2020-05-02 - A New Leaf

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A New Leaf

Summary: Urus finds a place to make his own

Who: Urus, Rayne
When: May 2nd, 2020.
Where: rotation room (twisted street west).


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Urus Is walking down the Twisted street, the hyena sighs to himself with arms crossed behind his head, weapon drooped behind him as his tail keeps knocking into the magazine. Annoying but not annoying enough to fix it. this is the part of town that has not quite recovered from the whole thing rayne mentioned to him how there was this massive change, as such other than the s-mart, the few buildings that are here seem broken or abandoned. or maybe a mixture of two.

Rayne steps out of one of said broken buildings. Her face is already in her hand as she silently counts to ten before walking out. They called the police because of a rat that got into their building that is missing a wall. It was only taken seriously because the complaint was misinterpreted as a rat-/person/ invading their house. But no. Just a rat. Not even a special rat, like an ice rat or a space rat or a rat of unusual size. Sure, it was a /little/ big, but... well, it's a charred cinder, now. "If I were an actual exterminator, I would have been praised for being here this early," she mumbles. Of course no officers were in the area at the time and Rayne had to take care of it herself. Something about a standoff with an octopus riding a motorized unicycle. She finally looks up again and spots the hyenamorph. "Oh. Hey, Urus. How're things going?"

Urus waves not having heard the mumble. "still on duty hunh?" he shakes his head. " you really need to find a better job." he says. "then again who am I to talk? I dont have one yet." he says mumbling to himself about somthing now that he's remembered. "stupid health codes and their stupid hair nets..." he shakes his head out and smiles toothily to the captain. "I see not everything has bounced back yet."

Rayne laughs at a deadpan. "Ha ha ha." Find a better job? Rayne can't just leave the force like that. She tilts her head again slightly at the mention of hair nets, then pictures Urus just covered in a fine mesh. "Huh. Actually, I'm surprised those codes exist here." Hey, that kind of stuff isn't covered by the police department. She looks behind herself at the broken building and winces. "Uh. Yeah. I mean, no. Not everything quite fits right still. Despite Hawksmoor's efforts. Possibly because of Bishop's. Hard to say what that guy thinks. He may think this is more beautiful to keep some bits floating like this."

Urus nods. "having a guy covered in fur that could shed into a drink is apparently a 'dubious decision at best and an outright idiotic one at least.'" he states, he has a reason to not come wednesdays anymore but anyways! "Yeah, just around here taking in the sights, was almost thinking S-mart was my next option." he admits. as he looks to one building in particular, its brick and mortar from at least the front with some concrete outcropping from the left side. almost like some small warehouse or somthing its bones look in great condition from the outside but by the missing sign, the broken window and tattered flag of sum unknown nation flying from it. it looks delapidated and unused. "so... is everything in this area taken?" he asks cocking his head.

Rayne shrugs. "I've a friend that works there. If you do go that route, let Shirou know you're a friend of mine." She doesn't seem to look down at people that work there. Well, other than that one guy that seemed to be both hitting on her and talking down to her at the same time, somehow. But that was a personal dislike, not because of where he worked. She follows Urus' gaze over to the dilapidated building, then looks back to him again with a shrug. "You'd need to check records on that. But this area? Probably not. This close to the edge, especially on the west side, isn't exactly prime real estate."

Urus begins heading over. "well I'm gonna knock, if I dont get an awnser I'm going inside to check it out. you want to stick around in case it falls on me or you need to arrest me for tresspassing?" he says somewhat cheekily. he though does tap on the brick outside to see if it crumbles, supprisingly not a single milimeter out of line, promising. "Shirou... I'll keep them in mind." he admits.

Rayne says idly as she watches Urus walk over. "Red haired guy. I've heard there's another guy with a pretty similar name around with black hair, but I don't think he works at the S-mart, anyway."

Urus knocks hard on the door. "anyone in there?" he asks theres a good 10 second wait before reaching in to turn the knob through the broken window to let himself in." he waves rayne to follow him inside as he looks in the dark for the light switch, having difficulty.

Rayne follows up, herself pulling out her phone and looking over some things. Idley, she says, "What are you... oh. If there's power, you should back out again." Because if there's power, the electric bill is being paid. Rayne only follows to the door itself, however, not stepping inside.

Urus looks feels around. a click is heard as he flicks a switch on, nothing "well that

"well that is an interesting development. you mind lighting up the place for me?" he asks the pheonix being the only one with access to light between the two. though his dim light vision is good complete darkness is ehh at best.

