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Summary: Oblivion arrives to make good on his offer to Tabitha, but what does this mean for the cat-girl? Things are going to get a lot stranger soon at this rate... Now come! Run with me! This one's been labeled... YOUTH!

Who: Oblivion, Tabitha
When: June 20th, 2007
Where: Devi's apartment


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Devi's apartment

Welcome to Devi's Living room. We'll start with the walls. They apper to be a dark tealish color, but what color they are is anyone's guess due to the lack of cleaning. A few pictures and posters hang, although they are all very odd. With a couch on the wall to your right, there sits a nice wooden coffee table, with only a few papers to decorate it. She has a comfortable looking chair in the far right hand courner, and the TV is on the left wall. A small table is next to the chair with nothing on it. The carpet is gray and there is transparent Alien head on a stand, with a floating brain in it, next to the kitchen which lacks a door. Against the northern most wall is a door.

Tabitha stands by the windows in the early morning light, watching. There's nothing in particular that she's looking at, just the insomnia corsing through her making her do weird things. She turns slowly after it becomes bright enough to see comfortably and stares at the daggers on Devi's coffee table. She may now know where they came from, but she knows exactly what they are. Picking them up from the table, she grins feeling their cold on her palms. Spinning she slices at the air with them expertly. She even goes so far as to throw one and will it back into her before it hits the glass. Only someone experienced with the Dread Daggers could accompish something like that, but of course she did come from Johnny's thoughts. Little does she know the only thing that remains of the maniac's mind rests upon her shoulders. Yet, she calls upon the knowledge unquestioningly as she grips the hilt of the summoned dagger tightly and her hands begin to slowly fade to black. From the next room something stirs, and with the apperance of a guilty child caught in the act she fumbles with them, and tucks them into her belt. She tiptoes into the ktichen looking for the source of the sound. With a heavy sigh she tells herself, "Jus' tha refrigerator..."

Oblivion peers from behind Tabitha, around the corner, looking at whatever she as looking at "Really? Oh, poo. I was SO hoping it was some kinda water buffalo. Their PRETTY!". Afterwards, he smiles, eyes pulsing with evil red light

Tabitha spins around, daggers already at the ready, at the sound of his voice. With another heavy sigh she realises who it is and shakes her head. "Do ya always have to sneak up on people like that?" Catching her breath she puts the daggers away and looks back up at him, her tail swishing behind her. "So? Did ya find anything out yet?"

Oblivion snickers, then blinks, and points behind her "Sneak up? You mean like that?". If she turns around, he'll smile, and fire a burst of while light at her back. If not, he just keeps looking amused, and pointing.

Tabitha cocks an eyebrow at his words and glances over her shoulder casually. She was worried about being caught playing with the daggers after all, not getting cau->FLASH< She blinks from the light, and blinks about a half dozen more times as she turns back around trying to get the floating red dots out of her vision. "Owwww... What tha heck was that for? Damnit! Ya keep this up an' I'm gonna have to pound ya to death, agreement or not." She rubs her eyes and blinks once more, finally getting her sight cleared.

Oblivion grins like the cheshire cat "Those dust bunnies are fast lil fuckers, arent they?". His tone is obviously a mocking one.

Tabitha can't help but glare at his annoyance. "Alright... what th' hell? You just show up ta piss me off, or what? I thought we had an agreement, Oblivion? Lemme guess, yer friends didn't come up with nothin' and your gonna annoy me into breaking our deal? Is that it?"

Oblivion says, "Not particularly. I have more gruelling means of doing that than just annoying people. What crawled up YOUR ass and died?". He zips behind her, trying to look up her behind "Can i see? Canicanicanicani?"

Tabitha elbows backwards and spins around as quickly as she can. "I haven't slept, thank you very much. A little parting gift from th' maniac who brought me into this world." With a slight yawn as if to prove her point she shakes her head. "Just what are ya here for, anyways? Lonely this mornin' or somethin'?"

Oblivion's head actually..... seperates. Not like flying off. More like a liquid. A black liquid. It flows around her elbow, leaving only air for her to strike, and reforming into his head as if nothing had happened "Nnaaww... just bored. That, " his expression gets serious "or i suspect you are the most POWERFUL BEING IN ALL EXISTENCE!". Then he gets a blank amused look again face "Or maybe not. I'm not sure". He looks at the fridge, then back again "What were we talking about?"

