2016-03-03 (PostU) Vampire and Princess! Too Cute!

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Vampire and Princess! Too Cute!

Summary: Sae starts waitressing at the UR! several people show up over the evening.

Who: Asato, Flandre, Rayne, Sae, Silencia, Steve the Bartender
When: March 3rd, 2016
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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Dressed in the seifuku she'd taken from the cabinet, Sae waited around with a flutter in her tummy, clutching a menu tight to her chest with both arms wrapped around it, nervous as she awaited her first ever customer! Would they be nice? Would they be cute? Both? Neither? "Oh gosh oh gosh.." the high schooler murmured to herself, hips shifting side to side. In addition to the white seifuku top with a blue collar and a red ribbon on the front, she had a navy-blue skirt on with a pair of black thigh-highs to complete the cute look. Taking a deep breath, Sae calmed herself a little. Everyone here she'd met so far was beyond kind to her, so whoever her first customer was would probably be, too!

The doors open, and through steps a somewhat tired looking Rayne Hurris. She pauses as the doors close behind her, glancing about briefly to see if any of her friends are here. Not recognizing anyone, she stifles a yawn and makes her way to an empty table, laptop slung under her arm. She nearly collapses into a seat at her chosen table, and it's only a few seconds before she nearly nods off, her head tilting dangerously close to knocking her forehead onto the table.

Off to the side where she is, it's not surprising Rayne doesn't notice Sae! But she certainly notices the rainbow haired girl, knuckles going white from how hard she's gripping the menu as the girl works up the courage to greet her first customer. But it's just Rayne! Sae considers the girl a friend, especially given how nice she was to her during their last meeting. Noticing that wobbling, it's then Sae's desire to keep someone as cute as Rayne a-okay overcomes any fear she might have, quickly grabbing a soft white cloth and rushing over to the girl as as her head falls forward, gently catching it by holding the cloth to her forehead. She waits for her to recover before setting it down. "R-Ranye! Are you okay..? You look a lil sicky.." she murmurs, eyes wide, wanting to help in any way she can. "Do you want something warm maybe? A blanket? Both?"

Rayne nearly jumps backwards as her head is caught by Sae. Well, that woke her up for the moment. She blinks in surprise, her breath suddenly a slight too rapid. "Uhhhhh.... Yeah... I'm okay. Just... short on sleep." She hides her mouth behind a hand as she yawns again. "Yes, I'll take a hot cup of coffee, actually. Um, Sae, right?" She offers the younger girl a weak smile.

Sae sets the menu down on the table, then giggles a little, offering a much wider smile right back. She curtsies as her name's said, giggling again. This is a lot easier than she thought it'd be. What was she nervous for in the first place!? "Mhm! Sae! And you're Miss..Rayne, right? Remember your super pretty hair!" she exclaims with yet another giggle, laughing so happily now that all her nervousness is gone. "I'll get you some coffee! Be right back!", running off with a spring in her step. A few minutes later the schoolgirl returns with some coffee and a cream and sugar on a tray, setting them carefully down in front of Ranye. "Have you seen the uniforms they let us have? It's SO CUTE!", doing a happy twirl, skirt flairing out a little in the process.

Rayne can't help but laugh at Sae's actions. "Well, I am pretty distinctive, I suppose." Upon the arrival of her coffee, Rayne proceeds to put all of the cream and sure into the cup before stirring it and taking a swig of the steaming hot liquid. "Yeah, I have... It suits you! Not sure it would suit me... Not that I have the time nor desire to take up waitressing again. So, um, how has Twisted been treating you?"

"Mh mhm! You're SUPER distinctive! But in a good way! You've totally got the prettiest hair I've ever seen!". Sae smiles so wide her eyes squint a little. "I'm really glad you're my first customer! I was so nervous but like..like.." she swishes her hips side to side as the gears turn in her head. "..now that I'm doing it, it feels so silly that I was a lil afraid!". As Rayne goes to drink it, Sae raises a hand as if to stop her, but isn't quick enough! Rayne doesn't seem to mind the temperature, though. Shrugging for now, she makes a note to ask her about it later! "It's treating me really really great! I've still yet to meet a mean person, and hope that trend continues! 'sides that I enrolled in the high school here though! I still have my uniform from when I came here, so it works out pretty nice! Even gives me an excuse to wear the adorable thing all around! How about you? Been up to fun stuffs lately?"

