2009-12-7 (PreU) Shouldn't this burn?

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Shouldn't this burn?


Who: Caliga, Devi, Oblivion, Zelgadis
When: December 7th, 2009
Where: The Church


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A towering cathedral, filled with beautiful woodwork, and many stained glass windows. The pews are made of cherry wood, and the light from the stained glass images shimmer nicly upon them. The images are of this. 1) A valiant Knight fighting a 6 headed beast. 2) The Knight buring his blade into the beasts hearts. 3) An image of... Princess Zelda? Regardless a sign is posted at the door as you enter, and the doors of the Church is never locked.

Oblivion sits up on the roof of the church, near the belltower. He was up there looking for bats originally, but now hes just kinda sittin there, looking out over the silent graveyard.

Devi is camped inside of the church, her feet propped up on a pew, hands laced behind her head. She stares at the large stained glass panels, her eyes memorizing the countors of the pictures, and pondering if they have a deeper meaning.

Zelgadis moves into the church cautiously. He hasn't seen it before and is of course, reasonably tentative. He closes the doors behind him and glances around at the architecture...he hasn't seemed to notice yet that anyone's here.

As zel closes the door, he doesnt notice the dark shape with red eyes standing just behind him, watching with a wry, yet evil, grin. Whatever Oblivion is doing, he remains outside for the time being.

Devi knows that Oblivion is near, but leaves him to do as he wishes. She'll not be responsible for his actions. She leans her head back, almost laying across the pews. "Hello Zel. Come for redemtion?" She's suddenly dressed in the Cleargy's robes, all the more humorus as the 'Hell' kanji is still on the back of them.

Zelgadis quirks his eyebrow and starts a bit. He's unaware of the presence behind him, since he's only 1/3 weakish demon...his presence sense ain't so great. He steps forward a bit. "Ah, Devi. You startled me. I...didn't know this was here. What are you doing here, anyway?..."

Oblivion stands on the ceiling of the cathedral. He is, after all, curious. Course, unless one looks up, theyll never notice him. Which, as of late, is how he likes it

Devi shrugs. "I come here every now and then to ponder life. Or consider a problem. Whatever I need. Not to many people come in here, so it's perfect for me." She eyes him. "What about you? I didn't expect to see you in a place like this."

Zelgadis shrugs a bit. "I tend to explore for various reasons. Perhaps I have a bit of wanderlust. Of course...I always toss around the idea that I might find a cure somewhere here in Twisted. Since I'm otherwise stuck here...I might as well."

Oblivion doesnt say anything. yet.

Devi rolls off the pews, standing up and dusting her robes off. "Well, no one here will be able to help you." She turns around and stares at the alter, and the windows. "All they do is pray to an invisable image and call it faith." Her lip curls a bit in disgust as her eyes discreetly scan the ceiling, looking for a hint of Oblivion. She can always hope he's getting sloppy.

Zelgadis leans back against a nearby wall and nods. "I suppose you're right...but then, life's desolate with no faith in anything. Wether or not it's a lie...well, my own condition may very well be unreversable...but rather then kill myself, I have faith that I might find a cure someday. ... It's not much, but it's something."

Oblivion is, indeed, in plain sight. Hes just stnading on the ceiling like the two of them are standing on the floor. He doesnt seem interested in interrupting their conversation. Just kinda lingering for the time being.

Devi says, "Perhaps." She vanishes, reappering behind Oblivion pushing him off the beam if he doesn't move. "Now you can evesdrop."

Oblivion is pushed, and instantly changes his form into that of a young lady in ragged clothes. Disguised properly, 'she' screams and flails like any other normal human would in freefall, landing with a CRASH, breaking one of the pews in half. Red blood starts to seep from under the 'corpse', and lifeless eyes stare up at her 'killer'

Devi arches an eyebrow, lightly jumping afterwards and landing elegantly on the floor. She's back in her normal outfit, and her hands are shoved into her pockets. "Yes because there are ALWAYS girls in ragged clothes in Church ceilings." She rolls her eyes dramtically. But then again, she's used to Oblivion's tricks.

