2015-11-21 (PostU) Do You Have a Golem Permit?

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Do You Have a Golem Permit?

Summary: Casdy's training causes a panicked call into TASK, which Rayne responds to. Zelgadis and Deis also happen to be around.

Who: Casdy, Deis, Rayne, Zelgadis
When: November 21st, 2015
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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Since the hour grew late, someone has been using the abandoned beach as a training field. A single large (and by large, I mean 10 feet tall) sand golem is attacking one single cat-girl!! Casdy is said girl, and is armed with a two-handed scythe! Despite her being dressed in a tank-top and a mini-skirt, she seems to be holding her own against the tall sand golem. Currently at a distance, the golem punches at the air....sending a column of sand blasting towards Casdy!! But the cat-girl is quick on her feet, and leaps towards her right. Her skirt is loose around the legs, so allows her to move with the greatest of ease...though, it may sometimes provide a bit 'fan-service', flashing her white paw-printed panties due to her crouched down position. Nonetheless, she is quick to recover from the leap, and as she stands, she thrusts her hand out before herself, open palm facing the golem, "Spirits of elder times, show spite and amass.." she chants, her voice echoing with the onset of her magical spell, "...bring forth an end to all things, Darken Soul!!" Her hand flashes with a pulse of black power... Two small rays of light quickly fly from her outstretched hand, and in a weaving pattern, rush towards the golem! Upon hitting it, a massive black explosion emits at the point where they impacted its side... ...Thus, sand is sent spewing in all directions. ".....10." Casdy says softly as she lowers her hand. Her ears twitch, and her eyes scan, "....where is that last one??" she questions as she brings the scythe before herself in a guard position.

Zelgadis WAS just flying over, shielded by his wind barrier, to check out the beautiful beach front and relax. This area has become a favorite haunt of his lately, actually. Many others seem to have taken to the beauty of the 'coast' here, being some of the only such topology in this particular burb of Twisted. Ah, there it is in it's natural splendor, if you will. The lapping of waves. The shifting sands. The half-naked cat girl battling a golem made of sa-....paw-print? Fighting back a small spurt of nose blood he moves QUITE a bit faster in the direction of the battle, in case she indeed needs more help!

Rayne runs down onto the beach, sliding down a dune on her feet as she scans the beach area. She's not armed yet, at least not with a weapon. Instead, she has a small but bright flame in her left hand, apparently used as a source of light as she looks around for the source of the call into TASK. Really, anything to get her out of the office and away from the paperwork... Still, she's taking this seriously as she glances about in time to spot the explosion of sand in the dark. "What the heck is going on here?" There's no sign of the naga she was expecting to see, and of course she doesn't look up to see Zelgadis. While she's close enough to notice an exploding sand golem, she's not close enough to identify the source of that explosion just yet. Taking a more cautious approach, she draws one of her swords into her right hand and extinguishes the flame in her left as she tries to sneak quietly closer to the excitement.

A rustle in the sand is heard, especially so by the sensitive ears of a cat-girl. As Casdy spins towards the sound, the last of the golems rises up. This one stands taller than the last, about 13 feet in height. A smile spreads across the cat-girls features as she, for a second, watches it rise and start to take form... But, Casdy wont allow it that pleasure. Her lovely golden eyes become a blood red as her eyebrows narrow down in focus. A circle of power appears around her feet, and begins to spin as she starts to mutter, "From the shadows of the Underworld, the fallen arise..." For those within a area of about 60 feet near the cat-girl, she is now emitting an area of effect fear presence as she casts... Those with a strong will-power will be immune. Her hair, fur, and mini skirt now flail about wildly as the magical energy emits from her... "...summoned by master, and guided by spell. Let their presence ring out Death's Bell." What...is that sound?? The sound of screaming is heard as spectral shades appear from seemingly no-where!! The shades rush the golem, as he finishes forming, and slash and tear at his body... Their numbers start small, but within seconds... 5...10...20... All the golem can do is swat his hands and arms at them.... It is at the next cry from the cat that ends her 'training'... "Apocalypse!" What is left of the light is blackened out, and the moving water freezes!! Bird flying by freeze, and fall to the ground... ...and the specters make one last attack... ...this time, they throw their bodies against the golem... KERBLAM!! A blast of negative energies... ...all that is left is a large crater.....and a lot of free falling sand. Casdy looks on the scene, and relaxes herself. ".......I held back a good bit... ...I am sure might get mad if there's no beach left..." she mutters. Her red eyes now slowly fade back to their golden hue...

