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Rayne Hurris
Full Name: Rayne Hurris

Series: Lethumi

Threat Level: Block Buster
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female
Species: Phoenix

Short Description: A woman with rainbow colored hair, usually armed with a pair of swords and a quiver of arrows.


Rayne Hurris
Age: Roughly 400, though she looks to be in her very late teens. Birthdate: May 19 2031
Height: 5'4" Weight:

Probably the first thing that attracts your attention to the woman you're looking at is her hair; a full rainbow of color from red on her left to a deep violet on her right cascades down to her shoulders. Once you stop looking at her hair, you might next notice the odd color of her eyes, a violet color. Currently she is wearing what seems to be brown leather armor of utilitarian build. The shirt covers her torso well, but not her upper arms. Under the chest armor is a green tunic whose sleeves are tucked into her bracers. The collar of the tunic also pokes up over the armor, rising most of the way up her neck. Below, her tunic flares out almost like a short skirt, though her legs are well covered by the pants of her armor, with a holstered blaster on a thigh holster on her right. A pair of sturdy looking boots rise halfway up to her knees. Attached to a pair of crossing belts are a pair of sheaths holding lightly curved short swords on each hip, and a quiver of arrows is held almost horizontally at the small of her back. Oddly enough, there doesn't seem to be a bow to go with those arrows.


Rayne Hurris
Rayne was born the daughter of Maniko Hurris and Gonfei Thri. Maniko herself was an adopted daughter into House Hurris, the second most powerful family on the planet of Avia, as well as the captain of the dragonship Wings of the Dragon. As such, Rayne grew up primarily being raised by the noble house's nannies and servants, despite being born out of wedlock. Rayne grew to chafe at the rules stuffiness of the official family home, and by age ten she was regularly causing trouble throughout the huge mansion. In exasperation, Maniko finally introduced Rayne to her father Gonfei, who was known as an infamous bounty hunter at the time. Prior to this, Gonfei was unaware of Rayne's existence. Rayne, having been a fan of Gonthri Fei (Gonfei's pseudonym) prior to the meeting, was star struck. On her 14th birthday, Rayne managed to escape the Hurris family compound and find her way across half the galaxy to find her father.

While Gonfei did take his daughter in, though while doing so he retired from being an active bounty hunter to make sure his child was cared for. Rayne bonded with her father much more than she ever did with her mother, primarily on account of his always being there, as opposed to Maniko usually having been away with the Second Avian Fleet. During this time, Gonfei revealed to Rayne her heritage as a phoenix, instilling in her a sense that she was more than just some spoiled rich kid who would likely just coast through life. Gonfei did not spoil Rayne, instead enforcing that she properly get a normal high school and later college education.

Now on her own, Rayne would go through most of her life going through various jobs and learning various skills as her hobbies change through the next few centuries. At one point, she attempted to mend her relationship with her mother, at which point she learned of her draconic heritage on that side of her bloodline. As to awaken as a dragon takes a moment of extreme duress, Rayne remains happy to not have awakened in that regard.

In the past 30 years, Rayne's wanderlust had taken her to a system where the inhabitable planet, Cevernal, is known for having such extreme high atmospheric electromagnetic storms that it knocks out almost any electrical device on the surface, and is only considered inhabitable because of a strong magic user presence with individuals capable of sending craft into orbit. There she dabbled in learning magic, though as usual, she didn't really come close to mastering that ability. There she did pick up an enchanted set of short swords that, when combined, form a short bow. And it is from there that she somehow managed to find herself on Twisted.

In Twisted

Rayne has been very active in Twisted since her arrival. She joined with DMC/TASK shortly after Kotal received control from Dante, and after a few months of service, Kotal decided that she should be his Second in command. After a few months of this new status quo, Rayne had begun pondering a new branch to be more welcoming rather than threatening to newer arrivals, and with the announcement of a possible new Council with her as a member, she began working on this idea in earnest, recruiting both Sunset Shimmer and Serenity to this new Welcome Center project. This was initially intended to eventually be a separate organization from TASK, but due to lack of staff, it has remained a part of TASK, including being housed in what was a large storage room on the bottom floor of TASK Headquarters. Initially Rayne was Second in TASK as well as operating this new group, but more recent events, including the disappearance of Kotal Kahn and several of those close to him, have resulted in Rayne fully taking over as Director of TASK, leaving the Welcome Center manned primarily by Sunset Shimmer. Rayne has recently adopted a pair of cats, Yin and Yang, to keep her company in her apartment.


