2009-11-30 (PreU) Zel leaves station 1 at 120 miles and hour. Devi leaves station 2 at....

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Zel leaves station 1 at 120 miles and hour. Devi leaves station 2 at....


Who: Alessandra, Devi, Zelgadis
When: November 30th, 2009
Where: Nowhereto Park - Lakeside


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Nowhereto Park - Lakeside

Stepping from the mostly isolated Fountain, you'll see a beautiful lake nestled in here. The grass is cool and in good condition, and the water is clean and clear, the shimmer of the daylight pretty upon it's rippling surface. A large weeping willow is the only large plant life here however, it's graceful branchs rustling in the light breeze.


Devi walks into the Lakeside area, a big Poop Slush Cola in her hand, humming a light haunting kinda tune. " Well, this is better then staying Asteral all day.." She plops down, enjoying the feeling of grass as much as she can, considering what she is. "There's no one around." She manages to look almost cute as she pouts.

Zelgadis is definitely not around...at first anyway. A shimmer from the astral plane and a flash of blue light later, he's ejected from a portal at high speed. He manages to cut through a few random trees before skidding across the ground, finally grinding to a halt. He looks a tad shaken up, as might be expected @_@

Devi jumps up and turns around as Zel flys past her. Her eyebrows shoot up, and she falls comfortably into a natural fighting stanced. Oblivion would have her on the rack, as would Teacher for letting her guard down. Devi walks tenitivly towards Zel, eyeing him. She throws her trench open theatrically and says in a gravelly very fake voice, "Greetings Stranger! I've got good things for you to buy."

Zelgadis's eyes seem to clear and he peers back up at Devi. He quirks an eyebrow, but since he's been here before, nothing is likely to surprise him anymore...not even RE4 references. He sits up after a moment, rubbing the back of his head. He nudges his hood off as he stands back up, popping a few joints here and there. He turns back to Devi after a moment and looks her over. "You look...familiar."

Devi says, "You look... like you're in between a rock and a hard place." She grins impishly. "I don't think I've met you yet. Then agian, I've been though a bit.. My mind may be going, I may not be the same." She shoves her hand out in a gesture of good faith for the Shaking. "Howdy, I'm Devi."

Zelgadis slumps slightly at the joke. -.-; He shakes his head clear once more and takes the proffered hand to shake. "Greetings. Zelgadis Greywers, at your... ..." He looks a tad surprised at the handshake for just a split second...he regains his cool shortly and finishes, "Service..."

Devi somehow manages to smile wider. She thrusts her Slushie out as well, asking, "Want a drink? Poop Cola, it the best." She unfocuses just a bit, looking at him in a diffrent light as it were. Her eyes narrow a bit. "Do you know Oblivion?" Something strikes her as known about this dude, like she's met someone like him before.

Zelgadis peers at the drink dubiously for just a moment, finally shaking his head. "No thank you, I... ..." He pauses here again. Noticing the look she's giving him, he drops back a bit defensively. "Oblivion?... ... How is it you're associated with him?..."

Devi says, "How do you know him?" She sips at her drink again. She seems settled to wait, as she's trying her best to try this whole 'being sociable' thing. After spending so much time with Teacher and Kal, she's a little Battle worn and is trying to shake off that shell. "And I'll take your question as a Yes, I do know him."

Zelgadis stays a bit on the defensive side, although he doesn't seem ready to make any offensive gestures. "Then, if you're associated with him... ... Are you a mazoku as well? ... Although, something seems vaguely different about you..."

Devi says, "Well, yes and no. Depends on what you look at really, so on and what not. I'm not after blood though, and before I elaborate on your answer, you should answer my question first." She sits back down the on the ground, looking up at him.

Zelgadis lightens his stance a bit, folding his arms. He still looks a tad distrustful, but calmer. "This is a neutral place. I don't seek conflict. However, you have to remember that where I'm from...the mazoku are after nothing but death and destruction. ... As for your question....Oblivion finds it hilarious, evidently...to play tricks on me. He attributes it to not thinking much of a former party member of mine."

