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Full Name: Deis (DAY-iss)
Alias: Bleu, The Devil, That Naked Chick In the Ruins

Occupation: The Laziest Goddess
Series: Breath of Fire III

Threat Level: City Smasher
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female
Species: Endless

Short Description: Statuesque blue-haired woman with purple eyes

Misc: First summoned with her sister Myria by the humans of her world, Deis served as a goddess of magic and secrets. But when Myria's "children", the people of Caer Xhan, wiped themselves out through infighting, Myria decided that she'd need to eradicate anything that could possibly pose a threat to her people. This included a race of mostly-peaceful Dragons called "The Brood". Deis began to openly work against her sister then; it didn't take long for Myria to send her faithful to imprison Deis. Centuries later, one of the surviving Brood freed her and she assisted him in defeating Myria. She expected to be sent back to their original world when she and her sister fell... but she woke up in Twisted!

Age: Ageless Birthdate: Unknown
Height: 5'11" (180cm) Weight: ♥ ♥ ♥

        Deis looks just slightly different depending on what form she's in. In whatever form she's in she has long blue hair and purple eyes. She wears a pair of golden bracers, golden bangles around her upper arms, a golden necklace around her neck, and golden drop earrings. A sleeveless purple tunic with a large keyhole at the center leaves her arms uncovered; the garment is closed at her waist with an ornate golden belt.
        If she's in human form, she looks like... a human. A shapely human female with long blue hair, her legs covered by a flowing skirt. In her true form however, her lower half... is a green serpent! The scales are a pale green where they join to her body, but darken as they travel down to the end of her tail. Her snake half has an underbelly, too; it's a uniform pale cream color. Her join is covered by the bottom hem of her tunic.

        For all her age and great power, Deis is remarkably lazy. She tends to use the least amount of effort to accomplish whatever it is she needs to do, and to put off taking care of problems until she physically cannot ignore them anymore. Additionally, Deis has been known to fall asleep -- on her own, with no sealing-up or curse to blame -- for centuries at a time. While she's asleep and not paying attention, things can get incredibly bad. And when she wakes up, she may find herself in a seriously bad situation!
        Being that she was summoned to the world she came to Twisted from to be a goddess of magic and secrets, Deis has a lot of power at her disposal. The problem with this is that it means the atmosphere around her tends to be rather creepy. Her jovial attitude, ironically, tends to strike an 'uncanny valley' kind of juxtaposition to it, thus making things worse. It's not really enough to actively put people off, but it makes it dang near impossible to hide.
        Deis is biologically part-serpent, and thus, she tends to dislike the cold. She won't willingly go where it's sub-zero temperatures unless she has a very good reason (i.e., someone she cares about it lost in the snow), and she will not willingly fight an opponent with ice abilities unless she has no choice.