Rayne twitches slightly at the question of 'been up to fun stuffs lately.' From that, it's reasonable to assume she wouldn't say so, but she squelches that down and summons up a smile for Sae. "I'm glad you're doing well, then. I've been super busy lately, opening up a new welcome center for new arrivals into Twisted. Unfortunately the reception area got destroyed shortly after I opened it two nights ago, but we got it fixed up again yesterday. Um, if you see some creepy looking black thing with a long head and tail, try to hide and cover your mouth. We're... kind of dealing with an infestation." Sounds like not everything is sunshine and roses in Twisted lately.

"Awwwwww, that's no good! Are you alright at least, Rayne? Lack of sleep aside, I mean! You didn't get hurt did you?", looking a bit worried about the girl, head tilting to the side as she peers at her. "But mhm! I'll make sure to stay indoors more, too! I don't want to get..eaten?" she questions, not even sure what that creepy thing could be, or do to her, but it doesn't sound pleasant! "Oh oh! I know! Want something sweet to cheer you up? I'm sure they've got cake or pie or something here!", she giggles, tapping her feet on the floor, eager to try and cheer Rayne up!

Rayne waves off the concern with a hand motion. "I'm fine, I'm fine." She then tilts her own head slightly upward as she looks up, pondering the offer of dessert. "You know what? Yeah. Surprise me with a slice of cake or pie. Er, surprise me with the type, I mean."

Sae laughs, clapping with joy at the thought! She runs off to the back, and you can hear her rummaging around in the kitchen, knocking at least two separate metal things over, one of them sounding like a gong as it collides with the floor! After a worryingly long ten minutes, she returns, standing behind Rayne at first. "Okay Okay! Close your eyes pretty please!".

Rayne closes her eyes and lets out a sigh as Sae runs off, visibly deflating slightly. The sound of the pan hitting the floor tenses her up slightly and she glances towards the kitchen with a bit of a worried look on her face. As the wait continues, she sighs again and opens up her laptop, looking over reports on the xenomorph attack on her center just as Sae comes up and makes her request for Rayne to close her eyes. "Uhhh..." She quickly closes her computer again and pushes it to the side before complying. "O....kay..."

Sae wiggles with joy, unable to contain her excitement! This is just too adorable! Getting to help cheer someone up and do cute things at the same time? This is a dream job! "Okay okay! Opeeeen.." she says in a giggly, sing-song voice, raising a forkful of pie to Rayne's lips. It's key lime! With whipped cream and some sort of strawberry flavored drizzle on it, along with bits of strawberry! "Again again! One more time!", raising another bite. "So so! Guess! Is it a good surprise?"

Rayne opens her eyes to find the fork nearly at her mouth. Really, this is not the best thing one could have done to the poor rainbow haired woman. She physically recoils in surprise with a shout, her chair scooting back a few inches. She cautiously takes hold of the fork, taking care not to touch Sae's fingers. "Um... I'd prefer to just feed myself... Uh, nothing personal, really, I just..." The obviously nervous woman shuts herself up by stuffing the forkful of key lime pie into her mouth. This doesn't seem to be going according to Sae's plan.

Sae eeps softly! "S-sorry! Didn't mean to!". In her effort to cheer the girl up, Sae was a little too forward it seems! She jumps back too, startled by Ranye's sudden movements. Standing on the opposite side of the table, just to be extra careful, Sae leans in a little. "Did..did you at least like the pie..?"

Did someone say sweets!!!? If there is one thing that can be learned from living in Twisted is that it can always get worse.

If you think Rayne was having a hard time cheering up now, the sound of flapping wings heralds the entrance of another Twisted denizen who has a none too happy history with a certain rainbow haired girl.

The doors to the UR open and in comes flying a tiny little bat. Said bat flies circles around the room for a moment before it lands in a nearby table and shape shifts into a little girl in a poof of smoke. "Something smells deliciouuus~" Chirps Flandre, staring with her wide crimson eyes to Rayne and Sae's way.

Rayne blinks at the question, as to the quality of the pie, then promptly puts another forkful into her mouth. Maybe she swallowed that first bite a bit too quickly. This time, actually taking the time to taste the food, she nods. She doesn't seem to take notice of the bat at first, but the instant Flandre poofs into her more natural form, Rayne actually pales slightly. "P...Pie?"

Noticing Rayne paling a bit, Sae tilts her head again. "Mhm, pie! You don't look too good though! Here! I'll get you another cup of coffee!", running to the back to pour another cup for her, bringing it out with an assortment of cream and such. On the way back into the front of the restaurant, that's when she notices Flandre! Dropping the stuff of at Rayne's table, she giggles and runs over to the new girl, thankfully giving Rayne some time to recuperate after the girl's invading of her personal space with pie!

