2014-11-16 (PostU) A mask for ones' true emotions...

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A mask for ones' true emotions...

Summary: Dante is out on routine patrol, but routine in Twisted is anything but... (Grindhouse music)

Who: Dante, Tsuki
When: November 16th, 2014
Where: The Twisted Street.


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Dante is here. He's often here. THAT'S not so odd really. He's hanging around up on a floating chunk of...building? It might be a building. THAT'S the odd part. Of course, he likes to take high vantage points. Easier to see what's going on out there. Always looking for trouble, this one. He's got a grin on his face, so at least he's happily looking for trouble. Dante's much easier to hang around when he's happy.

High vantage points are often a charming thing. And for a woman who has just begun exploring after far too long in a world for dead things, it's absolutely perfect for a good look around. That may be why there's a rumbling sound in the air a few feet away from Dante. And that rumbling might be the cause for the sudden appearance of the silver-haired woman a few feet away from him.

She wears all black, her waist-length silver hair swirling about in some unseen breeze as she makes her entrance. Over her face is a blank white mask, with only a pair of sunken black eye holes that conceal all beneath it. Aside from the mask, she looks fairly normal. For the most part.

Dante peers over. It's an interesting phenomena we have going on here, it's worth a second glance. Also, this seems to be female. THAT, my friends, is a very good sign as far as Dante is concerned. He grins a bit and offers some his usual, witty repartee' "Hey babe. I'd called dibs on this floating s**tpile n' all, but I have to admit some company'd be nice. Why the mask, though?"

For a moment, aside from her hair, it seems like the woman is just...a very life-like statue. It's an awkward moment, too, not a sound coming from her. Is she even breathing? Finally, the mask turns toward Dante, black eye sockets staring lifelessly at him. Definitely difficult to read emotions this way. "To conceal what people don't want to see." She tilts her head to one side, watching Dante through that mask.

Dante blinks just once. That voice? ...You know, this shape is one Dante's seen before. He tends to remember a good 'profile' when he sees one. This is one...he liked a LOT, actually. He rises to his feet slowly as his usual, stupid grin melts away. He speaks rather softly, for Dante. "...Tsuki?"

The woman's head tilts toward her shoulder as he speaks that name, the mask preventing any further reaction from being visible. "You know that name, as well." She leans a slight bit closer, those eye spots directed toward the man. "I suppose that would be a translation of my name..." She watches him closely, before suddenly offering her hand to him.

Dante seems a bit put off by this whole situation. On the one hand, seeing Tsuki again would be... ... THIS though. There's something off about this. He shakes his head clear and steps forward, almost without thinking about it. This is rather unlike Dante for the most part as another step carries him close enough to reach out and, if not prevented, clasp the offered hand. Firmly, although not aggressively.

That mask serves many purposes. It hides things that shine through with her current shape, things that can be hidden with concentration, but she doesn't often have time for that. It gives her a perfect poker face; nobody can see anything but the occasional head tilt. It also keeps people from seeing when her eyes go to some far away place like they are right now.

After a moment, she releases Dante's hand, taking a step back. "Dante." She watches him from behind that mask...then, she lifts her hand to the mask, removing it. Yup, that's the Tsuki he remembers. Or at least, the Tsuki he wants to see. "It's been...a very long time."

Dante's eyes widen. This is RARE for Dante, as it involves losing ones cool. The cool, you see, is what sustains a man of Dante's accord. His ability to stay unflappable in the face of stress is a hallmark quality for those of his ilk. At this point, that's kind of gone flying out the proverbial window. He lowers his hand slowly, still speaking in a rather quiet monotone, "You...you died. Your sister killed you. I saw your corpse. How... how the hell are you here?" This seems like an interesting way to greet someone that you thought was dead. ... However, this situation isn't as obvious as it appear, as a small tear seems to have rolled itself down Dante's right cheek. ... Yeah.

The woman blinks a few times, and reaches out again, placing her hand on Dante's shoulder in an attempt at a comforting gesture. "It's a very long story. I am not quite the same person. I am...a different incarnation." She chews on her lower lip. "I have seen what happened to the person that you knew. I remember what she remembered, and to some degree I feel what she felt. It's...difficult to explain accurately." She tilts her head toward him, and offers a sheepish smile. Facial expressions seem odd, like she's not used to using them these days. That's probably another reason for the mask.