Zelgadis stops abruptly as he finds himself in the recent combat zone. After a quick, cursory check of the area, just to make sure nothing else is randomly going wrong...he settles slowly to the beachside and his wind barrier slowly dissipates. Approaching cautiously, as the previous display leads him to believe that he might be in some danger if he has misunderstood the situation, he calls over to Casdy. "Are you alright?"

Despite what some might think, Rayne's willpower isn't really among the strongest. For that brief moment when she enters the area, fear does make its way into her heard and she nearly turns tail immediately to run away... actually, she does make the attempt, but sand really isn't the best medium for making panicked fast turns like that.

The end result is her footing being completely lost. As she tries to make the turn, her right foot shoots forward instead of finding purchase, sending her into a nearly horizontal position before she lands side-first onto the ground. The shock of this seems to snap her out of the effects of the spell, however, as she lies there slightly stunned with the wind knocked out of her. All the words she can seem to get out of her mouth at the moment consist only of the one: "Ow."

Casdy mews as she lowers her guard... She starts to slide the two handed polearm into her skirt pocket....and yes, it somehow....fits. A voice!! With a sudden mew, she turns to face the sound, and comes to see Zel. Her nose twitches as she takes in the scent of the approaching person. As he questions her well being, she smiles as she rests her hands. "I am fi..." Something gets her attention. It is as though she is suddenly engulfed in shadows, and vanishes from sight... From Rayne's very own shadow, a small light rises up, and gives form to Casdy's sudden appearance beside Rayne. With a curious mew from Casdy, she reaches out her hands towards Rayne, offering to help her back onto her feet. "How long were you there??" she questions. The sounds of concern are evident in her tone.... ....as usual, her features show her feelings for the matter at hand... Her eyebrows raise, her ears back, and her tail now lashing behind her.

Zelgadis quirks an eyebrow. He hears it too but seems more interested for the moment at Casdy's disappearing act. He can't track her motion as she was phasing/teleporting instead and loses sight of her for a moment. He manages to locate her and Rayne a short time later and tracks back and forth between the shadows. He nods once to himself and starts walking over to the two.

"Ufu... What was-" Rayne looks up at the proffered hand, a brief look of confusion on her face before she recognizes its owner. "Casdy? Just... Got here." Still slightly out of breath, she takes the offered hand and gets up to her feet. "Remind me not to piss you off... We had a call about some monsters down here, were they yours, or should we still be on guard?" Seems Rayne is a bit more business than usual at the moment. She does give Zelgadis a quick nod of greeting, as well, as she tries to dust off most of the sand from her armor.

Casdy smiles as she looks at the two. Her golden eyes look at Zel as he comes closer, "...Sand golems?? They were mine." she explains. "...I use what I can for practice... With a basic command of 'attack'... ...I don't have to control them. Just get rid of them." Casdy slips her hands behind her back, and now she rocks on her paws...her golden eyes looking between the two as she says, "I am sorry if I caused trouble. But, the more I practice, the stronger I become." she states happily as she offers them both a smile. With Zel close again, she offers him a bow, her tail lifting behind her to keep her balanced, "Casdy Rendari. Alterationist." she chimes. After the bow, she brushes her long hair back behind her ears, and then looks again towards Rayne, "...did I do something bad??" she questions.

Zelgadis offers Rayne a short lift of his hand and a smile as a greeting. He returns the bow with a slow bow of his head and returns the introduction, as is polite. "Zelgadis Greywers, at your service." He peers over at Rayne, giving her a short, concerned once over. "Are YOU quite alright?" Noting, however, that Rayne and Casdy seem to know each other, he quiets down just a bit to let the two converse as needed.