Devi hmms, "I'm not sure I can tell you what I am without Obivion finding out. Yes, technically I am his General, but I am also something else entierly. I don't know what you are, I don't know who Oblivion didn't like to pick on you so, but I feel that you're a bit on the defance. So! In light of that.." She is suddenly sitting on a wooden chair in front of a poker table. She sets the drink down and drops a white feather in the center. "I'm not going to carry Oblivion's grudges against people. I will make my -own- decisions and hold my own grudges." Another chair appears on the other side, turned open towards Zel.

Zelgadis raises an eyebrow once again at the changes brought about by Devi. He glances back up at her as she finishes her statement and actually manages to sport a small smirk. He offers a slight bow and seats himself. "Considering how much you're admitting to me...I suppose to likeyhood that you were interested in combat seems quite small. You COULD have attacked me while I was still incapacitated, after all."

Devi leans back. "Why would I? What have you done to me? Have you bro..." She trails off and shakes her head. "I would like to know friends, as I have had more then my fair share of enemies." She breathes deeply. "At anyrate, I'd like to understand the people that Oblivion knows for reasons of my own." Her eyes glint momentarily before going back to normal.

Zelgadis folds his arms and leans back a bit himself. He offers a slight nod. "It seems rather apparent...that you weren't always a mazoku...perhaps you aren't fully mazoku now. I can't really tell. I have to ask, if you don't resent the question at least...why would you permit such a change? I myself...made the same mistake."

Devi snorts. "Power. I had a grudge, and I was a bit blood thristy. He offered me what I needed to win, and I accepted. No one else knows that it's not a needly permament, but no one cares enough to do something." Devi shrugs. "And you, what are you? You feel known, but I don't know from where."

Zelgadis sighs softly. "I was once human. I sought power. My great grandfather changed me into a Chimera. I regretted it almost instantly...but it was too late. I have been seeking to cure myself for quite some time."

Devi nods. "Who was your former party memeber that Blivy didn't like? And you might want to hope over to Chrono to try one of their stone softenin' element." She rests her arms on the edge of the table, her head tilted slightly to the side.

Zelgadis looks a tad confused for a moment, but manages to shrug it off. "His name was Xelloss. He was also a Mazoku...the general of Zelas Metallium, one of Shabrinigdo's mazoku lords. ... We only recently discovered this fact, unfortunately."

Devi arches her brows. "Oblivion told me to avoid that guy along with... Phibrezzo?" She shrugs. "I don't think those warnings apply to me anymore." She grins painfully, looking more like a grimace than anything else.

Zelgadis tilts his head to the side. "Phibrizzo? ... He was destroyed, last I checked. I wonder why...., well...yes, avoiding Xellos is probably best. Despite his idiocy....he's quite powerful."

Devi shrugs again lightly. "Call me arrogent if you will, but I don't think that I have much to worry about. And what about you? Where'd you come from, with your lovely catapulting portal?"

Zelgadis chuckles slightly. "Arrogances is it's own risk, I'm afr..."*he pauses as she mentions the portal incident and manages to flush in a reddish fashion* *-.-* "I had thought I had found a way out of this dimension and back to my home...however...I was mistaken. I was eventually brought back here."

Devi grins. "Well, you've got beautiful form, I must say." She sighs. "I suppose I should tell you." She flares, her eyes instantly changing from green to a bright blazing red that consumes her whole eye. Her hair flutters slightly with the asteral wind she creates. "I am Mazuko." Devi fades back down, her hair settling, eyes shifting back to green. "I am also not Human. I've trained with Lords of Hell from another world, and they are... well, I guess you could say anti-Mazuko, and they created me into something diffrent. I'm not human, but I'm not Demon either."

A poker table. In the middle of the park. By the lake, no less. That, and fluttering hair from invisible, unfeelable wind, and red eyes. That's pretty weird. Then again, what isn't weird around here? Alessandra walks towards the water's edge, rubbing the back of her neck. Her emerald eyes glance around, stopping on Devi and Zelgadis. She smiles slightly, and shifts her direction to take her in the general direction of the two. She's not met Zel, but she's chatted with Devi a few times, and thinks the purple-haired is rather nice, so she might as well say hello.