"Mhm mhm mhm! I was making Miss Rayne some pie! Oh oh! I'm Sae-!" she curtsies, dressed in a white seifuku top that is this place's uniform, a navy blue skirt, and then some black thigh-highs of her own. "You're my second customer! And SUPER cute, too! This is great!", smiling wide. Two cute people in a row? What more could a girl like Sae want from her first customers! "Did you want some pie too, Miss.." she trails off, not knowing her name!

"Pie? Pie?" Flandre seems to zero in on Rayne for a moment there, crazed red eyes staring at her for the longest of times. Once before had Flandre told Rayne that she smelled rather tasty as there was something about the rainbow haired woman that really triggered Flandre's senses. Maybe it was the phoenix blood, or the presence of another immortal, and while the girl hadn't acted out it in quite a while, today it seems that Rayne is looking particularly tasty. "Maybe, maybe." The girl giggles and titters closer to Rayne's table, her fangs peeking behind her rosy lips. "Maybe something else." She licks her lips. "It smells like.."


Much to everyone's good fortune, that's when Sae makes her re-entrance and Flandre turns to her as if just realizing that she's there. "Oh! Hello!" The blond girl in the red dress and the colorful wings smiles, waving at the other girl. "Thanks! You're very cute too!" Grins she, sharp fangs blatantly showing as she makes no effort to hide them. "I'm Flan!" She introduces herself. "And yes! I would like some pie and some of your blood too, please!" Is.. is she kidding?

Rayne might be a bit more fearful than she usually is, yes. But by pointing it out like that, somehow this seems to trigger Rayne's bravado just as much. "Even try it and you will be on fire. Remember, Flandre. I work with a god of the sun." She offers her own grin back at the vampire... but let's face it, it's nowhere near as intimidating as Flandre's was. As the vampire turns to the high schooler, Rayne just facepalms. Yes, of course, that was a completely predictable request.

Utterly oblivious to the animosity between the two, the happy go lucky schoolgirl that is Sae just giggles at Flandre. "Awww, Thanks! And looks like you've got some really cute teeth, too!", leaning closer and peering with those doe-eyes of her's at the fangs, blinking with a smile.

The request catches Sae off guard, though! "W-wait! Blood..?" she gulps, pupil's dilating, cheeks flushing red. "Do..are you serious..?", not sounding offended or afraid, just really confused! "You're not like..a vampire, are you?". Flandre seemed perfectly nice to Sae, having not overheard their back and forth while she was in the kitchen. So maybe she meant something else by blood? "I mean..I can get you some pie..not really sure how I could even get you blood though.." she admits, biting her bottom lip. She had to be a good waitress! This was her first day after all!

Although Rayne might doubt her intimidation abilities, sometimes even the illusion of fighting back is enough to repel bullies like Flandre. The vampire girl is not used to food resisting being eaten. For Flandre there's only two categories; prey and play mates. Prey are for eating and play mates are for fighting. It seems inconceivable for Flandre that someone could be in both categories and because she seems to have Rayne pegged as 'prey' Flandre blanks and backs away a little, giggling nervously.

"Ah, um, it's a joke!" She grins again trying to pretend she wasn't serious. "Yes! I was joking. Haha! It was funny, yes??"

That's not to say that Flandre is at all proficient in hiding anything ever. Where other people would try to at least make a slight effort to conceal their true nature, Flandre is about as subtle as flying brick to the face. "Yep! I'm a vampire!" She chirps happily at Sae and shows off her fangs by pulling on her own cheek. "Schee? I haff teef!" Then she releases her own cheek and smiles at both girls.

"Well, normally I'd just need you to close your eyes while I bite your neck but uh.." The girl glances nervously at Rayne. "Miss Rayne doesn't want me to do that right now, so I'll settle for some pie!"

"I can drink your blood later, okay?~" Flandre seems to say that in an absurdly cute manner. Like a little kid making an honest promise for a future playdate.

Rayne groans and facepalms. Dealing with the hyperactive little vampire always give her a headache and/or a heart attack. "Damn straight I don't want you doing that right now." She really needs to figure out a way to allow the girl vampire to be fed without causing the people she's supposed to be protecting into victims. Even Rayne recognizes that a girl's gotta eat. "And I'm not so keen on you doing it later, either."

Given how adorable Flan is, Sae's anything but intimidated by the girl! Even upon learning she's a vampire, the schoolgirl just leans in and peers more. "Wow..! I've never seen a real-life vampire before! I always just thought they were stuff in horror movies or romance novels! You are SO COOL Flan!", she laughs, clapping her hands together. "Teef! You do! They look pretty pointy!".