Zelgadis's eyes are widened. He doesn't seem to be giving Devi any distrustful glances...but the sheer brutality of the sight still effects him for just a moment. He shakes his head clear and glances at Devi. "Is that...?"

Oblivion just kinda plays dead for the moment. Although the trick has accomplished what was desired....

Devi says, "Is that what? A real dead girl? No. More like an overly elaborate gesture of mind fucking." She walks over, kicking Oblivion in the ribs with her steel toed boots.

Zelgadis looks like he'd be getting sick if he wasn't somewhat used to carnage. "I...see." He doesn't look afraid...but the sheer shock of the scene is still obviously having its effects.

The 'corpse' suddenly mutters "Oh, your no fun, Devdev". It stands, and shifts into its 'correct' form of Oblivion "Least it was amusing while it lasted. Course, i hadnt been planning on crashing your conversation originally". He smirks in amusement.

Devi smirks harshly. "Well, stalking a conversation is much ruder. What do you want, so much as to stand in a Chruch, eh?"

Zelgadis narrows his eyes and takes a defensive step back. Still, his reaction is tempered by the fact that aside from harassing him in ways that Xel already used to do, he's not made an offensive motion at him. He DOES sound a bit sarcastic as he speaks, "You. I should have guessed." -.-;

Oblivion waves them off with his hand "Bah! Your both no fun. I was simply curious, and bored. Better i be listening to you chatter on than be off burning down an orphanage or something..... right?"

Devi folds her arms frowning slightly. "True, but you're almost always up to -something-, no matter what you're doing. It's not that I don't trust you, oh wise Master, but I don't trust you." The Master bit is heavily Sarcastic.

Zelgadis glances over at Devi. Despite himself, he looks somewhat surprised. It's possible that dispite associating with her on occasion, that he still presumed her to be an eventual danger. He seems surprised that she's less like 'wise master' than he first thought. He doesn't expound on the situation with any words, though.

Oblivion snickers "You mean to say that YOU arent? Come now, Devi. I know you better than THAT". His evil smirk grows wider "Least i admit i am! Keeps things interesting. Gives things a focus. Chaos, after all, doesnt ALWAYS mean 'evil'".

Devi's lips form a solid white line as she arches a delicate eyebrow. She's not sure she's ready to cross this eventual bridge just yet. "I've managed to keep myself busy while not plotting something, at least." Kicking off the ground, she sits on mid-air, crossing her legs. "So, Zel tells me you know each other. I take it you've picked on him a little, then?"

Zelgadis snorts and regards Blivy. "As a 4 year old with power might, he has. He reminds me of a former travelling partner of mine...but less amusing and much more infantile." He's definitely not set for combat, but he's definitely still giving Blivy a look of disdain.

Oblivion smiles "I seem to recall one encounter with him, apart from watching an anime back in Metropolis and NeoTokyo that had him in it". He looks at Devi, and she sees the encounter in her head in the span of a second. "Anyway, im off to deal with that orphanage. Ciao!". He vanishes.

Devi waits a moment, sending her 'feelers' out in the plane making sure he's actually gone. Once she's sure, she sighs a little. "Well, that went well." I was expecting a battle or, 'YOU KILLED MY FATHER! Prepare to die.' "

Zelgadis blinks in a confused manner at Devi, not getting the reference. He rubs the back of his head. "I don't much like being in his presence myself...but as he isn't doing anything aggressive...besides that, I don't think I could deal with him very effectively, anyway."

Devi purses her lips. "I don't think I'd let him touch you." She eyes the broken pew. "Someone is going to be upset if that doesn't get fixed." Dropping to her feet, she looks at Zel. "Sorry in advance." In a blink the pew is back in mint condition, no sign of the fall to be seen.

Zelgadis gives Devi a quizical look, a faint blush rising to what of his cheeks can be seen. He shakes it off finally and nods. "It's alright. I can't blame you for his annoying behavior. ... I sometimes wonder just what his motives are, though. I can never tell with his type.."

Devi says, "Oh I can tell you. Same thing that's been on his mind for a month. Nothing. I'd rather he had an opponent to go focus on rather then not. He's worse when he's bored." She looks at the doorway to the church, her thoughts forced back onto her lack of salvation and how she might get around her restrictions. "Either way, I tire of his antics, even being his general."

