2020-02-07- We Didn't Start the Fire

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We Didn't Start The Fire

Summary: A Phoenix fights a fire and finds and old freind too.

Who: Rayne, Urus
When: February 07, 2020.
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach.


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Zeku-Kari Beach

One of the most peaceful places on Twisted so far is the beach. Vast, crystal-clear waters - seeming to stretch out to eternity - whisper up to meet smooth, cool white sands. There is a street, of sorts, although it ends quickly in the grassy hill that leads down to the water. A small church squats here, with full windows and even a little tower with a bell, though it may not ring often. Down to the east, closer to the water, is a dockside with a rundown shack. The dock is safe enough, not yet stained nor eaten away by salt water, though the shack certainly looks like it's seen better days.

It's mid-day in Mabase. A lovely day at the beach, but apparently someone had the great idea of setting a bonfire so large it's causing many complaints. It's not in danger of spreading, no, the area is isolated enough from anything burnable for that. The limited fire department would see this as a 'let it just burn out' situation. But again, there are complaints from other citizens, and the original group that set the bonfire is long gone. Thus, the police have been brought in. Normally this kind of fieldwork would be up to a regular police officer to deal with. However, the department is a bit light this shift today... and on top of that, there's someone on the force well known for being resistant to fire.

And thus, Rayne Hurris, the chief herself, is standing before the massive bonfire with her face planted firmly in her palm. "...Freaking idiots," she mumbles. "Who the hell sets a beach bonfire in the middle of the morning?"

The smoke, while once the big problem alongside the fire was playing second fiddle soon to a red glow that was gathering at an exact point in the sky over the ocean not too far off. it coalessed as the color was unmistakably bright red as it seeemed to crystalize and shatter, from it a brown and white figure yells as it falls 50 feet down and splashing hard in the water. convergence... god these must be annoying. Urus is not having a great day, he's been getting thrashed in the multiverse only to ping pong out into existance over an open body of water... just great.

Rayne just stares into the fire for a moment as she considers the best way to deal with this. Play firehawk and try to carry the bits into the ocean in her bird form? Possible, but some of the chunks look too large to carry in bird form. Of course, she's taken out of this internal thought process as there's a new light source over the water, which gets her attention just in time for her to look over and get the flash right in the face. "AAAAUGH!" she shouts as her face is once again covered in her hands. This time for a different reason than a moment ago, however. She blinks the spots away as she looks out into the ocean with a light wince. "...Aaaaand now this." She sighs, shaking her head. "Well, that's a more urgent thing..." She raises her voice and starts to call out, "Is there a lifegu-" But no, there's not. Nothing so organized as that. Instead, she makes her way to the water's edge and looks out. No, she really, really doesn't want to have to go out there herself. That kind of direct physical rescue sets off her personal space issues quite hard. "Uh... Hello? Are you okay out there?" she calls out. Yeah, she's not going to be that lucky, she just knows it.

It is silent for a good 3-4 seconds before a mess of wet brown and black fur comes up with a gasp splashing around. Urus shocked by the cold water. he goes back down under for a split second before being able to paddle towards the shore. the water in his eyes messing with his vision though his ears perk at the voice... he's not heard that voice in a long time. but it couldnt be. meanwhile the dark wet fur is covering his eyes as he finally manages to get close enough to get his paws under him.

Rayne breathes out a sigh of relief as the sopping wet mass of fur seems to be able to make its way to shore under its own power. No, she's not able to recognize it for who it is... but she's fairly certain it's humanoid in shape, and thus likely a person of some sort rather than an animal. Seriously, there are so very few humanoids that aren't sentient. It's odd, really. So she instead calls out encouraging words to the poor guy as some of the other beach goers are wondering why she's not dealing with the fire yet. Not all of them, no. More are concerned about a new arrival that could potentially be drowning. One is even looking at Rayne wondering why the uniformed police officer isn't going in for the save. They don't know her. "This way!" the officer calls out. "You're almost to dry land!" She glances behind her, then looks back to the approaching form. "Uh, there's a warm fire on the land to help dry you out!" Yeah, sure. Totally planned, there. >.>

Urus gets a bit farther out and shakes off though is keeping his eyes closed because of the annoying water, his camo pants coming into veiw as he sloshes up the small slope. "ugh... thank you." he says. his accent unmistakable but a little lighter, seeming to have had enough practice to get it less heavy. regardless he drags his paws up the sand. "this has been horible day."