Rayne says, "Ehhhh, kinda, yeah. You freaked out some little old ladies that were out walking the beach at night. It might be better to let people know what's going on so they don't, you know, call the police." She sort of struggles for what to say for a moment. "Can you make, like, a magical sign at a perimeter or something next time? So that people know what's going on and to stay out?" Rayne certainly should be familiar with Casdy, as her next action is to reach behind Casdy's ears to scritch the kitty girl there just perfectly to mess up her just fixed hair. She nods to Zelgadis, then. "Yeah, I'm okay. A bit winded from how I landed, but... I kind of panicked just then, I'm not exactly sure why." A frown quickly hits her lips as she looks down and lifts her right foot slightly off the ground and flexes it at the ankle in a circle. "Yeah, I don't think I got a sprain from that slip."

Swish. Swish. Swish.

That's the sound of sand being swished out of the way in a regular rhythm. And then a voice speaks up. "Well, well~. Looks like I missed the party, didn't I?" That's a woman's voice, in a teasing tone. Making her way over to the beach is a blue-haired woman. She wears a burgundy tunic, and a lot of gold jewelry, as well as a short purple cape.

It doesn't really matter what she's wearing on her lower half. Because her lower half is a snake. Yes, her lower body is that of a green serpent, scales almost white where it disappears under her tunic, fading to a dark, velvety emerald green at the end of her tail.

Casdy purrs at the attention... However, as Rayne moves her ankle and declares herself injured, Casdy kneels down in front of her and Zel... Unless stopped, she will reach out her hands for the ankle, "Let me have a look." she calls towards Rayne. Her eyes look at Zel, and she giggles a bit, "I am a bit new here, so I am still meeting people." she chimes at him. Her eyes look at Rayne, and she then tells her, "....when I start to tap into my stronger spells... I..." Her words fall short. Swish swish swish?! "....Naga??" she breathes out in a hiss. Slowly, she leans herself over and looks past the two... Seeing Deis, she blinks her eyes slowly, .o O ( ...Naga that speak? What on Theozia is going on??! If I were home, I would accuse Linka of teasing me again with her illusions.) she ponders.

Zelgadis smiles slightly, seemingly on the verge of responding when just then...huh. He peers over in the direction of the commotion, recognizing the voice right away. "Miss Deis?..." He does seems a tad surprised. She's so much...more serpentine now... His eyes widen slightly at the sight but...you know, for a chimera this kinda changes nothing n.n; He offers a soft smile and a weak wave. "H...hello!...ah..."

"Naga?!" Rayne's suddenly on high alert, drawing her second sword and cursing slightly as she realizes she dropped her first sword when she fell. She's run into a naga once before, and it was far from friendly. Looking in the direction Casdy and Zelgadis she prepares herself for... no, no she doesn't prepare herself for Deis. How could she have prepared for that? "Huh?" The only thing Deis has in common with the naga Rayne ran into before is the snake-like tail... and really, nothing else. The tail doesn't even look similar beyond being snake-like. Needless to say, she calms down considerably upon recognizing Deis, though she's definitely no less confused. "Wha?"

"Oh don't be afraid, this is what I really look like," Deis notes, as if it's nothing big. She slithers over to where the rest of the group is at, and then curls her tail behind her to sit back. If she had legs, it'd look like she was sitting back on her haunches. She waves merrily. "How is everyone doing? Seems I missed some action, is everyone all right?"

Casdy smiles suddenly. She senses the calm in everyone, and that calms her. Again, she reaches for Rayne's ankle. Unless stopped, she will take it gently into her hands... Her eyes, however, look between Deis and Zel. She can see the two clearly know one another... ...this brightens her smile. "...just my training." she responds to Deis. "...I...suppose I should have chosen somewhere else..." she mutters as she looks back at Rayne. She then mews at Rayne, and lets looses a series of whistles, clicks, chirps, and pops with mouth.... A language that seems natural for her... "<My necromancy magic, the more powerful spells, have a fear effect as I cast... You may have gotten caught in the effect.>" ...one that Rayne will understand given....circumstances. ((OOC note: Casdy used the < > to show that this is what was said in the hidden language)) Her eyes then look at Deis, and she offers her a smile. "Casdy Rendari... ...Alterationist of Gaiz." she says gently. What?! Admit she is a necromancer...??! Never.