Rayne's mother, Maniko Hurris, is the same Maniko that was on NeoTokyo long ago. As such, Violet at NeoTokyois her half-sister.


Rayne Hurris
In the past 4 centuries, Rayne has picked up a number of hobbies and taken up a number of jobs. As such, she has become a bit of a jack of all trades, master of none. She has had dozens of careers, none of which require a specialized degree. She knows her way around general mechanical and electrical repair work fairly well, though she's far from being able to create new or improved devices.

She knows how to pilot light airplanes and spacecraft, though isn't familiar with fighter combat beyond what she's seen in video games. She also would need a navigation system even if she was in a world she was familiar with.

She has learned numerable combat styles from various dojos, but has mastered none of them. She shows her best combat skills with a pair of short swords and/or a bow, as that was her most recent focus, though she definitely knows what she's doing in unarmed combat, as well. She'd get knocked out in the first round of a Street Fighter tournament, but she knows what she's doing. She knows how to handle a firearm, but considers that a past hobby that she's not as much into anymore.

Rayne has learned a limited amount of magic. She's far from an expert and generally only uses it for small tricks to make her life easier, such as spells that help with personal hygiene, help her locate personal possessions, that sort of thing. If put into Dungeons and Dragons terms, she'd barely be considered a first level wizard, and basically only knows cantrips, with the exception of some minor fire spells. We're talking little fire bolt spells, not something like a fireball. This is primarily because being a phoenix gives her an affinity with fire.

As a phoenix, her abilities are less than some might think. The most important ability this gives her is her limited immortality, of sorts. While she never ages, the more dramatic form of this is that she can effectively raise herself from death. Upon death, if it is possible for her body to be consumed in flames, it will spontaneous combust, and Rayne will emerge from it in the form of a flaming bird. If her body isn't able to catch fire(most simply done by depriving it of oxygen, be it underwater, an atmosphere with no oxygen, or in a vacuum), then she will not be able to resurrect herself. It takes Rayne about a month to recover her life force sufficiently to resurrect herself, so if she were killed again in that period she would be dead dead. Outside of resurrection, being on fire doesn't really do significant damage to Rayne, but she does find it extremely unpleasant(it still hurts as much as it would to a normal person), and that lack of damage wouldn't extend to her clothing.

Rayne is capable of transforming herself into a flaming bird form, with all the abilities one would expect of a large eagle, including flight. In this form, fire doesn't hurt her at all, and she can in fact control flames within about a foot of her, including causing her fire aura to nearly die out. She does not, however, typically enjoy this form, and generally will only take the form only when she is reborn after a death.

Rayne's draconic heritage is currently effectively locked from her, though if an item were somehow (presumably magically) locked so only a dragon could use it, she would be able to. In the event that she were to unlock her draconic heritage, she would be able to take a hybrid form and a full dragon form. In hybrid form, she would have draconic wings and marks on her face that match the color her draconic form. In this form, she would have significantly increased strength, and with practice would be able to use the wings to fly. She would also have resistance to damage from and minor manipulation in her elemental affinity in the form of small blasts. In draconic form, which would be roughly the size of a small car, she would have the expected abilities of a dragon, including a breath weapon and immunities tied to her draconic elemental affinity, as well as flight would come more naturally than it would in hybrid form. Unlocking her draconic heritage would take a major event, however, as it requires extreme emotional duress. The emotion she is under when she unlocks it would determine her elemental affinity that she would permanently have as a dragon. For example, if she's seeking vengeance or justice, she would have fire; protectiveness or possessiveness would align her with earth(and thus a resistance and breath weapon involving acid); desperation or determination would attune her to wind and lightning, and paranoia or faith would attune her to water and ice. It would usually take a life or death situation for a dragon to be awakened like this, making it less likely for Rayne as her phoenix heritage makes a life or death situation typically less stressful.

Flying'n'Stuff - F-777

It's My Turn - RWBY, from the viewpoint of Rayne talking to herself.



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