Rayne blinks as Urus pulls himself out of the water, then actually takes a few steps forward. That voice, that face, that clothing style, an of course that white handprint across his muzzle. There is no mistaking who this is with that handprint there. "Urus?!" she calls to him. A familiar voice, yes, and at least he'd hopefully remember why she's not coming to his more physical rescue. "This way, this way!" she calls, leading him on towards the fire. Yes, she noticed the fur in his eyes this time. That one odd onlooker that had approached actually is trying to help prop Urus up. The police officer recognized the guy, so...

Urus would usually shove off the help but today has been so rough that he openly lets this random person help. "I though it was you." he says with a half tired smile that she knows all too well. "Rayne. I have missed you." he says. "I would be more enthusiastic about all this but..." he trails off with a deep breath to keep himself going. its rather obvious the hyena is nowhere near his prime right now. in fact just about anyone might be able to take advantage of him at this point he is just that worn out. letting himself get guided in.

He's lead to a safe but warm distance from the fire, where the passerby lets him be. Rayne is a few steps closer to the fire, leaning in towards Urus slightly to look him over. "Yeah, you've looked better," she admits. "But seriously, it's... it's you? You're back here again?" She sounds... very surprised by this fact.

Urus is healthy at least at first glance, no extra wounds or anything but as described earlier looks like a good nights sleep or three would do him some good. "I've felt better." he admits with a grunt as he lays down. "Its me rayne. your a phoenix. you are or at least were second in command under kotal as a part of task." he says "you like to draw." he says to prove himself. knowing at the least the kotal thing has changed.

Rayne looks from Urus to the fire. Right, she has a job to do, still. "Yeah, well. Second no more. And TASK no more, for that matter. I'm Chief of Police, now. Speaking of which, I was actually called out here to try to disperse this damned fire... Uh... if you're warmed up yet. I think I'm just going to have to spread this out to let it burn out quicker? You'd think arguably being a fire elemental, I'd know more about how fire works..."

Urus nods, he has alot to learn. "sand, smother it in sand, find someone with a shovel or at least big hands and tell him to get to work, and yes, getting it flat-ish would help" he says sitting up with groan and a wince. "just an FYI... the multiverse sucks." he says "been way too all over the place. you would not beleive how glad I am to be here..." Anyone who says Twisted is where they would rather be has either been there too long, been hit in the head, or somthing because those words were likely rarely if ever uttered before.

Rayne raises an eyebrow. "Glad to be /here/?" She chuckles, then looks around, then sighs. "Only one way this isn't going to hurt like hell," she mumbles as she steps away from everyone. With that said, she bursts into flames, flames that subside soon enough to reveal a large red eagle. With a very different voice, one more like the scratchy voice of an actual eagle, she says, "Time to get to work." There's a visible wince. She'd forgotten how awful her voice sounds in this form. Still, she starts handling the burning bonfire by more or less shoving the logs with her entire body. "Everyone, stay clear!" she shouts.

Urus nods. "Yes, here." he says getting up with a strained grunt before trying to help a bit by albeit weakly kicking sand onto the pyre. "You can talk like that? You never did when I was arround. When did you manage that?" He has so many questions. He just kneels to conserve strength before using said energy to cup the sand instead, hoping to cover and smother the flames at its source. of course were he more able he would be helping out alot more but. such is him right now.

Rayne says simply, "Dorian's help." She kicks a leg in emphasis: on it is a brass bangle with four garnets inset into it. "One of the gems does that." She still doesn't /like/ talking, however. She really hates her voice, but it was all they could do with the limited resources they had at the time. She manages to knock over the larger, upright logs, making them much easier to get sand to cover them. With everything spread to her satisfaction, she attempts to scoop and kick sand onto the now spread out fire, but makes a sound in frustration that wouldn't sound out of place at all from a mundane bird of prey. She hops away from the flames before shifting back, her clothes returning as well(this was something that she wasn't able to do before she had that bangle, either). "I'm pretty sure he had that made for me before I last saw you... How have you been?" At least now she's more effective at kicking sand onto the flames. It'll still take a while, though.