Zelgadis rubs the back of his head. It's ok though. The transformation really doesn't bother him any. He still manages to flush reddish in the cheeks as the still very attractive entity that Deis is gets in 'crap she's next to me' range. He shakes his head and gestures over at Rayne. "We're fine, for the most part. I believe the young lady there may have injured her ankle, but hopefully it isn't serious. Our feline friend seems to have a possible answer for it herself, in any case..."

Rayne's face reddens slightly as Casdy takes her ankle in her hands, even if there is the material of her boot between. "Casdy, I'm fine, really." She frowns slightly at what Casdy says in the hidden language, but says nothing at it. "It doesn't hurt at all, you two, the loose sand must have absorbed any shock. Aum... So uh, Miss Deis, I can't say I would have predicted this from you. It's an... interesting look. Uhhhh... You don't have anything to do with the other naga, do you? You... really don't resemble the one I encountered."

The admission that Casdy's a necromancer doesn't seem to name Deis all that upset. "Pleased to meet you! I'm Deis," she offers, extending a hand for Casdy to shake. Zelgadis's blush is noted, and once Deis is finished shaking Casdy's hand (or if the feline girl refuses it), she heads over in his direction. Now she's REALLY in the 'crap she's next to me' range. And she sends a lidded-eyed smile to him. Yes, she is definitely trying to mess with him on purpose now.

However, poor Zelgadis does get a break when it's noted that Casdy has a way to deal with it. Deis looks back to the feline girl and asks, "Oh? that might be helpful!" Though the Rayne's asking her about being hooked up with the other naga. "The ones that the dwarf and the mermaid are having issues with? Oh no, not at all. I'm an Endless, not a bitchy snake. Well, not unless I have a reason to be a bitchy snake."

Casdy pauses, for now, and shakes the offered hand. She draws in a deep breath of air, and then returns her focus on the ankle, even as it is pointed out. Casdy nods her head, and offers a small smile, "The body, human or not, is as easy to alter as the sands on the beach." she explains. Her hands are gently placed on the ankle, and she starts to move the ankle... With it in her hand, if Rayne feels pain, Casdy will sense it. "As an alterationist, I can change the world around me... ...animate objects... ...various other tasks as well." Wait... ...what does that have to do with the spirits Zel saw?? Oh well!! Casdy rambles on. "...Alteration magic can heal someone, or change their physical forms... ...Many alteration masters become great spies, as they can take on any shape they want." she explains.

Zelgadis flushes a deeper shade of red and stammers a bit. He almost looks relieved when Deis is distracted. Damn it boy, stop showing weakness! They can SMELL weakness. He glances over as Casdy as she explains her abilities and nods slowly. "I can only warn you that Twisted has a way of suppressing abilities in erratic ways. Proceed with caution."

Rayne winces slightly as Casdy moves her foot. Okay, maybe she wasn't as fine as she tried to lead everyone to believe. "So I'm guessing creating some sort of summon and swap enchantment is outside your area of expertise, then?" Looks like Rayne had an idea for something that is less likely to work in her mind, now. "Well, that's good to know, Miss Deis. But, uh... What's an endless? And why hide this before now?"

Deis turns back to Zelgadis as Casdy begins to see to Rayne's ankle. She's still listening, though. She just wanting to mess with Zelgadis a little more! Though she does pipe up in confirmation of Zelgadis's words. "He's absolutely right. Most of my powers were cut off until very recently. About a week about I think. Somewhere about that."

Rayne asks her question and Deis nods. "I'm an Endless. See... the world I came from isn't my world. We were summoned into that world to act as gods. And like I said, I wasn't hiding it, so much as I couldn't do this until a short time ago."

Casdy starts to focus with her magic...For a simple alteration spell, all she needs is focus. As she moves the ankle, and her powers (hopefully) heal it...the pain will fade. When her task is done, she nods to Zelgadis, and nods her head. "There is a ritual I performed... My magic should be fine..." She seems to be holding something back...But, for now, keeps her attention focused on the boot covered ankle. .o O ( I will make for you an item that will protect you from my fear effect... You may need something like that in the days to come... ) she ponders. Her eyes then look at Deis... Then, she asks something strange, "...looked like what??" Her voice shows true curiosity... Yet, she has looked at Deis since she got here. Even after asking this, she sniffs at the air, letting her nose capture the scents of both Zel and Deis.