Dante can't seem to reply for just a second. He doesn't do much of anything as Tsuki rests her hand on his shoulder. He really seems to need a bit of a mental reboot here. All at once that tear drips away from his chin, falling in a usual way that things seem to fall at 'sea-level', and finally splattering against his shoe in an all too ineffectual way. This makes his next move possibly a tad hard to predict, as he launches forward and tries to wrap his arms around just whichever Tsuki this one might be in a tight, although it wouldn't be painful, hug.

The woman really can't do much more than blink as she's swept into the tight hug, purple eyes looking at the fabric of his clothing for a moment; then, she seems to remember what she's supposed to do in this situation, and her arms come up to wrap around him, squeezing gently. "It is good to see a friend." She murmurs this in a soft, comforting tone, one hand gently rubbing his back in a soothing motion. It is good to have friends here, certainly.

Dante seems to be choking back just a few tears at this point. Dante is NOT prone to getting like this and it's always alien whenever it comes out. None the less, he can't help but sound a little choked up as he gets control of himself JUST well enough to say, "Yeah. It's... ... it's REALLY good to see you again. Whichever you ya might be." He finally is able to pull his head up and look at her face again, "H...how? Did you just....appear?"

She offers a small squeeze as he pulls back, peering up at him. "It's a very long story. I am...different?" She allows a shrug to roll over her narrow shoulders. "I am not the Tsuki you knew, even if I can remember her. I can watch the past." She tilts her head to one side, before smiling faintly. "Time." Seems that is her answer to the question of HOW she appeared out of the blue like that.

Dante seems to understand. He might understand. It's hard to tell with Dante. He's a lunkhead. He nods once, however, before replying. "Ok. I get it." Maybe. Who knows? He smiles just a bit. "So, what's the plan? You sticking around?"

"For as long as I am able to, yes. I made...agreements." She fidgets slightly, though she seems quite happy with the prolongued contact with Dante. "And those agreements seem to have promise for keeping me around here for a good long while." She smiles faintly. "I don't plan to get killed by my sister, this time around. I...believe that my mind is a bit more in tact than the version of me you used to know."

Dante seems to have lost track of the physical aspects...but then, he's really pretty happy to see her again, regardless of the situation at hand here. He nods again before keeping the conversation going. "I'm glad to hear that. I...god, Tsuki I wanted to do something. Anything. It was just... ... *sigh* I know how family works. I didn't feel I had the right, I'm sorry, I just-..."

The smile on Tsuki's face only grows, and she reaches up to gently pat Dante on the cheek. "No hard feelings. That Tsuki...well, it was for the better." She smiles up at Dante, before tipping her head forward to rest on his chest. "I'm just glad to have a friend here. I haven't done much more than watch lately, and the only people I really know...well, they're not the most sociable types."

Dante doesn't bother finishing that statement, then. This seems...alright with him. Yeah, things could be a lot worse than a surprise like this, especially in a mixed up little place like this one. Then again, for all the wicked this place conjures up, it poofs out the occasional awesome moment like this. Dante might have misjudged this place, just a little in the beginning. He hugs Tsuki a little closer as she rests her head on his chest and smiles a pretty genuine smile. "Yeah, well. F**k those guys then. There are some good people around here too. You'll find em."

She squeezes him slightly, before pulling back just enough to peer up at him. "Found one, at least." She flinches slightly, and reaches up, pulling the mask back down over her face in a hasty motion. He doesn't need to see what happens when she can't concentrate properly. "Sorry -- that face takes a lot to keep up. You don't want to see the other part. An...unfortunate side effect of a predicament I am in."

Dante grins a bit at first. "Wow. I dunno how to react to a compliment like that. *I* still think I'm kind of an a**ho-..." He trails off and tilts his own head ever so slightly as Tsuki draws the mask back on. He smiles just a bit. "Geez. Did I give you the impression that I liked you JUST because you were hot? You don't have to worry around me."

She chuckles softly, shaking her head. "Not as much as some. Believe me." She shrugs, playing at the chin of her mask idly with her fingertips. "But I do worry anyhow, and...I much prefer leaving you with the mental image of the way I would like to be, rather than what I look like now. Hopefully...hopefully, the effect will fade with time, now that I'm not under that influence constantly." She tilts her head to one side.