Zelgadis nods slowly. "You can't get out? I assume you both are linked now....but is there truly no way to break your contract?..."

Devi says, "Well I have options. I can fight him, and try to destroy him only be forced to bend my knee at the end and stay in my same spot. I could also send someone on a egg hunt for my physical soul, the pledgestone of my contract, though as soon as I would, I'd be forced to shut my mouth and not help in any way. OR, I can call Teacher and beg for him to help me, as normal rules he can override. That is my last and very final option as my pride tends to run me more often then not." She frowns. "I'm still working on ideas."

Zelgadis hrms, nodding. He doesn't seem to have much to say on the matter, although he still looks rather quizical. He sighs softly, lowering himself onto a pew and lolling his head back. He closes his eyes and seems to be contemplating something or another.

Devi says, "On the plus side, I can still work against Oblivion as I am now. If he taught me nothing else, he taught me how to work around him to meet my own ends. There are a few people here that he would have me attack that I can't."

Zelgadis doesn't open his eyes, but he's obviously still listening. "Oh? Who might that be?...and what stops you from attacking them? Are they friends?"

Devi says, "Mei for one. I don't like her. But, she mothered Teacher's half sister. If something were to happen to her or the girl by my hand, or something that I knew about and didn't bother stopping..." She shudders. "Teacher would destroy me in a number of ways."

Zelgadis mms. "Mei...is she still around here? I haven't seen her in some time. Although, I suppose I've been gone for a while now."

Devi shrugs. "I don't know. I havn't been keeping tabs on her, aside from watching Oblivion." Perhaps she should have been more vigalant, but she does have her own personal feelings about Mei.

Zelgadis chuckles slightly, finally setting his head back up and opening his eyes. He actually favor Devi with a slight grin, which he doesn't do often. "It seems like a lot of work, for something that was supposed to bring you closure."

Devi smiles. "It helped one issue, and failed me on others, I'm afraid." She finally unfolds her arms though, letting them hang loosly at her sides.

Zelgadis nods briefly with another sigh. "I know how you feel. I wish...I could do something to help."

Devi says, "I've spent my entire adult life struggling with these things. It'll pass or fade, or I'll get lucky and things will fix themselves. It'll work out, or I'll spend eternity trying to find the answer."

Zelgadis nods again. He doesn't really seem to have an answer. He closes his eyes again and leans back. He looks peaceful, for Zel at least.

Devi says, "Will you spend the rest of your time searching for your answer? Or will you break down eventually and just.... Be?"

Zelgadis says, "I don't...really know. I don't feel alive, like this. Perhaps...if I could stop hating myself."

Devi says, "What do you feel then? And why do you hate yourself?"

Zelgadis asks, "I feel....cold. Withdrawn. Not a part of any reality. Like...a tool. As for why I hate myself...isn't that fairly obvious?"

Devi says, "Not terribly so, no. You're not what you used to be, but your not a monster. Monsters look more like this." And with that she changes into Abomination, a 9 foot tall blob of black goo with tenticals and one gaping eye. After a second, she changes back.

Zelgadis's a bit O.O after that one. He shakes his head clear. "Is it really so black and white? I look freakish, first of all. Perhaps not by this dimensions standards, but by my home worlds... Secondly, are looks really what make the monster? You don't know what I've done in the name of great grandfather....or even finding a cure."

Devi wants to say that she's just as bad if not worse, but won't as she doesn't know what he's done for his causes. "That doesn't make you a monster for ever. If you still would commit to what you've done, and do it again, then maybe you are. But if that part of your life is over, why are you still a monster, what defines you -now- as a monster?"

Zelgadis blinks once or twice, looking a bit plused. "I.... ... I....I don't know. I always felt like an outcast....yet I so often found myself with travelling companions. As it stands, I look back and....try to find moments where I've been treated as monster..." He definitely seems confused, he glances back over at Devi, looking almost pleading. "I just...wanted to be human once again..."

