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Full Name: Dante

Series: Devil May Cry

Threat Level: City Smasher

Gender: Male
Species: Human/Demon
Age: Around 30 or so.
Height: About 5'10
Weight: 170 - 180 lbs

Short Description:

A handsome visage indeed, bewitching, flirtatious....demonic? Eh, must be your imagination. Dante Sparda usually has a very lesse' faire attitude about him. His eyes, which almost seem to toggle colors as you see them from various angles, tend to look at everything with a playful gleam...but somewhere deep down is an aged gaze, hardened and piercing. His hair is an odd silvery color, kind of hard to place. He normally wears it short, although his bangs are a bit long and tend to hang into his face a bit. His usual attire is an old fashioned looking, black tunic/vest combo. These are supported by a pair of black jeans and matching boots. The only thing off from his all black motif' is a slightly worn red trenchcoat that stops just on his ankles. Odder still about his look are a pair of pistols that seem tucked into holsters on his pants on the back....one silver, one black. They look almost like your typical Colt 45's...but they're even larger, if one could fathom that. Desert Eagles, maybe? Finally...now HOW did you miss that before? A large SWORD lies strapped to his back. It looks almost too big to carry and has some sort of ruins etched into the handle, from what you can see. You notice that you've been staring quite a while. He noticed your glance a while back and has been looking you up and down himself. He gives you one of his trademark grins and returns to his prior engagements...which are normally just walking off.
Devil Arms:









Ebony and Ivory, Sawed off Shotgun, Spiral, Artemis, Grenade Launcher,

Latent powers:

Devil Trigger,



Dante Sparda. Son of a legendary (In his world at least) demonic general by the name of, what else? Sparda. His mother human, he and his brother Vergil are half breeds. Tempered by a mixture of heated demon blood and the DNA of a human being, it lends them a strange combination of powers and ambitions.

In his youth, his mother was killed long after his father had already passed. Agents of the demon lord Mundus had attempted to locate and destroy the brothers, trying to ensure that the bloodline of Sparda would be lost forever so that their master could once again rise and take the human world. Their mother managed to hide them away before she was killed, leaving them to fend for themselves as they grew. As they aged, they grew apart both physically and mentally. Dante had taken the 'good guy with bad habits' approach to things.

Dante begin his business endeavor, then titled 'Devil May Cry', somewhere in his early 20's it's said. Before even managing to fully open his shop for business, he was confronted and attacked by minions of (unbeknownst to him at the time) his brother...who was attempting to open a link to the demon world and take the latent power of Sparda for himself. After battling to the top of the tower Temen-Ni-Gru, a portal between the two worlds...he managed to defeat his brother and cast him to the underworld...as much by Vergil's choice as his own. This was also the first time he ever met one of his repeat partners. The demon hunter, Mary (Who he usually refers to as 'Lady').

Fast forwarding to his later years, his shop still open...he meets up with Trish. A demonic female created by Mundus to look just like his mother. Feeding him a partially true story about Mundus's awakening...he follows her into what would turn out to be a huge trap. Betrayed by Trish at first...he manages to defeat everything the demon general would throw his way, including a now older version of his brother Virgil, and defeat Mundus with the help of Trish and the latent power of Sparda that flowed through him once again. Leaving the island to collapse behind him, Trish becomes another repeat partner in his crusade against the demonic evil threatening the world.

On a somewhat routine mission, Dante had managed to find himself face to face with an old ley line from times past. Evidently it was being used by a few 'wanna be' demon summoners to conjure up some small demonic entities. Easily dispatching the summoners and their minions, he managed to accidentally 'devil trigger' while rather close to the summoning circle that the bad guys were using as a conjuring point. Triggering the ley line with this sudden release of power, Dante was flung from his world into a much more 'Twisted' one.

Waking up with little memory of how he got there, Dante finds himself stuck in this new dimension. Having met a few of the locals and noticing no easy way to make it home...Dante decides, as usual, to make the best of it until something changes. If he manages to pick up a few girlfriends and some good booze along the way...well, that's just peachy with him.


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