Dante nods with a slight sigh, but still with a smile playing about his lips. "I understand. I don't want you to be uncomfortable. Whatever ya need to do. I just wanted you to know...that I'm not as superficial as I sometimes appear. That's all." He makes another small nod at the mask. "Are you ok otherwise? Everything else good? You're not sick or anything...are ya?" Dante seems a tad worried, is all.

The woman tilts her head, and gives the impression of smiling. "I like having you think of me as hot, is all." She taps the chin of the mask. "Not sick, just...well, I have been in the realm of the dead for a good long while, even though...I don't belong there. It made me look a little ghastly, is all. A side effect of being a guardian of the dead. I'm a representative of my world's afterlife, now...I can go between my realm, Hell, and this world at will." Again she taps the mask. "I just kinda...look the part these days."

Dante rubs his chin. "I gotcha. Been to Hell a few times myself, to tell you the truth. Well, some version or another, I guess. So many versions out there." He grins a bit, giving her an obvious once over. With all of this kind of talking...and touching...the flirting naturally seems to make its way out, in spite of everything. "Besides...the rest of you really doesn't seem to have changed a bit." What a lascivious little smile he has. Ah well, Dante WILL be Dante after all.

She laughs from behind the mask, shaking her head slightly. "The face is the only really bad casualty. In a good light, if I ever want to scare children, all I have to do is remove the mask." She shuckles softly, wrapping her arms around his waist again. This is good. This feels alive...something that Tsuki has been missing quite a bit as of late.

Dante snickers at that one. Tsuki was obviously proud of her looks, as she had every right to be. He's not going to let her be quite so hard on herself though. He's close to so very few, after all. He lightly brushes his fingers up her side and grins, although he doesn't KNOW if she's ticklish mind you. "I think I have you beat anyway. I scare the s**t out of children ALL the time and I don't have a mask. I'm just scary." He lifts his hands next to his face and makes half-hearted 'boogly' gestures. He snorts. "I'd make a crappy father."

Unfortunately, the woman is not ticklish -- though the brush does make her giggle softly. "Yeah, but you have to put effort into it with that pretty face of yours. All I have to do is take off the mask." She chuckles softly. Then, after taking a deep breath, the mask comes off again. She still looks 'normal', no scary face or anything. "Sorry. Had to take a breather."

Dante waves it off, pretending to fan his face for just a moment. "I do declare, you're going to give me the vapors with all this sweet talk." He grins widely and notices that Tsuki has taken the mask off once again. He replies, "There you are. Don't apologize. Like I said, if this feels better to you...go with it. You don't have to do it for me, though. I've ALWAYS liked you. I'm not about to stop now. Period."

"I'm more comfortable not showing you the results of my current job, is all." She smiles softly, reaching up to touch Dante's cheek. "Besides, I can't stand being around someone hotter than me." She chuckles. "Thank you, though, for your understanding." She smiles, turning purple eyes up to his face. "I'm not so happy with my face, so...makeup." She taps her own cheek, nodding.

Dante doesn't mind the attentions. At all. Of course, would one expect him too? He leans in just a bit, getting a better look? Being a little more up close and personal? Yeah, probably a little of both n.n He grins. "Well, I have to say, the results are flawless. Really. Never seen a more beautiful sight." ... "It really IS f**king awesome to see you again. I never thought I'd be seeing you again."

The dragoness smiles up at Dante, leaning a little closer. Tsuki might enjoy the attention just as much as Dante is, if not more. Isolation will do that to a person. Probably why she's putting on the face...the physical contact is a wonderful change. "I worked hard, it's nice to hear that it was not in vain." She smiles up at him...then promptly hugs him tightly. "It feels like a first meeting, for me, but at the same time like meeting an old friend. It's...so nice, talking to a person who isn't asking me why they died."