Devi perches on the back of the pew next to Zel, her elbows on her knees. "If I thought I could help without tearing you apart atom by atom, I would." Her mind beings to turn. Maybe Caliga would know an answer. If not him, maybe there's something in the Twisted Library. Sincerity rings in Devi's face, as she relizes that for a few minutes, she's let her guard down again. Staring at her boots, she reminds herself of past experiances and starts putting that wall back up brick by brick.

Zelgadis hms, peering down a bit. He nods finally. "I believe you. Thank you. Despite being an outcast...I usually tried to surround myself with travelling companions I thought were....worth the effort. ... Devi, you seem worth the effort to me..." He trails off at that, definitely flushed in the face. It's not easy for him to be sincere.

Devi smiles softly, feeling the awkard tension of new tries. Patting him softly on his back, she grins. "Awesome. You can be my coffee buddy.. Or whatever you like." She laughs quietly.

Zelgadis returns the grin after a moment, nodding slowly. "I do prefer tea...but I'd enjoy that." Not being one easily supplying small talk, he lapses back into silence.

Devi says, "So, on the basis that we're.. friends..." Devi wonders why that's such a hard word to apply to herself, " How old are you anyway?"

Zelgadis blinks again and looks thougtful for just a moment. "I haven't thought about it in a while. I'm...24 I think. ...That's a funny thing, isn't it? Forgetting ones age... How about you?"

Devi raises her eyebrows in suprise. "Really? Hmm, that's funny. I'm the same age. That doesn't happen often in this place. Everyone is 5000 years old." She frowns. "They make me feel like a kid."

Zelgadis can't help but laugh a bit in spite of himself. "Everyone usually tells me...that I seem as though I'm much older..." He can't help but bristle a bit, "...and that I'm cantankerous." -.-;

Devi says, "I don't think you are. But then again, maybe we got off on the right foot." No one really asks about her age, they just assumed that she was some human youngin. Well, she was, but assuming only makes an ass out of.... you know the rest.

Zelgadis rubs his chin and nods thoughtfully. "I was a little surprised at first...but you're quite personable. I imagine...that you get dismissed a bit too often? People can be cruel." He seems so matter of fact.

Devi says, "I was dismissed, then I got arrogent and powerful, then people started crossing the street so that they wouldn't have to talk to me, then everyone stopped seeing that I was even there." She tilts her head. "I'm trying to get that to stop. I'd rather people cross the street then not see me at all."

Zelgadis nods slowly, peering up at the church ceiling again. "That's understandable. I'm used to that sort of thing myself. ... There were those who'd faint at the sight of me, back home. ... I guess it's still preferable to being ignored."

Devi nods in agreement. "I suppose I deserve it though. These people have suffered because me."

Zelgadis says, "Perhaps. We suffer because of ourselves, others... I doubt you're the only source of any of their worries. ... Besides that, you said it yourself. One doesn't have to stay a monster just because of the misfortune to have been one."

Devi nods. "I still think it will be a few years before what I've done will really pass from their minds. Only a few more years of qusi-exile."

Zelgadis smiles slightly, reaching over to pat Devi reasurringly, unfortunately he stops just short of contact...he kind of stares at his hand for a moment...and then places it back on his lap without the pat after all. He has a flat look on his face.

Devi notes the motion, tenseing up slightly. After all, she doesn't have physical contact with people. Not for a long time. Either way, she hops up, coming around to the isle. "How much of Twisted have you seen? We've got a pimpin Library that keeps expanding. It's even got a shitty little Coffee shop inside. I thought that if my first idea doesn't work, maybe we can find something in thier texts to help you. What do ya think?"

Zelgadis tilts his head at Devi for just a moment, still a tad flushed...and nods, rising to his feet. "Thank you. I'd love to take a look." He offers a slight smile but social situations are definitely awkward for him too.

As Devi leads Zel along the path towards the Library, she stops really quick, motioning Zel to wait for a second. Taking a deep breath, she shouts out, the very air vibrating slightly with her scream. "YO! CALIGA!"

Zelgadis wobbles backwards, covering his ears @.@

The air around Park Road suddenly grows very still as the random denizens that normally would fill the streets of Twisted suddenly seem to be missing. The constant shifting of buildings seems to slow down, where one can truly make out the whisps of beings. From the darkness further down the road, a red jacket slowly starts to form, then the shape of a teenaged boy within it. It doesn't take long for the being to fully materialize, and grin sadistically at Devi. "You called for me, my dear daughter?"