Zelgadis stares at Casdy for JUST a few seconds but doesn't say anything else on the matter. He offers little more than a quick shrug and a nod. He glances back over at Deis briefly, that red haze on his cheeks STILL on display...and puts his attention on Rayne and her ankle instead. "Well then, young lady, how are you feeling now?"

Rayne moves her foot experimentally as it's healed while she says to Deis, "Huh... I guess that answers it as much as it can..." She then looks down at Casdy. 'I'll need it in the days to come'? What's going on? With a blink she looks back up to Zelgadis. "Oh, uh, I'm fine now, thanks. Um, can you cut the 'young lady' part? It's kinda... weird. I mean, I'm possibly older than you are." She's holding back from definitely on account of, well, he's significantly different from a human anymore. Who knows how he ages?

"Like this," Deis replies. "Up until a while ago, I looked like a human. Human legs and all. But that's my less-powerful form, because a lot of my power got suppressed up until recently." She shifts to attempt to rest her arm on Zelgadis's shoulder. "And so, now you see why your looks don't bother me. Because I'm weird-looking enough to scare people too. I like it that way, people tend not to bother me when I nap." And she giggles a bit at Rayne's request. "At least he's not calling you 'little one'?" she suggests.

Casdy mews up at Rayne, and then she stands up. Dusting her skirt, she looks at Deis again, and now slides her hands behind her back. Her eyes can't see the redness in Zelgadis's cheeks... ...but, she can sense his emotions. this only makes her grin widely as her ears move about. Despite showing interest in the two, . o O ( ...I may have to fight beside you. If I have to cast a spell that creates fear... ...I want you immune. ) Her eyes settle on Deis, but she keeps her hands behind herself. She twines her fingers together, and soon after, her ears turn towards the roaring sound of the water. She listens to the water as it rushes onto the sand, and then runs away... She doesn't listen long before the turned ear twitches, and then turns forward. But, this doesn't answer her question... She untwines her fingers and again reaches for her skirt pocket... ...this time, the left pocket. From there, she pulls out... ....a cane of sugar?? The cane is quite long....at least 3 feet! ...and for now, she seems content to break off a small piece, and slip the rest back into her pocket... ...yea... Somehow... it fits.

Zelgadis chuckles softly at Rayne's comment, bowing his head slightly. "Fair enough. Forgive me." He then blinks a few times as he becomes Deis's arm rest. His whole face now matches his cheeks prior hue and he steeples his fingers nervously. He only seems to be able to half-mumble to Dies in reply, "I...I don't think you're weird looking..."

Rayne nods to Casdy for some reason. Good point. She then looks over to Deis. "Sometimes I wish I had that particular luxury again. But it's kind of become my job for people to bother me now." She scrunches her mouth to the side at the thought of it, then nods to Zelgadis. "Don't worry about it," she assures him. She can't help but smile at Zelgadis' reaction as Deis practically hangs off of him, nor can she help but double take at the three foot stick. "What the-"

Deis giggles a bit at the amazing disappearing sugar cane. "Have you eaten any of the candy they have here? Some of it's really good~." She assumes that's what the sugar cane is for. Zelgadis speaks up there, and Deis reaches a hand up to her face and almost seems to blush. "Tehe... well, you certainly know what to say to a lady~!" Rayne's comment about people not bothering her when she sleeps gets a giggle. "You just sleep in too easy of places to get to. Why I once slept inside a volcano that had a cave inside it that was blocked with a thick slab of rock with draconic writing on it that you needed to have dragon magic to get past. You just need to find a more out-of-the-way place to sleep."