The look on Tabitha's face is probably one Oblivion will especially enjoy. His proclimation sends her staring at him with more diffrent shades of confusion than should be possible as aboout five completly seperate emotions try to fight for her face at the same time. She literally takes a step back trying to comprehend what that statment might mean when he so quickly dismisses it, nearly sending her sprawling to the floor like so many anime characters before her. His sudden absentmindedness immediatly warrents a drawn dagger. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" She keeps herself from attacking rather calmly despite the outburst, and one ear flicks as she tries to see if she's awoken Devi. (Assuming Devi is in the next room of course) "I knew it! You are tryin' ta drive me insane!! Did Johnny put ya up to this or somthin'??"

Oblivion's head shifts to the side to evade the dagger, but is, suprisingly, not quite fast enough. The weapon nicks him slightly as it goes, and his eyes go wide, his expression one of shock. Some bursts of black electricity run along his body for a moment. Afterwards, his only response is to quote Neo: "Wao!". He straightens up, staring at Tabitha, wondering just what those daggers ARE! Then, he smiles, eyes glowing about four times brighter than before. They actually cast a red pallor on the walls "What i was GOING to say before you had your childish little outburst was that the person in question has too much to do, and cant make it. HOWEVER, they showed me how to do it". His hand reaches out "IF you would be so kind as to put your hand in mine, i will fulfill my end of the bargain right here and now"

Tabitha stares at him in confusion, more for the fact that she didn't remember striking out with the dagger, only drawing it but then again she -is- tired and he -is- Oblivion after all. Strange things go hand in hand with him. Speaking of which, her eyes light up as well for a diffrent reason as he offers it to her. She still has the dagger drawn in one hand as she does what she's asked, so as a side effect he might get another slight dose of energy off those black blades as they slowly feed into her, much like getting shocked by static electricity from a friend. The fact that his eyes have changed even slightly has completely elluded her as she anxiously waits to see what comes next...

Oblivion smiles, enjoying and feeding more on the negative emotions shes spewing out. Whatever those daggers are, a scratch by one just supercharged him! He uses this newfound power to do what he came to do origionally, but forgot. Her form shifts, and she shrinks, growing younger. At about the point of being age 7 or 8 in appearence, he releases her hand, and smiles evily "There you are!"

Tabitha nervously gulps as Oblivion suddenly looms over her. It takes her a moment to realise exactly what is happening, but once she does her eyes widen and as her hand is released she looks down at herself happily and giggles. Of course, her shirts now sagging off one shoulder and the dagger still on her belt has weighed it down to the floor, but her shirt is covering her up quite well. Her tail swishes happily behind her as she spins around once enjoying herself. "WOW!!! I... I'm a kid! You made me into a kid!?!?" Pulling her shirt back over her shoulder she bolts infront of the oven blinking at her own reflection in the glass, the shirt falling off the other shoulder in the process. Grinning she turns back to Oblivion and look up at him with her head leaning slightly to the side. "So wait... how am I s'pposed to do this thing for ya if I'm a kid? Is this gonna effect the powers Sun-chan gave me? Am I still gonna be able to fight?" She seems serious despite the smile, but then again she can't really help herself either...

Oblivion looms over her, the light from the room behind him, looming over her like a dragons shadow over a gnome or halfling "Whatever powers you possess are completely intact. Your strength, speed, and so forth are also intact, although since you have less mass to move around, your more than likely faster than before". He walks over to the closet "Oh, and your first real favor is needed. Help Devi do something about Sun. She needs a dose of trouble, and your both in a prime position to cause it. Less physical if possible, rough her up if you think you can or need to, although avoid killing her. Make her suffer if possible". With that, and a quick smirk, he walks into the closet, and closes the door behind him!

Tabitha blinks at Oblivion as he vanishes. She ponders what he said about Sun. Something in her mind tells her she shouldn't do anything like that, but at the same time she... can't quite find a single reason no to. Her brow creases as she dwells on it for a moment longer, but the thrill of being young soon overtakes her. For the girl this is her dream come true. Without any memories of being a child she's overly excited about getting to be one, even if it's in apperance only. Now, if she just had clothes that where the right size... She walks over to inspect her dropped clothes, and picking up the dagger she pauses. A mischivious smirk crosses her face and she clutches both weapons tightly soon the child's body turns completly black and a youthful giggle drifts accross the apartment. Jumping at the sound of her new voice, her grip loosens and the effect on her body is lost. It doesn't matter to her though. She snatches up her clothing and hops onto the couch wondering how long it would be before Devi woke up. She needs -someone- to share this with, after all...

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