Devi says, "Daughter? I don't remember you as my mother or my father." She grins impishly though, showing her stab to be only good fun. Being in mostly bright spirits, she continues. "I've got a question to ask ya. You've been around long enough to know quite a bit about diffrent magics and the like." She motions towards Zel. "I need to find out how to change him back to a human form. That is... if you are up to a challenge.."

Zelgadis folds his arms and peers at Cali. He doesn't know him of course, but he's always wary of... things he doesn't know. He doesn't have much to say on the matter of course, as usual.

A simple glance is given towards the golemn, as Caliga then drops down to the ground, crossing his legs. "It depends on the magic that was used to alter him. If it was something that was just altering his physical being, then yeah. Thats a really easy fix for me. Cale could do it too, just not as well. Now.. If we're talking about full on soul alteration that affects the physical shell... I still could do it." He reaches into his jacket with his right hand, and pulls out a single cigarette, which he places between his lips. He holds up his left index finger as a small flame appears to light the cigarette. "There is a problem. I'd have to look not only at his astral presence, but the very soul itself to see where the alterations stem from."

Devi turns and looks at Zel, for a multitude of reasons. A) It's his body, and B) Devi doesn't know which one of the options would apply to him. Devi also relizes suddenly that while Zel is looking for a cure, perhaps the fact of being cured, he might not quite be ready for it. Way to go Devi, nice thinking it through. She waits though, watching him, gauging reaction.

Zelgadis shrugs slightly in a bit of a helpless gesture. "I don't know. My Great grandfather did it. I have now idea what he did to me other than that he recreated 2/3's of me...how deep that goes, I don't know."

"Another issue is this. If you were granted abilities due to the change.. You wouldn't keep them. Its a force reset of your actual self. Memories could be kept because they aren't apart of the energy that things like this alter." Caliga takes a long drag from his cigarette, closing his eyes for a few moments. "It goes a lot easier if there is a residual trace of the offending parties energy because then I could just copy that and work from there. But since your friend here seems to have been like this for quite some time if I'm correct, those traces are long gone. The Black Dragon's wives were easy because they were still being fed off of by him, so a part of him was still there..."

Devi says, "If Zel's ok with it, would you try anyway? It's up to him of course, but I said I'd try and help. You were one of the first options...." She steps back a little, still not knowing if this was totally ok or not.

Zelgadis shrugs slightly with a bit of a tired smile. "I'm fine with it. I've been trying so long...what's the worse that could happen at this point." He Devi a nod as if to affirm that he's fine.

Zelgadis's eyes widen for a moment....his body seems to lock up, although he doesn't look like he's in pain...but he can't seem to move.

"You'd be destroyed." Caliga's voice changes entirely as his features start to sharpen and mature to that of a man in his late twenties. "If by some chance, I fail, then you cease to be. Am I correct in my assumption that this had been done to you quite some time ago?" His eyes seem to pierce right through Zelgadis, as if no amount of armor or stealth would hide him from this sight. "Hmmm. Devi... soul tampering is an offense in most universes punishable by erasure of existance, to the point where you could never re-incarnate if the laws of that world allow. My.. Cale's position over Hell gives him the right to repair, so the soul may be cleansed properly, and allowed to pass on to Heaven itself... I still have the right because no one in either Heaven nor Hell of my universe is stupid enough to tell me not to do as I please. A bit egotistical I know." He slowly climbs to his feet, and sighs. "Do not proceed further down this path. Either of you. I am the first you will ask, and the last. Sir.. my deepest apologies to the burden you bear. Right now, I neither will nor can repair the damage done to you. Not until I research it more to have a better understanding, and can replicate the energy myself to sever the link that continues your current state..."

Devi's face falls, then hardens. She eyes Caliga, her eyes tinting red slightly. She is, however, greatful for his help, even if he couldn't do anything. She bows stiffly and formally. "Thank you anyway, Caliga, for at least looking into the matter." Her mouth snaps shut, cutting off her disappointment in the findings.

