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Characters and locations from the Devil May Cry series of video games.



Series Background

According to Dante:

Ah, Devil May Cry. A lineage harkening back to the days of zombies and ravaged cities and... ... Ok, I'm getting sidetracked. Despite starting OUT as an entirely different situation, DMC became the next in genre defying beat-em-ups. Technically savy, quick and reliable with a fairly complex fighting engine that evolved as the game progressed. I'll break it down a bit.


This is where things started to heat up. Dante is the half-demon son of a demonic general. Family name: Sparda. THIS. ISN'T. 300!! So, daddy marries a fine human chick and has Dante and his twin Vergil. Cool. They were married, they had rights to get freaky. Long ago daddy Sparda casts big demon Mundus down back into the 'abyss' (Generic yucky place) and Mundy wants some revenge later. I'm going spoiler free JUST in case, but let's just say things heat up and some family bidness gets taken care of. In the end, Mundy is once again sealed away and everyone lives happily ever pizza. I mean happily ever booze. MOVE ON TO THE NEXT SECTION.


Nothing to see here. Move along.


Now THIS is what I'm talking about. It's a prequel and a good one. This one goes over a little of Dante and Vergils back story. This happened pre-Mundus, although there's an easter egg at the end too. No spoilers going on but BASICALLY Vergil's out to gain Sparda's locked away power for his own devices. Being a mastermind of sorts but ALSO kind of...well, stupid and lacking foresight, he's fooled by a compatriot of his later on and we end up in a massive struggle for the lost power of Sparda. You'll spend most of this one in a tower, trying to get to the top to shut down/prevent the demon world from crossing forcibly over into the 'real' one. If you played 1, you have an idea of what happens between the brothers in the end.

Other games

Currently no one integrates elements from DMC 4 or the remake into the Twisted variation of the lore, as of yet. If anyone wants to start using those story elements, please add your information accordingly.

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