Dante returns the hug gladly, squeezing her equally tight. "I can only imagine. I could barely handle BEING around all that, let alone being a PART of it." He pauses there for a second, as he's been wont to doing this whole time. If one can catch the faint, acrid smell of smoke wafting on the air, it might just be that Dante had a thought. "Where are you going to be staying? I mean, if you don't have anywhere else, I've got a place that..." He laughs a bit at that. "Well, sounds like I'm just going right for a booty call, doesn't it?" He facepalms briefly, before letting his hand slide down his face. "Seriously though, if you need a place to stay..." (Which I need to rebuild...and will at some point here)

"You get used to it. It's just very boring. Probably why I jumped at the chance to be here. I'm sure I'll probably find some unpleasant parts of the deal I made to get here...but it's better than the alternative, you know?" She chuckles softly, watching Dante. "Well, I don't have a place yet. If you don't mind me slobbing around. I can be your creepy masked room mate or something." She grins up at him. "It does kinda sound like that, though."

Dante rubs the back of his head with a laugh and tries to look a little sheepish this time. "Uh, well, can I ask you to trust me on this one when I say I don't have any bad intentions? I certainly wouldn't mind, though. There are a few unused rooms up top. My secretary has her own place, so she doesn't stay. You're more than welcome."

With a laugh, Tsuki shakes her head. "I'm not worried about that. I'm fairly confident in my ability to kick your a** if you make any untoward moves on me." She smirks, reaching up to poke Dante's chin. "Being different has it's perks." She winks. "I'll probably take you up on that, though. You might get a peek of my face, which you seem rather curious about." She winks, reaching up and placing a hand on her mask -- though she doesn't draw it down just yet, keeping up her 'makeup'.

Dante laughs, nodding, holding up his hands. "Yeah, yeah. I know not to get too fresh. I like to keep my a** as unkicked as possible." He grins at her second comment as well. "You can't blame me for being curious, can you? ... Only when you're ready, though."

"Smart man." Tsuki nods, grinning up at him, before pulling away and pushing her mask back down. "Maybe one day. Not today. I'll let you use your imagination for now. Hopefully you'll come up with something that is worse than it really is, so you'll be pleasantly surprised." She chuckles softly, adjusting the mask a bit, before tension seems to disappear from her posture. "And over time, I will become more adept at keeping my 'makeup' on, I'm sure. The ability has atrophied after not being used for so long."

Dante just keeps grinning. He's really quite nonplussed. "I can't see you as anything but beautiful, Tsuki, although I'll try to let my imagination run wild. No promises though." He also queries, "Has coming here weakened you at all? You're not in any danger are ya?" There's that concern again. Boy, this lady has quite an effect on our intrepid...uh, well, hero's a strong word...our intrepid dude.

"You're too sweet." She chuckles behind the mask, before shaking her head. "None at all. I'm able to travel freely between realms, at no risk to myself." She reaches out, gently touching Dante's chest. "Don't worry yourself over me, I'm much more hardy than you think. It's excruciatingly difficult for me to be killed, that's the best way to put it." Dante peers down as he's touched, the look on his face a mix of emotions. Of course, that slight flush on his cheeks are very telling. He speaks a little softer and seems to have a bit of trouble looking back up. "I know you're tough, Tsuki. I don't consider you fragile by any stretch of the word. ...It's just, you...you died on me once..." "

"Everyone dies, Dante. I'm not even the same Tsuki you knew. I have my own memories, my own life that I lived prior to even looking back and discovering this...alternate version of me. I still have a sister, but I would not call our relationship murderous in the slightest. Tense, at worst." That mask rather sucks, it keeps her face quite expressionless. "I'll die again, one day, just like you will, just like all living things will. Time is all we have, here, and even that can run out in unpleasant ways." She tips her head toward the ground. "So instead of worrying...be happy with what you can get, yeah?"

Dante doesn't say or do anything for a while there. His brain breaks so easily when thoughts are flying at it. Thinking was never this mans strong point, you have to understand. Now we're expecting thoughts...and emotions...it's asking a lot. Still, underneath it all is a personality that's just been repressed for a while. Still a personality though. He gets it. He nods. Grins and can't help but cuddle up just a tad once again. "You're right. You're not...the same exact Tsuki I knew. I AM going to lose you again, someday...or maybe, you'll lose me this time. S**t's going to keep happening whether I want it to or not. That's why I fight in the first place. ... It's easy to forget that sometimes. You're right about another thing too. I AM happy with 'what I can get'. I get you back. That's getting a LOT. So yeah, I'm pretty damn happy after all." n.n

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