Zelgadis stares down at the ground, not speaking. His hands seem to clench and unclench over...and over... He raises his slowly and stares at Cali for just a moment before speaking, softly at first. "What...kind of answer...is that? Just what...did you see?" His voice raises..."What...the hell....did you see!? What kind of answer is THAT!?" He launches forward a bit, flicking his palm out at Cali. A ball of what appears to be fire whips out of his palm, melting the ground just under it as it goes. It's fairly powerful...but it's just a mid-level attack spell. Nothing special.

Devi steps in front of Zel, shaking her head, eyes still tinted faintly. She projects her thoughts into his mind, her hands hovering over his shoulders in preperation if he decideds to move forward.

"I saw the cause, Zelgadis Graywords." Caliga's voice suddenly starts to become more powerful, then returns to what it was. As the ball of fire nears him, he suddenly vanishes, then re-appears infront of Devi. "Don't ask anyone else to attempt what you want Devi. Not even Cale. I am more then able to undo Ruby Eye Shabranigdu's influence. In time." A slight grin appears on the mans face as he takes a long drag from the cigarette still resting between his lips. "A challange indeed. I'll do it. After I'm sure I can replicate the energy. So don't get your panties in a bunch. This is going to prove to be a slight distraction from Connie's asperations afterall...." He bites down on the cigarette, causing it to fall to the ground.

Zelgadis glares at Cali past Devi's interposing form. He just about snarls. "What the hell does Sahbrinigdo have to do with me!? The one piece of him that was released was stopped. What are you babbling about!?..." He really seems beside himself.

Devi thinks about her response before she answers. A large part of her prickles at being told to not do something, but the smarter part of her wins the argument. "How much time? Not everyone is immortal, and I know that you tend to have a diffrent idea of time then everyone else." She keeps her eyes on Zel though.

"It depends on Mister Graywords' cooperation. I'll have to cheat, because I'm not really up to dimension hopping to find a sleeping god, kick it in the face to piss it off, so it shows me its energy. I'm to busy here on Twisted for that. Trying to stop a wholesale onslaught of every living being here, yadda yadda yadda. Plus I have to think about how Cale would react, considering Aegis Ken." A slight smirk is given towards Devi, as he places his hands behind his head. "Zelgadis. If you cut a loaf of bread into slices, and eat one of the slices, there is still the other parts of the bread as well, correct...?"

Zelgadis just seems to get more livid. "B-b-bread!? You're talking about bread!?" He tries to move forward if Devi doesn't stop him...although despite being stronger than average, she probably could hold him back. "You son of a bitch! You're toying with me!...."

Devi beings speaking very quickly at this point. She does in fact stops him, her hands gripping his shoulders. "Zel, he's trying to help, I promise. I've dealt with Caliga in more ways then I care to, and his family as well. Arrogent people, but arrogent for a good reason. They can do what they say they can. He's just trying to get you to understand how these pieces fit." Pausing a moment, she speaks again. "Trust me." Pointing her tone towards Caliga, she says, "If there is something that I can do to help, information I can collect, you let me know." Caliga knows what she can and can't handle, so offering her services isn't an issue. She doesn't think that Teacher will do much, considering the aftermath it may prove.

"Yeah. I am toying with you." Caliga grins slightly, then suddenly phases towards Zelgadis, a single finger pointed at his right eye. "You want to be fixed? Then you will be fixed. My curiousity has been piqued. I /will/ do this. Now. Think of it like this Zelgadis Graywords. Your soul is chained to a piece of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu. It is a part of you, thanks to whatever caused your transformation. Now, since its a part of you, that makes it easier for me in one fashion, because I can find a way to mimic it to release you. In the other, it makes it harder because I have to learn an entirely new set of energy manifestations." He turns his gaze towards Devi, nodding his head. "I will have a task for you. I've seen power similar to this before. You'll hunt down that little shithead for me. I never bothered to just mimic him to get the basis of his world's magic.."

Zelgadis's eyes widen....his mouth moves for a moment but nothing comes out. He slumps. He almost seems to lose his footing and slides back against a nearby piece of building. He doesn't look so good. "Connected...to... ... That's impossible. Rezo didn't have THAT kind of power..h....how..."