Casdy starts focusing again... After a moment, she tosses the broken piece of sugar cane upwards. The broken piece lights up, and then shatters into bits of star shaped light that quickly burns out. But, the most bizarre part of it all...is that Casdy's golden eyes become a soft crystal blue... The girl blinks her eyes, her vision blurred for just a second... She then looks at where Rayne was last known for standing... As she now lowers her hand, only to slide it behind her, she looks at Deis, "Strange??" she questions, "...I don't think so." She offers her a smile. She now, however, knows why she thought she heard a naga.... Her eyes finally look at Zelgadis...Her eyes blink, and she can't help but wonder why his cheeks are red. "I can't eat much other than meat..." she says then as she looks back at Deis. "...I especially like fish!!" she then chirps. Slowly, however, her eyes look at the waters as they wash against the sand... She can't help it....the sight of it... ...seems to capture her. Speechless.... Thoughtless.... ...expressionless... ...you would think she had not somehow seen it before she started training here a while ago.

Zelgadis seems to be getting a bit more flush as Deis herself gets a little coy with it. He actually tugs on his collar briefly and looks like he might not be breathing correctly. In fact, he ISN'T breathing correctly. He seems to be getting a little woozy for some reason or another. Then, all at once, he faints. He crashes backwards against the beach front and lays there, evidently overwhelmed by all the embarrassment! x.x

Rayne says, "I... well, yeah, that is a bit more out of the way. But I'm more referring to my duties as Kotal's second." She then looks to Casdy with a bit of concern. "Hey, are you okay? You're kind of... zoning out there, Casdy." Did that spell just get you normal sight? Have you not seen an ocean before? She then realizes, of course, that she's asking the wrong person if they're okay. "Zelgadis!" she cries out as he passes out and she runs over to take a look at the Chimera. "What the heck happened to him? Deis, I think you might have gone a little farther than he could handle..."

"Ah, that makes sense," Deis remarks, to the 'only eating meat and fish' comment. And then suddenly... Zelgadis faints. Deis is not expecting it, and as he collapses, she topples over too. And then she may or may not end up sprawled over him. "Whoops. Used too much juice, I guess." She 'stands', and then nods to Rayne's comment. "Seems that way. I must be better than I thought, his nose didn't even bleed." She sounds serious. Then looking to Rayne, "Do you want me to find him a safe place to sleep it off?"

Casdy mews as she hears the calls for Zelgadis. She looks over, and now makes her way towards the gathering... "Seems he fainted..." she muses. Her ears are turned towards him... ...and the slightest sound of his body, even the beating of his heart, is something she can hear. For a moment, her answer to Rayne isn't given... ...Seems she is busy looking at her friend, and then back at the ocean. "...it wont last long." she finally says aloud as she looks at Rayne with a small smile. Finally, her eyes look at Deis, and she offers her a warm smile, "...you seem to have a spell cast of your own... One that holds a tight grip on Lord Zelgadis..." This makes her giggle suddenly as she straightens up, and slides her hands behind her back. Like before, she twines her fingers together, and now seems relaxed. Though, now and again, her eyes look, briefly, at the ocean waters as they wash against the shores.

Rayne nods to Deis. "Errm... Yeah, if you could..." She lightens up slightly, "It is your fault, afterall." She laughs ever so lightly at Casdy's description of Deis' 'Spell' and briefly lays a hand on Casdy's shoulder, an unusual motion for someone that is normally fairly squeamish at physical contact. It's fleeting, however, as Rayne's hands return to her sides.

"That's no spell, dear," Deis replies to Casdy. "That's just my natural charm~. The tight grip comes later." She winks. And then Deis gives a nod to Rayne's statement. "That's true. My fault, so it's on me to fix it." She begins to try to pick Zelgadis up, then, shifting him half into and half onto her coils. "There we go. I'll be right back, all~." And with that she heads in the direction of the city again. That's going to look a weird sight...

Casdy watches as Deis makes off with Zelgadis. "....charm spells are, sometimes, the best magic of all." Her eyes look at Rayne....and the look of the rainbow haired girl is the last she sees... Her eyes fade to white, leaving her world as black as her magic. A snap of her finger, and the golden color returns. "I should go work on my Zaria..." she says softly. "It is almost finished." she then states as she offers the girl a warm smile. With her Spirit Sight returned, she knows it will hold up. While it will not let her see the 'physical' side of life. It lets her know where things are... Inanimate objects are just grey figures... ...living people are bright blazing figures...a loose shape of the person bathed in white light.