Sae does 'awwww' as she hears Rayne talking about not letting Flandre feed. "She's gotta eat though, right? Like..it's probably just a little neck kiss or something, right Miss Flan? And OH! Be right back!". She runs into the kitchen to get some pie for Flan, and like before more than a few metal things clatter to the ground, including what sounds vaguely like a gong! "Not AGAIIIIN! Grrrr.." she giggles, quite the clumsy thing. But before too long Sae returns with some key-lime pie for Flandre, complete with strawberries and whip cream to top it off. "There you go! No blood in it, but it's still super tasty! Right Rayne?" she turns to the rainbow haired girl and gives a thumbs up.

Flandre meeps a little as Rayne continues to chastise her. In her defense, Flandre doesn't understand why all the people here scold her for something as simple as eating. For her, its as confusing and irritating as if people were telling her that eating pies was wrong. They are super yummy and she needs them to survive, so what's the big deal??

This time, Flandre makes no promises about not drinking blood later. She's like a little kid in that regard. She's pretending to go along with it but she's probably going to drink blood later when Rayne isn't looking. If the adults aren't scolding you then its technically not wrong, right!?

Thankfully, Sae is there to cheer her up and Flandre brightens up considerably when the waitress girl tells her she's cool. "Aw! Thanks!" The vampire girl nods. "I'm quite real! I know because I have an eye!" She makes no attempt to explain what she means like that. "And yeah, ahuh, it's just a teeny kiss on the neck like this. Smooch smooch~" She puckers her lips and makes kissy noises. "Then I go 'nom!' and I drink ya. Easy peasy!" She's kind of forgetting the part where she sometimes flips out and rips necks open with her fangs buuut Flandre can't really control the frenzy at all. Sometimes she's not even aware its happening.

"Yay! Pie!" And just like that, Flandre gets distracted by sweets. "Thanks so much, Sae! You're really cool too!"

Rayne looks back and forth between the two for a moment, then lets out a sigh. "Okay, fine. If Sae's okay with it, and you don't drink too much or do anything else to her, you can drink her later. I will put my emphasis on the if she's okay with it, though. Make sure there's an adult around so they can make sure you don't go too far, okay?" Seems like Rayne's at least attempting to be a little nicer to Flandre. Too bad Rayne doesn't know about the frenzy, either... "We don't want you taking so much she gets sick, right?"

The door of the Usual opens to reveal an unusual sight. No, it's not random faceless monsters out to do unspeakable things, but rather a frail little priestess adorned with her armor at last. Silencia had recieved her armor and was excited to put it on, after making some adjustments.

Her long, black hair is braided again, that golden rose of hers still nesting between the black locks. A dainty silver circlet rests on her head, an image of silver vines and leaves hugging her with a tiny violet stone resting on her forehead.

Atop her usual white dress is a tabard armor, a perfect mixture of cloth and chainmalle. It looks like a dark green tunic with black sleeves going down to her elbows, the length long enough to be a (slightly shorter) dress on it's own.

Silencia blinks and smiles as she sees familiar people. She waves as she makes her way over to the group. "Hey there! Just keep breathing,Rayne!" The joking words are directed, obviously, to the poor Rayne, that looks a bit overwhelmed by the two with her. Silencia reaches and ruffles Flandre's hair. "You're being a good girl, right sweety? Don't forget, good girls get cookies!" And then the unfamiliar face! Silencia peeks at Sae and smiles curiously. "And I don't think we have met, right? My name is Silencia, may I ask for yours?"

Sae sorta bounces from foot to foot as Flandre makes those adorable smooch-y sounds, even jumping and yelping when she goes 'nom!', giggling so much. It all seems so innocent and cute and silly. How could it possibly be bad! Depending on how things go, it might be Sae's first encounter with how despite all the cuteness, more than a few people in Twisted are well..decidely un-cute, in some ways! "She totally has my permission! It'll be mega cute!", flashing Rayne a huge smile that's waaaay too confident for that fact that she's agreeing to have her blood suckled.

That's when Sil walks in and well..Sae freezes! The tiara-esque thing, the flower, the pretty hair..it's all so cute she can't move! "A princess..", staring a little as if in awe. "Mhm mhm mhm mhm! I'm Sae! Super super nice to meet you!". She gives a really deep curtsy, then asks. "Are you a princess..! You're SO SO SO PRETTY!"

Yeeess! It'll totally be fun and cute! Sae seems to agree and that's more than enough for Flandre. "See?? She's okay with it!" The vampire perks up and floats in the air a little, mimicking Sae's sideways jumping as she does the same motions but in mid-air. "Silly Miss Rayne! You're such a worry wart!" Oh snap, now Rayne is getting told by the hyperactive child vampire, is that a new low?

