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Zelgadis Greywers
Full Name: Zelgadis Greywers

Series: Slayers

Threat Level: Block Buster

Gender: Male

Short Description:

Zelgadis Greywers
Here's a handsome sight. You think this is a handsome sight. This guy seems to keep his face mostly hidden behind a hood, most of the time. He seems to make the ladies swoon once in a while though...so he might be handsome. He also might be a statue. That's right. From what little exposed skin one can see, this gentleman seems to have stone skin. Yeah. Stone. Like, made of rock. Don't take him for granite. Ha ha ha....ha? Ok, moving on... His current outfit is his usual white garb. White tunic with a hood, white trousers, white boots. Is this guy racist or something? No, probably not. I just wanted to be controversial. There's a sword buckled at his waist, so it suffices to say that he might be a warrior of some kind. Either that or he's a cosplayer. Either one is fairly intimidating.
Zelgadis Greywers
Zelgadis, after his transformation...had a sizable boost in strength and speed compared to a typical human. His stone skin is rather hard to damage without magical or SEVERE physical means.

He's a very competent swordsman and also wields magic. The majority of his spell-casting is based in shamanism. It allows him to control the elements as well as wield abilities from the astral plane, a spiritual dimension from his home world that he was still able to connect too, even from a whole different dimension.


Zelgadis Greywers was once human. This changed one day when he asked his grandfather for 'power'. He wanted to be strong. Taking advantage of the situation, Rezo changed him into a chimera. A creature still 1/3rd human, now also 1/3 golem and 1/3 brass demon.

His adventures were quite varied and epic in his home world. Questing with Lina Inverse and crew left him in a number of strange situations. The strangest however, was a solo mission. Pursuing a supposed 'real' copy of the Claire Bible...a tome that could lead to a cure for his curse, he manages to fall into what seemed to be an ancient portal. Funny, no one had ever seen anything like that there BEFORE....

He awoke in Twisted, a strange world with a mixture of clashing dimensions and denizens all its own. Finding himself in such a place, he varied his time between trying to find a way home...and finding a cure for his own condition. Through multiple interactions, he found friends, enemies...even a girlfriend for a time. Thanks to the help of Caliga, if one could call it that...he discovers that thanks to a fluke in the modification process used on him, his astral body was partially connected to that of a piece of Shabrinigdo. A demon lord of his own world. Caliga's 'help' left his astral form slowly being devoured by this force and his will in a constant flux. Eventually he seemed overwhelmed and whilst in a maniacal battle for his own free will and sanity, he disappeared in a flash of astral energy. He hasn't been seen since.


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