Rayne says, "Er, you know she didn't actually cast any spells, right? I think that Zelgadis guy is a bit... erm... too shy." She reaches up to scratch idly at the back of her own head. "So at least you can sometimes see normally. Have you not seen an ocean before? You seemed a bit... entranced by it. Was it another casualty of the wars on your world?"

Casdy giggles as she looks at Rayne, "It was a great spell." She nods her head, letting Rayne know she knows all too well it wasn't that type of magic. But, charming the wits out of someone....to her, that is magic. She smiles now as she looks at Rayne, and then she says softly, "...everyone has a charm spell or two that they can weave." She maintains her posture of her with her hands behind her back, tho she does look in the way where Deis made her way away. "Think she will come back...??" she wonders. She evades the question of her world... At least...for now.

Rayne shrugs. "Who knows." She again reaches up to scritch behind Casdy's ears. "I've been slacking a bit on this part of the deal, haven't I?" she asks playfully, letting her earlier question go unanswered. "Deis is a bit of a... mysterious character. She's always been secretive. Plus it could just plain take her a while."

Casdy leeeans into the scritches. For a moment, you can hear her purring. It is when she hears that Deis wont be back, at least for a while, that she looks out over the water. "...the water of Theozia... They are poisoned. They are filled with a lot of gore from all of the wars. The waters are still....Red in color. The spirit of my world is slowly healing... ...Linka believes that, in time... ...Theozia will recover. ...if the people work for it." When she stops speaking, she purrs again... ...A warm smile spreads upon her features as she looks out at the rushing waters, and feels the hand running against her head between her ears, "...I have a friend on this world. One who has shown me a lot more kindness than I am used too... ...I want to be here, now. This is my home..." she says softly.

Rayne says, "Most worlds can heal themselves over time. It takes not screwing it up more, but with time, Theozia should recover. Hopefully the people can find spells and whatnot to help speed up the process if they really apply themselves." She smiles lightly at the purring. "Yeah, you do have one. I suppose I can latch onto someone as a friend pretty quickly, but I certainly can't say I've regretted any time I've done that in the past hundred years. Maybe I'm getting a good eye for that." She winks, even if she's not being looked at."

Casdy smiles brightly as she nods her head in agreement. "Talrani says, 'the nature of the matter is resolved when people commit to change. As long as they want a better world, they will work for it.'" Casdy giggles at the statement, and then she says, "...sounds very much like an evocationist." She then looks at Rayne, purring as she turns her head... The sound stops when she speaks again and says, "Magic is divided in several groups... Necromancy, and Alteration, you have seen... ...There is also Divination, Alteration, Abjuration, Conjuration, Enchantment, and of course, Illusion." Her eyes reflect a deep happiness at the sight of her friend, and keeps it as she looks out again at the water. "...while impressive... ...Magic takes time, for the more powerful effects. And each side can not cast its opposite. Me, I can not cast divine and enchantment spells."

Rayne says, "Yeah, that sounds a lot like what my old magic teacher told me. Old coot of a sidran, but he knew what he was talking about, all right." With a sigh, she stops the scritchings, however. "Aaaand I just remembered I'm still supposed to be working. I'm afraid I'm going to have to head back to the office now, and file a report that, in the end, everything was always under control."

Casdy nods her head as she feels the hand leave her head. "What is an office...??" she wonders. She is quick to shake the idea, and mews suddenly, "...maybe you can show me some day!!" she chirps. "...but, for now, I should work on my Zaria." Looking at Rayne, Casdy slips her hands behind her head, and states, "...when it is finished... I will show it to you." She takes a step back, knowing that work is very important. She mews, eyes the water again, "...I think I will come back here..." she whispers. "I want to see more of this... ...It's....enchanting." she says then with a wide smile.

Rayne says, "Yeah... Yeah, Kotal said he wanted to meet you, as well. Well, I'll see you later, okay?" She gives Casdy one last ruffle of her hair before turning to leave."

Casdy watches Rayne as she leaves... She keeps watching her until she is she is gone from her sights. Casdy the fades into the shadows, her voice whispers, "...Be careful...Friend." as she fades into nothingness.

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