Rayne holds up a finger as she continues looking through whatever it is on her phone. "...Drunkenly stepping off the edge. Huh." She then looks up at Urus. "Uh? Oh, sure." She now finally steps inside and holds out her non-phone-holding hand palm up, where she forms a ball of fire. Honestly, not really as good as a flashlight.

Urus gets it. "previous owner?" he asks the dim light that it gives is enough to see the place its pretty open, there's a counter a couple of tables and chairs. almost looks like an abandoned restaurant of some sort but all this open space could be used for anything else really. "promising, very promising." he states as he nods for them to continue behind the counter and into the back.

Rayne nods. "Apparently the rumor going around is that ghosts in this place killed him, but there actually was camera footage showing him stepping off the edge drunkenly later in the night that he was seen getting completely plastered at that 'Happy's' place." She shrugs again. "So because of the rumors, no one has tried to claim the place since..." She looks around the place and frowns, however. "Looks like it didn't stop people from looting the place, though. Just no one to report the thefts. If it can be called 'theft' in the first place." Not like people would steal tables. Tag them with graffiti? Sure. Just not bother to drag them out. "Whaaaat are you thinking?"

Urus smiles. "well, honestly I figure thats the way I want to go out." he jokes. "better than dying at the hands of some guy you thought you were gonna kill." he chuckles. "What I'm thinking.... is setting up a buisness..." he says. "I'm well aquainted with firearms, their maintainance and all, and maybe this is my calling, I just want to see what else is here. otherwise... it might be mine." he admits heading towards where the kitchen should be.

Rayne raises an eyebrow. "Drunk and falling into oblivion? Honestly, I'd figured you as more the 'blaze of glory' kind." She glances around, then nods. "Kinda figured, given your interest her and..." She tilts her head. "Gunshop? Yeah, that's way more fitting of you than my 'bartender' idea, isn't it?"

Urus nods "and if the concrete in the back is as thick as I think its a good stop for a range as well." he says "just came to me when I saw this place. think its got a chance?" he asks. "and if you need maintainance on your firearms in the police force I can do them at cost I bet, just for you." he says "and the fact I'll probably need a licence to become a gun dealer. bet thats a thing..."

Rayne shrugs. "For the most part, officers do it themselves. We've enough gun-nuts on the force that the know-how was already there, and that knowledge spread out. But thanks for the offer... Some officers might take you up on it." Rayne, of course, famously uses a magic bow instead, and only switches to her blaster pistol to use it on stun. "And I'm not so sure on the dealer license part. I don't think Mabase is very concerned about that kind of thing when it's possible someone can show up that can do the damage of a rocket launcher with just their mind."

Urus nods "you know that's fair. both of those." he admits. "sooo I need to contact someone about buying this place then I think." he admits "then if I do I have to come up with a name for it..." he says "the branding possibilities are endless really." he states

Rayne nods. "I think it's on one of the upper floors of the courthouse? Honestly, I'm not sure. I've not really looked into land ownership rights." She still lives in Integra Arms, after all, despite definitely having the money by now to have had an actual house somewhere. Her head does tilt slightly at that last part, though. "Branding possibilities? Looking at hiring an artist to make a cartoon caricature of yourself?"

Urus chuckles. "well there's a pun to be used somewhere I know it. I don't know what it is but there has to be some sort of glorious pun about me owning a gunshop or something." he says . "I'll definately check it out though courthouse, of course, that's where the paperwork is." he says. "you think though you would drop by on occasion though, hopefully for non-police reasons?"

Rayne shrugs before nodding. "Probably somewhere, yeah. You might need to get the help of someone with a punnier sense of humor than mine, though." She frowns and shakes her head at his hope, however, "You know I'm not a firearm person, Urus. Never have been, even if my father trained me up on them some."

Urus nods with a frown. "yeah, just hope that there's time somewhere to keep up after all this is said and done." he says. "Do care about you rayne, more than I care to admit." he says

Rayne shrugs. "If I have time now, I'm sure there'll be time later." She actually takes a light step backward in surprise at Urus admission, then glances away slightly. "Uh.... thanks." It just felt... odd coming from Urus.

Urus turns and nods as she does so "no problem." he says no, he's not good at this, yes he knows he is not her type. but he'll be damned if he doesnt at least make sure she's around to find the person who is. considering she's the only person he knows from back in the day.

Rayne clears her throat, then looks back towards the door. "Um, anyways. Yeah, I've got work to do. It was a call, not a patrol, that I was on. I've got to catch up on the inevitable reports on whatever's going on with that octopus."

Urus nods "yeah you should uhh probably go see to that. stay safe." he says

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