        Deis, along with her "sister" Myria, are extra-dimensional beings summoned to the world of humans to serve as gods. They were summoned by desert dwellers, dying in the parched lands and unable to spread beyond the oases, who wished to be able to advance as well as survive. Over the centuries after their summoning, Deis and Myria settled into the roles that had rather been thrust upon them. Deis wanted to let humans advance through hard work and achievement, but Myria disagreed. They were already in the middle of a desert and humans had struggled this long. Weren't they summoned to make life easier for humans, she countered?
        Over Deis's objections, Myria soon built an orbital station with the technology from the two goddess's world, and gave her people a sprawling, advanced machine city where no one had to work. She had given her people a utopia. But, as Deis cautioned Myria they would do, her people squandered it. They began to fight amongst themselves for the blessings of Myria rather than work together. And so the city, Caer Xhan, fell into disrepair and the desert swallowed it up.
        After this, Myria took what few humans survived and brought them to the other side of the world, where life overflowed. But on this side of the world was Yggdrasil. He too was an Endless, summoned to keep the world green and protect it from the encroaching desert from the other side. He took the form of a massive tree. However, he refused to allow Myria to take over the green part of the world. Deis cautioned Myria to leave Yggdrasil be. But Myria ignored her.
        When Myria made her desire to take control at all costs known, Yggdrasil did not fight her, fearing for the world if their power were to be unleashed. And so she separated Yggdrasil's essence into six trees, placing five all around the green world and one on the barren side of the world. This kept him forever unable to consolidate his power again.
        With Yggdrasil out of the way, Myria created a huge ocean, later called the Outer Sea, to separate the desert from the green part of the world. Then she wiped the memories of the remaining humans from the barren side of the world and placed them into the green world to live. This too was done over Deis's objections -- if they didn't remember their mistakes, she said, they would repeat them.
        With Deis always criticizing Myria's actions, and Myria unwilling to listen to her sister goddess, a rift began to grow between the two. This eventually led to Deis leaving the orbital station. Deis made herself a lair in Mt. Zublo, an active volcano, and from there she watched Myria's vision for the world take shape.
        A handful of people Myria had once granted wishes to far back had not disappeared from the world, though. They used the power granted to them to become Dragons, and their descendents, the Brood, still existed. Convinced that humans would destroy her now tiny world if they were allowed to keep this power, Myria decided to destroy the Brood. She chose four of her most loyal Urkan warriors and embued them with draconic powers. Then she sent them on a crusade to destroy the Dragons.
        By and large Deis had stayed out of her sister's business; these were her mistakes to make. But when Myria's warriors began to destroy the Brood, she emerged from her lair and tried to speak reason. She tried to explain to the Guardians, Myria's dragon warriors, that they were doing wrong, but they took her words as blasphemy. And then they used their own powers to seal Deis in an underground room in Angel Tower. There she slept away the rest of the Great War against the Brood. Much as Yggdrasil had done, the Dragons didn't fight back, for fear that the world would be harmed. And so the Brood were mostly destroyed.
        Five hundred years passed, and the Brood were mostly forgotten. In that time, history was rewritten by the Urkan people, and the Brood were cast as devils that tried to destroy the world, but were vanquished through the might of the Guardians. Deis was cast as an evil witch that had assisted the Brood, but she too had been vanquished by Myria's holy power.
        But not all of the Brood had been destroyed. Some of the Brood had given up their powers and fled to the barren side of the world. Those who kept their powers conceived children and went into a deep sleep underground. Some of these children were destroyed, but one survived. His name was Ryu. he went on a journey to discover the truth about his people, the Brood, and what had really happened to them.
        Along the way, Ryu awakened Deis. Deis was shocked to see Guardian Garr, and struck him several times before she found out that Garr was /helping/ Ryu rather than trying to kill him, so she decided to help. Now freed, she went back to her lair at Mt. Zublo, where a slab of stone with ancient inscriptions had been erected. There she waited for Ryu, and when he arrived, gave him the ability to sense Myria's general location. Before she was imprisoned she would have been able to take them right to where Myria was, she said, but this would have to do for now.
        Deis continued to serve as occasional advisor and teacher to Ryu throughout his journey. Deis didn't show herself again until Ryu and his friends had defeated Myria. As she descended into the bowels of her orbital station, myria called out for guidance. And Deis appeared before her. She said again that Myria had gone too far with things in her attempt to destroy the Brood. But that she was sure humans would be able to figure things out themselves. That said, Deis took her place beside her sister as they descended.
        However, something separated them. Deis wasn't sure what it was, but she was suddenly in another place. A city that had all kinds of people in it! Not just people, either. She had ended up in Twisted somehow. And she had no idea if her sister had come here as well...


        Deis is essentially a goddess of magic. She possesses some of the strongest magic in her world, and is actually one of the sources from which magic originate in her world. After a five-hundred year sleep, she's a little weaker than she was back before the Great War, but she's still no slouch. Magic comes as naturally to her as breathing.

        Her physical capabilities are nothing to be ashamed of either. Even in her weakest form, right after waking up from a five-hundred year imprisonment, she's strong enough to uppercut a six-hundred pound creature about fifteen feet away from her. In her true form she possesses the lower half of a serpent, and her strength only increases. She can easily crush a full-grown human with her serpent half. Not just suffocate, the way a real-life constrictor does. But literally CRUSH a man to death in her coils.

        She's also been alive for longer than human civilization has existed in her world. Several thousand years at least. The technology that Myria used to create her orbital station came from their world, so it's reasonable to assume her technology is pretty advanced. However, that also means that she's unable to figure out simpler technology. So while her command of a super-advanced, magitech-powered supercomputer might be second to none, she'd struggle with things like modern personal computers, cellular phones, and vehicles.


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