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Urus Deravin
Full Name: Urus Deravin

Series: Original
Class: Mercenary

Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Male
Species: Hyena-Human hybrid
Age: 32
Birthdate: August 13, 2106
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 187lbs

Short Description: A walking talking hyena with a sick sense of humor.

Urus Deravin
The creature before you is what happens when science allows man to mix human DNA with animals. It seems the example before you comes from hyena stock. At 6’1” he’s taller than your average person, mostly due to his long digitigrade legs which seem too thin near the ground to hold up the rest of it up, but gets bigger and more natural looking near the thighs. The legs end in large paws, falling slightly short but much wider than a human’s foot. From each of his four toes sprouts sharp obsidian black claws. A dewclaw extends a few inches up on the inside each leg. His body seems neither overly muscular, nor does it seem thin, bringing minor bulk and no extra definition. Similarly built arms end in normal five fingered hands with the exception of more obsidian black claws on the ends of each of the fingers. A short tail grows out from the waistline. the other portion of his extended height is a mildly elongated neck. A hyena’s head caps the figure, two brown eyes staring back. Vicious looking pointed teeth fill the large mouth. A thin, long scar runs down from His nose to its cheekbone. Meanwhile two pointed ears stand atop the head, the right one appearing to have a sizable chunk torn from it.a strange hand shaped white mark in the fur seems to go over the muzzle. The entire mass is covered top to bottom in course, dirty, brown fur. Medium sized black spots randomly spatter the brown canvas.

As for clothing it seems sparse, the outfit looking more at home at an NRA meeting than for actual combat. Snow camo cargo pants are worn just below the waistline seeming to be dropped that far for the reason of baring the tail. It fits loosely around the legs, stopping at the ankle. Its several velcroed pouches seem full, two are placed on the outside of each lower leg, one on either side, large enough to fit an entire hand in. two thin pouches are positioned on the upper left leg, parallel, one right next to the other. A black leather bandolier hangs from his left shoulder, the bottom most portion of it laying at the opposite hip. It is lined all the way around with small 9mm pistol ammunition. His weapon of choice is draped by a sling on his right shoulder, the weapon itself settling where his left hand naturally lies. The weapon itself is an MP5SD-N1, an internally silenced version of the Venerable MP5 German 9mm submachinegun. A solid titanium stock hangs out behind him like a second tail. The entire matte black weapon is covered in silver scratches from front to back due to wear and tear. If one looks closely the letters L and D are etched in, the silver metal showing through. The lettering superimposed upon one another, just above the chamber.

Urus Deravin

Savage Bite: hyenas have an extremely strong bite force up to 1100 psi (the force to crack a human skull is around 400 psi)

Side effects to a recipiant can include but is not limited to bruises, internal and/or external bleeding, pain at the application site, broken bones, and in serious cases death. Call your doctor if side effects persist.

Unretractable claws: Urus like his natural bretheren have sizeable sharp claws on the hands and feet.


Marksmanship: Urus is well trained with ranged weapons, being able to use most ranged weapons effectively such as rifles or pistols, and to a lesser extent objects such as crossbows, any weapon with a trigger mechanism that is point and shoot.

Hand to hand combat: Urus has extensice knowledge and experience with grappling and disarming techniques used by modern military forces.

Survival: Between his animal instincts and training, living off the grid in the middle of nowhere for extended periods of time is a cakewalk for him.

Language training: Originaly speaking Russian from a young age he has also learned english moderatly well as to be able to speak with the majority of the other space faring humans.

First aid: he has knowledge of how to heal light wounds and set broken bones in the feild. he does not however have a medical license of any kind nor does he have the knowlege to heal anything else really.




The year is 2138 (at least on earth). The human race has learned the art of advanced space travel and has inhabited several different worlds, and with the expansion of "Civilization", the law has been unable to keep up. In the outer worlds the rule of thumb is "Anything can be aquired, For the right price". Many loners, unscrupulus individuals, and people who are looking for a quick buck have made this their profession of choice. Because of the dangers posed by transporting such material, escorts or esseentialy armed guards were needed to keep both the cargo and the smugglers safe.

The problem being that there are a lot of these people who are looking to make a quick buck, and not enough jobs to go around. Urus Deravin was one of those people. Born in a primarily russian off world colony, manners were never his strong suit. He specialized in close combat and was usualy hired on as an escort for the smugglers in case of complications. After years of work he was phased out by better geared and and younger escorts. Down on his luck he searched furiously to find some way to get his life back.

He came across the Zouhtech genetics lab, who were known for having strange experiments being tested every day of the year. They told Urus that they would pay him for a test. By using hyena DNA they said it would make him stronger, smarter and more instictual. seeing the possibility of aquireing an edge in the escort market again as well as being paid, he agreed to go along with the test. The test did what is was meant to do, with unforseen side effects he was stronger but his body morphed and changed becoming a hybrid of both man and hyena. The test also warped his mind, as he started to act more like the creature he now resembled.

his new form, despite being strange for some people got him noticed for larger and more risky jobs. As of late his last job was an armored ship that was said to have a prince's inheritance in wealth aboard, and that half would be his if he was able to secure it. what he didn't know was that the guards aboard were ready for that type of situation. They were armed with ion disruptors, which were said to destroy objects so completely that there is no discernible trace that the object even existed. The law of matter is that matter cannot be created or destroyed, so where does it go? Hazard a guess on where!?


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