Devi lets go as Zel relaxes. She turns to Caliga. "Just direct me in what you want me to do." She looks at Zel for a second before turning back. I keep my promises, she thinks.

"Ahahahahaha." Caliga starts laughing hysterically, almost falling over onto his back. "You think he was destroyed? Jeez... You have no understanding how souls like that work. Unless you erase it to the point where there is nothing left to invoke the reincarnation clause... then they aren't ever destroyed."

Zelgadis slumps backwards and closes his eyes. A tear manages to make it's way down the side of his cheek but he really doesn't seem to have anything else to say. He's obviously....well, majorly depressed.

Devi says, "Ah ha ha ha, dude, because I'm total older then dirt and know all that stuff. Where can I find him then?" Devi cringes for a moment then sighs, throwing an arm over Zel and hugging him. Unfarmiliar as she is with comfort, she knows that most people feel better after hugs.

"The Astral Plane." Caliga holds up his right index finger, looking directly at Zelgadis, once again peering into his very being. "Now now Zelgadis Graywords, don't get depressed over this. By discovering this now, you now know that a piece has been tied to you. Meaning, by going through with this, it'll be removed. I don't know what will happen to your abilities. Obviously the physical abilities will be gone. Magical.. I don't know of they're yours to begin with or not." He motions towards the area infront of him, beckoning Zelgadis to come closer to him. "Mister Graywords. Do you want me to restore you? As I said, I offer my apologies to the burden you bear. However, I tend to dislike forceful burdens like this, and have a soft spot for breaking them into nothingness..."

Zelgadis lets Devi hug him for just that moment, not seemingly likely to break away...he DOES look up when Cali speaks next. He rises to his feet slowly with a blank look on his face. He steps closer to Cali before finally speaking. "Maybe you are just as powerful as you say. I have no idea. ...But those who've been linked to forces like Shabrinigdo...very really are ever broken free. I've never seen it...nor heard about it. I suppose at this point, I'd let you try anything...but you'll have to pardon me if I'm not optomistic."

Devi readily relases as Zel rises, choosing to stay put. She nods at Caliga's direction and will leave off as soon as she's sure Zell will be ok.

"Uh-oh." Caliga grins slightly as his canine teeth slowly start to take more definition, becoming more pointed. He raises his hands above his head, laughing loudly. "INCOMING MESSAGE FROM THE BIG GIANT HEAD!" His body slowly starts to take a shadowed state as his eyes start to glow a dull crimson, as the light from the area start to surrounding them seems to be pulled into two rings that appear around the man's eyes. "Does everything you do have to be so cheesy? You are NOT doing that." Caliga's voice sounds entirely different, as if it were actually younger, and more harsh. "I'll do it. You know however, young one that you should ask me for things more often. You know how my father is." Its at this point the voice returns to what it once was, "HEY! I'm not that bad.. Sheesh.. make me out to be an asshole or something..." The voice once more darkens, "You are. Consider me the back-up. I can do it right now, but it'll hurt.."

Zelgadis doesn't look piqued at first...he tilts his head a bit....but doesn't seem to have anything to say. He just watches...quietly.

Devi eye's widen and she shoots up to her feet, getting into Caliga's face to peer into his eyes. "CALE?!" Her pitch is high. "But.... how could I, with you be Otherworld?" She steps back after a second, her emotions bottled back up. "Well, so long as the job gets done, and with minamal pain to Zel."

"Not so fast Spanky." Caliga's voice rings out, as he lowers his arms to cross them. "It won't be done now. Cale. You and I will have to discuss this further. In private. However.. Mister Graywords, it seems that my son is offering his help to you as well. You'll be back to your original form in no time then." His voice darkens once more, "...Why? It can be done now." Caliga's voice suddenly becomes rather authoritive, as if he is coming to a choice over this matter. "Cale. You and I need to discuss this. You can already see the reason why." The shadowed form slowly climbs to its feet. "Devi, Mister Graywords.. We'll take our leave now. My son and I must discuss this matter in detail. I will return as soon as we are done, whenever that will be. I assure you however, it won't be a great deal of time. For a mortal."

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