"Don't worry! I won't hurt her!" Flandre gives Rayne her word and even raises a hand up as a sign that she means it. Although Flandre never seems to think twice if she rips people's throats off or not, this time it seems she's going to make an extra hard effort to not do that to Sae and focus only on feeding.

"Oh! Hello Silencia!" Flandre greets the priestess and her fancy new dress armor thing. "You're looking pretty!" The vampire nods. "I'm being a good girl! I made a new friend today even! She makes really good pies! And she's going to let me drink her blood too! Yaaay!" Needless to say that Flandre is super excited.

Rayne looks over as Silencia greets her. Really, Rayne looks absolutely exhausted at this point. It's hard to say if this is all the fault of the two very excitable girls, or if she was like this before. "Hey Sil. Right crazy week this has been for me. At least yesterday was mostly peaceful." She then gives a sidelong glance to Flandre. "Yes. Yes, I absolutely am a worry-wart. I worry about anything and everything, because it's kind of my job." With that said, she downs the cup of coffee that Sae had just brought her. "So how's your armor working for you? Can you move well enough in it? Does it interfere with your spellwork?" The whole time, Rayne is almost speaking monotone. She really does seem tired.

Oh how adorble this new one is! Silencia has to retrain herself, or else she would've trapped the bouncy little girl in a hug and never let her go! Silencia giggles and shakes her head. "Nope, not a princess, just a priestess! And thank you, I think you're very adorable yourself!" Silencia allows herself to ruffle Sae's hair in a motherly fashion. "Nice to meet you Sae! And you should be careful who you trust, sometimes people seem cute, but they might hide a very uncute truth!" Silencia then turns her attention to Flandre and smiles at the vampire. "Thank you sweetie! Be very, very careful when you do, okay? If you hurt your friends, they will leave and never come back and that would be sad, right? That's why Rayne is worrying!" Silencia's tone is slightly gentler when she speaks to the vampire, as if talking to a smaller child. Rayne's exhaustion gets a sympathetic look from Silencia. "I've heard about the attack, will you be alright? If you need help cleaning up and refurnishing the Welcome Centre, I would like to help!" The question about her armor makes her smile. "It's surprisingly light! It's as if I'm simply wearing a simple tunic, but it seems strong enough to cover some blows. I will need to go buy myself a pair of leggings or pants to wear underneath, it feels a bit crowded over my dress."

All giggles still, Sae can't quite seem to see what's wrong with Flandre, even after Sil's comment about the hidden side of things. She just doesn't make the connection between that and the little vampire! "Awww, okay! I'll make sure to keep that in mind! Specially with those weird..mouth..nomming thingies running around?", still in the dark about exactly what's going on, but she knows to stay inside at least! Looking back to Sil, she giggles. "Well, you look a princess! So maybe you are, deep down!", grinning wide. "It's super nice to me-" she stops midsentence as she's pet, eyes half closing, slowly rising up onto her tiptoes into that ruffling hand. Oh gosh! Cute-pets are nice.. Blinking slowly, the schoolgirl looks at Silencia, as if wanting more pets! What a greedy little thing!

Its almost kind of hilarious how all signs point to that Flandre is the thing everyone's referring to as being not what it appears. That seems to be a running theme here in Twisted. Nothing is as it seems and taking things at face value can be a very dangerous endeavor.

However, if Sae truly doesn't know any of this then perhaps her best way to learn is to experience first hand in a controlled environment. Flandre has given her word that she won't hurt Sae 'too much' and that should count for something! "Nuuu, I won't hurt her, I promise!" She says again to Silencia. "I don't want for my new friend to leave me!" Flandre already has to deal with some abandonment issues so its fair to say she's going to try her very best to be a good little girl.

She bounces over to Sae as she notices her desire for pets. This is something that at least Flandre recognizes! Her play things like it when she's nice to them. So she floats over to the girl and also begins petting her head.

Rayne sighs and hangs her head. "Thanks, Sil, but I'll... I'll be okay. I got the place cleaned up yesterday, so we're back to... operatable. Sunset helped me out with some paintings, but it was descided we need some plants, and... well, you're the expert on what would work there, right? At least Muradin was there delivering my new armor... He, Morgana, and Miss Deis kept things from going much worse... Well, okay, Muradin threw the receptionist desk, but it still could have gone worse. A lot worse." She then boggles a bit as the two start to... pet Sae. Okay, she accepted that with the various cat-people she's run into, but this just seems wierd to her.

