each others back. They were super close as kids.

On their 8th birthdays the boys were given halfs of the Perfect Amulet as necklaces by their mother, a gift left to Eva by Sparda. Swords as well left by their father Sparda, Rebellion for Dante, and Yamato for Vergil. All of these together would come in useful years later. Vergil started staying late at school and going to libraries after Sparda’s death, Absorbing himself into studies of demons and magic. And learning from his mother whenever she was willing to show him her arts. He always felt, Dante or ‘Tony’ in their youth, drew too much attention to themselves and thus why the demons always came, why they always had to run.. It was a hot summers night that a tragedy would define both brothers lives from that point on. The demons came and burned the city they were in, Eva was murdered, and the boys separated, Vergil thinking Dante dead with their mother for a long while. He would never feel as weak as he did in that moment again. He had not been home to protect Dante or his mother how could he protect anyone? Cursing humanity he started to go into a darke study, sometimes he would cross his brother's path, but their bond was broken.

While Dante walked with the humans, Vergil walked a darker path, with the very demonic scum that tore his family apart, all to feed his thirst for knowledge. He wanted to know all of the darker things in the world, black magics and deadly combat skills. He needed power if he was to avenge his mother or to prove himself worthy of the name of Sparda.

At a point in his life Vergil appeared in a seedy bar called Bobby’s Cellar, his face wrapped up in bandages using the name Gilver, a dead give away but it worked. Dante had no idea who Vergil was just some mercenary stealing all the good work. This was Vergil's first brush with death, at his brother's hands. He had gone too far, and murdered a few of Dante's friends and tried to do much evil. He had to be stopped. A year later he appeared before his brother again this time he was trying to open hell which he needed his brother's half of the perfect amulet for. Played a fool by Arkham Vergil eventually helped his brother to stop Arkham as he could not be the guest of honor. Defeating him with ease the twins fought once more and this time Vergil fell not metaphorically, into hell. This was where he tried to take down Mundus the king of the underworld. Never answering his brother’s question of WHY he wanted all of that power. The answer to that question, was in Fortuna, not that he ever expected Dante to find his reasoning.

When he and Dante met again Vergil was little more than an empty drone, a slave going by the name of Nelo Angelo; the black angel. Encased in a suit of armor only his half of the Perfect amulet gave it away. It was not until Dante killed him again that either realized they were brothers, Vergil's mind mostly gone from Mundus' brainwashing.

But as with Dracula evil never says dead. Vergil returned again.

His mind back together, and seeming to have grown wiser in his time away, but unwilling to forget the lessons the past has taught him.


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