Urus is helping as he can, its slow going but four hands are better than two, even in his drained state. "wow. that is impressive. You had the bangle but never the other bits I dont think." he notes. he's getting the planks and branches which allows rayne to focus on the bigger logs. "It is a long story." he says. "one I would love to tell you over several shots of vodka." he admits. "Its... been a hell of a trip." he says, a closer inspection does note he is looking even mildly sleep deprived as well. whatever he's been up to has put him through the ringer.

Rayne shakes her head. "No, the bangle was always for this. That. It was new. I guess I didn't talk about it much?" It's certainly not visible under her police uniform, though. She chuckles. "Heh. I bet Blake would get you to tell the whole thing better than I could." Of course her life has moved on a bit since then, even on the social side of things. Not as much as one might expect for the amount of time, though. "Well, if you need a couch to crash on for a night or two, mine's open. You're not allergic to cats, are you?" Finally, there's just smoldering smoking logs rather than any outright flames. These, Rayne seems to have no trouble with dragging out to the sea to completely douse before pulling back to land. "I don't have much in the line of vodka at my apartment, though."

Urus stops as soon as it looks clear. staying on his nees and taking a few deep breaths. "your a good freind, beleive me, I have told you more about my life already then many others." he admits. "considering I beleive you are only remaining freind here...I would share my world, if you wanted to hear about that." he offers. there is a tinge of longing in his voice as he mentions she's the only one, knowing in his travel he's left behind not one but two families who will do fine and well without him. "Yes, I'm covered in fur but my body specifically doesnt like cat fur." he says with mild sarcasm. "no, I very much appreciate the offer. and the lack of drink is fine, I will even take plain water."

Rayne raises her hands, "Hey, I don't know how allergies work! I mean, hair is technically fur, and, you know, people can be! But yeah, Yin has probably coated my couch in fur again since I left my apartment this morning." The cat is new: Rayne never once mentioned having adopted any pets. "And really, for Vodka, we'd pass the Usual on the way there, too. Because of /course/ the Usual is still there. You, uh, good to walk?"

Urus cocks an eyebrow, suddenly realizing the fact. "You have pets? Your not going to keep me as one are you?" He teases with a chuckle. Seems he hasnt lost his horible sense of humor. He stands up and nods. "yeah, just dont expect alot more than a gentle walk."

Rayne makes a displeased face. "Ugh. No. You have even more fur than the two of them do combined. I've got enough trouble keeping the cat hair off my couch as it is, but I'll make that sacrifice for a few days so you can get back on your own feet." She's not completely lost hers, either, thankfully. She then looks down at herself and sighs. "Of course, I'm still on duty." She managed to forget that, it seems. "You might want to recuperate at the Usual while I finish off the shift, I guess. Might manage to not have to stay late this time." As she says this, it's like the energy is leached off of her. She just looks exhausted.

Urus considers his options. "you need some help with that? I think I have enough energy to get somewhere and..." he pauses and swallows a bit unsure why the hell he's suggesting it. "hellp you with your paperwork. so we can both get done."

Rayne looks at Urus for a moment with a lowered eyebrow and a frown, then shakes her head. "No, can't do that. Can't have someone outside the force just... sitting in my office doing my paperwork. Thanks for the offer, but... yeah, no. Besides, there's more than just paperwork involved."

Urus is honestly a bit releived. "then I will meet you back at the usual. I've been dying to talk to someone that doesnt want to kill me." he says honestly.

Rayne nods. "Right. I'll show you the way. It, uh, isn't the same since the dimensional tearing incident." And then she's motioning towards the road and starting to walk. Really? she just drops 'dimensional tearing incident' and keeps walking?

Urus nods. "not serious enough where I have to worry about being dimentionally torn myself right? been through enough of that today." he says not seeming to be joking around. Urus oddly seems pretty unphased by the statement as well. though likely for different reasons.

Rayne shakes her head. "No, no, things got stable again. Just... everything's kinda... rearranged." She makes it to the street and looks both ways before saying, "...Just don't be surprised by floating bits of land and the edge of the world when you come across them."

Urus raises an eyebrow. "floating land? jeez, this place did get screwed around." he says. "Is there anything left or?" he asks. he shakes his head, looks like there is alot of learning to do again. "whatever the case, I'm back, and I promice to try and not cause too much trouble."

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