"Awww, don't worry Flan! I won't leave you!" Sae promises with a giggle. "Pinky..promise...", words starting to get dragged out as the pets begin in earnest. Two extra adorable people giving her all sorts of cute pets? Sae's in heaven! To point that she actually starts wobbling side to side, eyes closing, looking like she's about to fall over! "Pets..nice..lovelove pets..", giggling ever so softly.

Silencia doesn't feel the need to further elaborate on the possible hidden dangers. "Those weird mouth nomming thingies weren't what I was talking about, but alright. No feeding without supervision, alright girls?" her tone has become a bit sterner with those last words, as if she's a mother laying down the law with her children. She does smile and stop petting when Flandre joins in, Sae seems to get a bit overwhelmed by the petting. Silencia peeks at Flandre and smiles. "I know you wont hurt her, because you're a good girl. I'm simply reminding you, sweetie." Silencia then gently grabs Sae's arm and makes the girl sit down before she hurts herself. Seriously, the people that need a motherly presence have increased quite a bit lately! Silencia gives Sae one last pet before sitting down herself, allowing Flandre to have the cuddles. Silencia nods at Rayne and smiles. "It was fortunate you weren't alone!" Silencia sighs and grasps her necklace, her usual sign of discomfort. "It's odd how they got all in the Welcome Centre so quickly..."

Flandre perks up at all the talk of mouth nomming things. "Oooh, did the nasties try to attack Miss Rayne again?" Wonders the vampire girl in wonder. However, she quickly gets a more understanding look that belies the innocence demeanor she normally has. "Miss Rayne is so tasty, its no wonder she attracts the nasties all the time." She says with surprising insight to the thought process of the dark side.

After all, one has to remember that despite how Flandre looks, she is for all intended purposes a monster and she knows how they behave. In fact, that's the very reason why Flandre first tried to eat Rayne when they first met.

Thankfully, gone are the days where she behaved like a mindless monster and she's capable of having far more self-control. For instance, she seems really keen on the idea of finally having someone that is willing to give her some of their blood. Really, Flandre doesn't meant to hurt anyone when she feeds, she's just hungry!

Flandre scoots over to a nearby chair and seeing that Silencia is letting her have the lion's share of the pets, she pulls Sae all of herself! In fact, she even sits the waitress on her lap and locks pinkies with her. "Pinkie promise~" She giggles mirthfully and continues to pet and hug Sae, treating her as if she were a prized doll or a pet rather than a waitress.

Sae is still pretty out of it with all the attention, so Silencia's little chastisement goes in one ear and out the next, murmuring "Mhmmm..no feeding..without adult around..". Before she realizes what's going on, the seifuku clad waitress finds herself on Flandre's lap! "This is cozy.." she giggles, leaning back into the girl, perfectly happy to be doted upon. It's especially nice after she spent the first half of the day running around cleaning and preparing deserts for later in the evening, like the pie she'd brought out earlier! It doesn't seem to matter to her that this is an entirely un-waitress-y thing to do! It feels nice, it's relaxing, and there's tons of cute people around! That's all that matters to Sae!

"Thanks for all these cuddle-pets Miss Flandre..you're pretty nice! Same with you Miss Silencia..and Rayne, and..everyone, really..it's nice here..", sighing quietly, quite content with her new home. It's not like an adorable vampire and a princess-who's-not-really-a-princess-to-anyone-but-Sae would have treated her like this back home!

Rayne says, "Yeah... Yeah, I got lucky with that." She really does look disturbed as the subject continues to be discussed. "I wish I knew, but... I think we need to have at least one regular TASK officer down there at all times for now. Until we know where they're coming from, and have made sure the building is secure." She then twitches slightly upon being called 'tasty'. "'Tasty'? In what way am I 'tasty' and how would you even know how I taste?"

Meanwhile, behind the bar, Steve the Bartender clears his throat fairly loudly. "New girl, you've got more than one table, you know. Unless you want the robots to take your tips." It seems it's too late for one of the tables, though, as one of the Skutters is already there taking an order."

Silencia nods at Flandre, tilting her head slightly as the vampire's expression changes. She doesn't say anything, but the thoughtful expression on her face betrays the fact that she wasn't expecting the vampire to show such insight. As Flandre and Sae go into cuddle-mode, Silencia snaps out of it and sits up with a smile. "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, sweetie!" She then turns to Rayne and nods softly in agreement. "Having an officer there would be a good idea, but would one be enough? I mean, I heard the attack was so sudden, what if the officer gets overpowered before he can contact the others?" Silencia shivers lightly, very much unsettled. She doesn't like violence, especially when it endangers the people she cares for.