Alessandra smiles, waving at Zel and Devi. "Hi, Devi. I just came out to sit and put my feet in the water, maybe try and read. I'm not interrupting or anything, am I?" She moves so she's in sight of Devi, smiling brightly. "I can leave you two to your conversation, if you like."

Zelgadis shakes his head weakly. "N...no. It's fine. We were just..... ... It's nothing, really." . o O(I hope my initial analysis of this woman was correct...)

Devi smiles nicely. "No, of course not. Zel and I can finish our conversation anytime." She looks towards Zel, projecting a thought into his mind. "So, I take it you enjoy the scenery out here? I've always liked it." Devi motions her hand out to a chair that appears to Al. "Please, sit and join us."

Zelgadis refolds his arms and leans back in his seat. He looks somewhat troubled but he's managing to cover it in a half-baked smile. He seems intently focused on something, his thoughts perhaps?

Alessandra blinks at the chair, and smiles. "Alright!" With a nod, she seats herself, placing her bag on the ground next to her. For a moment she examines Zel, before blinking a few times. "Is something the matter, sir? You seem to be disturbed." She frowns a bit. "Are you sure you don't want me to let you two have some time? It won't offend me." Her frown becomes a smile.

Zelgadis waves it off again, shaking his head. "No, miss. I'm fine, I assure you. I've just been...distracted, since I returned."

Devi shakes her head in turn. "Of course not. Zel just took a rock to the head and he's a little off. So, subject of the day? Zel may not know seeing how as he's been gone, but have you noticed the vanishing Homeless?"

Alessandra blinks, looking thoughtful. "Yeah...I think I have. I mean, when I got here, there were certainly more than there are now..." She tilts her head to the side. "I never paid it much thought until now, though...that is pretty strange."

Zelgadis hrms. "Vanishing...homeless, you say? Vanishing without a trace? Perhaps...not so unusual here, but..."

Devi leans back casualy. "Well, perhaps, but those mostly seem to be without a trace. This doesn't look like Twisted shifting and taking people. More like... stolen away from their places of rest." She pales slightly. "oh." GOD! She beats her self mentally about this.

Zelgadis quirks an eyebrow. "Is something wrong?"

Alessandra tilts her head to one side. "Oh?" She repeats Devi's remark. "What's the matter?"

Devi forces a smile, and stands up. "I'm sorry for the abruptness of this all, but I need to go check on someone." Pale as she is already, it must be important to her. "Zel, I'd love to continue our conversation later, if you're willing. Al, it was nice seeing you again." She waits for the customary Goodbyes, and will pose her exit afterwards.

Zelgadis looks as though he plans to press for information for just a moment....but he seems to catch himself. He offers a nod. "Very well. Goodbye, Devi...and goodluck."

Alessandra blinks, and waves a bit. "That's quite alright...hope that whoever you're checking on is okay. Good to see you again, Devi...hope we get to chat again soon." She smiles softly.

Devi nods and turns, fading from view as she does so. Normally, she'd walk out of sight then vanish, but her mind is a bit preoccupied and she tends to slip up now and then.

Zelgadis takes the offered hand gently with a short nod. "Zelgadis Greywers, at your service, Miss Alessandra."

Alessandra blinks at this, and smiles. "That was a pretty neat exit. Wish I could do something like that!" She then glances over to Zel, and smiles, waving. "Hi there! I didn't get to introduce myself to you. I'm Alessandra." She extends a hand to Zel.

Zelgadis flushes a bright shade of red and yanks his hand back, although not hard enough to cause any harm. "Not particularly, no. *-.-*"

Alessandra blinks, and smiles a bit more bashfully, rubbing the back of her neck. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to draw attention to that...a lot of the stuff that happens here is all so new to me."

Zelgadis hrms, brushing himself off and waving it off. "It is...fine. I'm sorry I reacted so harshly. I'm...very sensitive to my...condition."

Alessandra tilts her head. "You shouldn't be so sensitive. I mean, you're still pretty good looking, and the stone skin is pretty neat, anyhow. I mean, bullets would just bounce off of you, and if someone tried to punch you, you would just have to sit there while they broke their hand." She smiles brightly again.

Zelgadis flushes even brighter red at the praise and peers down at the table, muttering something illegible. **-_-**

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