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Full Name: Casdy

Series: Original
Class: Necromancer / Alterationist

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Female
Species: Cat-Kin
Age: Appears 16-18 (Actual age, 22)
Birthdate: 02-14-2E203
Height: 5'1

Short Description:

Before you, you see something that is perhaps somewhat odd but very lovely. The girl before you stands at only a short 5'1. Her frame is relatively small, but she is somewhat busty. Crowning her head, you can see hair that is somewhat wild in nature and slightly spiky.

But you see something else, something odd- catlike ears. Well, this is certainly odd: black, fur-covered catlike ears. You manage to scan past them, nonetheless, only to see a well-tanned face. Just as you start to admire her pert nose and tanned skin, you look at her eyes and then find something else odd: her catlike eyes. Her eyes do not have rounded pupils but rather oval ones. Her eyes are gold in color, which is even more odd.

As you finally scan past her facial features to see what she is dressed in, you see a bright blue shirt, best described as a tank top, adorning her chest. The tank top shows off her tight tummy, which is also a dark tan. Her arms, however, are covered with black fur. Well, at least she isn't furry all over, eh? Her hands are like those of a human, except for having a thin layer of black fur upon the back of them. As you look down her body further, you see she is dressed in a blue miniskirt, matching the tank top. This exposes her legs; they, like her arms, are covered in black fur. She has paws for feet, and if the ground is soft, you can see her claws being used to help the pads of her paws to maintain traction upon the soft turf. As she stands before you, and you look back up, you notice, on occasion, a black furry tail that often lashes back and forth.

Heightened senses, and magic

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Casdy is a slave. She was created by highly trained wizards to serve her master without question. Casdy is one of the first cat-kin created. She was raised by her eldest 'sister', Linka Rendari. Casdy was thought to be a waste, and plans were being made on her 9th birthday to destroy her. Since she was clearly blind, she was of no use to anyone. But, as the cat-kin had been studying necromancy, she had learned a spell that enabled her to see: Spirit Sight. She passed many physical tests to show that she could be of some use later and was allowed to live despite the growing fear that she had unlocked a dangerous form of magic. As Casdy aged and continued her mastery of the dark art, she was assigned as a protector and servant of a young girl named Naomi Karns. Karns is a soldier in the defence of Casdy's home city, Gaiz. By the time Casdy was 14, she was in the full service of her master and continued to study the dark art of necromancy. Casdy was now no longer seen as useless- just fearsome. But her owner seemed content with the cat-kin's powers, and in time, the two swore they would show everyone that her magic could be used for good.

Casdy is but one of the Rendari family: Linka, Krysta, Casdy, Talrani, and Alder make up the Rendari family. Only one of them was 'born' blind. And due to this, Casdy was quick to become the strongest of her family, at least magically. In time, her power would be something her sister, Talrani, would challenge time and time again, just as a source of training, to have a challenge to beat.

Casdy was never one to question her master's orders. Her lifelong goal was to serve her owner happily, to see her master safe and well cared-for.


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