Now that draws Flandre's attention. She's usually very comfortable in her winsome, innocent kid act. Not to say that it's an act though, Flandre is very much naive in most things and acts like a child because she doesn't know any other way to be. However, in some cases, cases like this one, her true age shows as she imparts some insight that it doesn't look like someone like her should know.

She smiles darkly at Rayne, red eyes glowing faintly. "Aah, I don't need to bite you to know how you taste, my dear." In fact, she's even acting a lot more mature now. "I can smell it from here. Something about you is powerful and yet vulnerable. Perhaps it is your blood, or your essence, but there is something about you that someone like me wishes to have. To bend to their will. Power such as yours is usually very well guarded and yet here you are, easy pickings and ripe for the taking."

"It makes you.. irresistible to us." The girl flashes her fanged teeth and licks her lips a little, almost succumbing to her feral side.

And just like that, she's back to being a clueless little girl. "Aww, but I want Sae to stay with me." Flandre pouts as the mean bartender tries to claim her waitress away. The girl then huggles Sae close and rubs cheeks with her. "You'll be back so I can drink you, right?"

Sae lets all the talk of officers and violence go right over her head. It's partially because she has no experience with any kind of real conflict, so such things don't make terribly much sense to her. But it's also on purpose, ignoring unpleasant subjects like that and instead choosing to focus on the cute pets. Pouting at the bartender, Sae turns to Flan. "Mhm! Promise! I guess I've gotta take care of that table and stuffs though..", kissing Flan's cheek before she slips from the girl's arms, hands on her hips as she contemplates ignoring her work for further cuddles. Buuut, it's her first day, so it's not like she can..

So Sae goes over to take care of the new table, away from all the action!

Rayne shudders again. "Yeah... you're right, but how many officers can we spare? I barely got anything over the radio before... I couldn't talk anymore." She pales a bit as she says that, and doesn't seem able to keep eye contact. And then there goes Flandre, making her feel even less stable. "I, y-y, what?" She actually pales just a bit more. It's surprising that she can even get that white. Nope. I am not going to sleep tonight, either, am I?

There it is again! That odd, strangely mature side of Flandre intrigues Silencia more than it scares her. She leans forward and stares at the vampire, that thoughtful expression back on her face. "Flandre... how old are you exactly?" That little question slipped out before Silencia could even think about it. She simply blinks and then adopts a sterner tone, still rather gentle though. "You need to learn how to read the mood, sweety. Rayne isn't in a state of mind to hear such things." Silencia peeks at Rayne and frowns. She couldn't comfort Rayne in her usual manner, because that only stressed her out more, so Silencia clutches her necklace instead, to hold herself back. "Maybe you need something like a panic button? That would allow the one officer to raise an alarm in a quick and easy way. They would need to stay close to it at all times though..." Silencia tries to help Rayne calm down by suggesting ways to make things safer. Silencia nibbles her lower lip, actually keeping her worry from surfacing too much. "Do you need something to eat or drink, Rayne? You look a bit pale..." Silencia is leaning into Rayne to look her in the eye, but she is very obviously not making any movements to touch her.

"Umm.." Flandre looks at her hands and starts counting her fingers. "I'm five hundred and seven!" She says all excitedly, just like a child would when asked their age. "I know because I counted them!" Which, according to how excited she sounds, quite a feat.

Despite her age and apparent maturity that accompanies it, Silencia is right and it doesn't look like Flandre is able to read the mood. In fact, she can't even tell the priestess might be cross with her because she's not directly scolding her. "But she asked so I told her why." She protests.

Then she's pouting a little as her waitress/snack is taken away so she can return to waiting tables. Bleh, so much for that, now the vamp will have to wait until Sae gets off work so she can feed properly. The little girl watches from Sil to Rayne but otherwise says nothing, staying quiet for now.

Rayne says, "Yyy.... yeah. Panic buttons. Let's put them in all the rooms. Under the desks in reception, counselling rooms, and office. One near the whiteboard in the classroom. I don't want to rely on having Morgana to scream again." Normally, saying something like that would get a grin out of Rayne, but she really is just too spooked right now. Nor does she argue Flandre's point that she asked. Flandre is right, after all. She did ask."

Silencia shakes her head with a smile and gestures for Flandre to come closer. "Sometimes it's better to wait with telling people something, even if they ask for it. For example, when people almost get eaten, you don't talk about how you and others would want to eat them until the person themselves are able to joke about it, okay FLandre?" She decided she would just put it as simply as she can, no use trying to explain something like reading the mood right here and now, this was something that would need more time. Silencia peeks at Rayne and nibbles her lower lip again, trying to think of something to distract Rayne from the events of the other day. She couldn't think of anything. "Yeah, so that would help in keepnig it safe. Don't worry, Rayne, everything is going to be alright. I mean, TASK has dealt with many dangers before." Silencia mentally scolds herself for not being able to properly comfort her friend. She would need to work on her skills! Silencia then summons one little butterfly, its wings multicolored like Rayne's hair. The butterfly lands on the tip of Rayne's nose, wings fluttering. The colorful little bug seems to move strangely slowly, as if Silencia willed it not to make sudden movements and it listened. Meanwhile, Silencia also starts petting Flandre, if the vampire has decided to obey her gestures and come closer.

"If you say so, Sil." Flandre still has a hard time understanding. For her, eating people is as natural as one would eat a cheeseburger. She has literally been doing it for more than five hundred years with no one ever telling her that its wrong. Old habits are really die hard in her case.

However, she knows to trust Silencia implicitly in these kind of things, because the butterfly girl just has that aura that she's a trustworthy person. Flandre giddily scoots close to Sil and leans on her letting the other girl pet her.

Rayne nods a bit absently at Sil's saying it will be okay. She rubs a hand against her neck a bit nervously, still apparently not paying full attention. Really, it's that lack of paying attention that is the cause of her startled response to the butterfly landing on her nose. It actually takes her a second before she realizes it's there, at which point she suddenly scoots back her chair a few inches with a shout and a reflexive swat. She looks up to Silencia with a look that is a bit of a mix of surprise and confusion after that.

Silencia chuckles and just points at the butterfly. It flutters around at first, trying to catch Rayne's attention. When it finally has it, the colorful little thing flutters up and spreads its wings infront of a light, allowing a little rainbow to form over Rayne. Silencia herself is absentmindedly petting Flandre, the vampire seems to be very busy enjoying the petting. Silencia grins at Rayne. Distraction is the best way to comfort someone in a situation like this.

Rayne genuinely seems confused for a moment, but then there it is! There's a smile! She can't help but let out a quick laugh. Just one, but that's a pretty big improvement for her! "Okay, um, right. What were we talking about?"

Silencia smiles brightly as soon as Rayne shows her smile, grinning wider when that little laugh escapes her! Silencia is obviously in a very good mood now. "How do you like my armor, Rayne? Does it suit me? I went for green because that seemed more fitting to me..." Of course she changed the subject, she finally got Rayne to smile! Silencia gives a little pout though, slightly exaggerating her expression to lure out another laugh from Rayne. "Kotal hasn't seen it yet. I haven't seen him much these days!"

Rayne says, "Well of course green suits you! I think Muradin got a little wierd with mine. It has these wierd wing things that curve up... Of course they're rainbow colored. They're removable, apparently they're more for show and ceremony rather than being a combat help. So, considering I said I wanted a nice suit of armor, I guess he did exactly what I wanted." She shrugs. "It looks decent. I like that it basically incorperates a skirt into the design."

Silencia grins as Rayne describes the armor she got. "Ohh, you have to show me that once!" She giggles at the mental image of Rayne with a winged armor. "I'm glad he didn't craft wings for me! I have a feeling that Kotal would insist I wear them! Instead I got this pretty little thing!" She touches her circlet with a smile, the silver a pretty contrast to her black hair. The comment about the armor incorporating a skirt makes Silencia peek down at the hem. "Yeah it does... I could probably wear this on it's own, though I would prefer to wear something underneath... it's a bit shorter than what I'm used to..."

Rayne says, "Huh. Mine still has greaves and pants under the skirt. I guess he really went with different styles for the two of us. I wonder how he thinks... and if Morgana had any input." She pauses a moment, thinking about this. "No, Morgana didn't have any input."

Silencia hums thoughtfully, also wondering about the same thing. When Rayne announces that Morgana wouldn't have had any input, it sparked Silencia's curiosity. "Why do you think so?"

Rayne gets a bit more flat of an expression, looking at Silencia. "Have... Have you met Morgana? She tends to... not wear clothes. Like... at all. I don't think she's the type to consult about style or armor.

Silencia blushes lightly when she is reminded of the mermaid's nudity. "I..I know! But have you seen this circlet? There's definitely some feminine influence here! And just because she doesn't wear clothes doesn't mean she wouldn't know what would be pretty, I think..."

Rayne shrugs. "She doesn't strike me as the type to really care about clothes and style. I dunno. Maybe he found some other feminine types to consult with... but I know it's neither Morgana nor the gnome."

Silencia giggles at how certain Rayne is. "Alrighty then, we'll just ask him!" She sits back and seems content. "There have been quite a few new arrivals lately, have you noticed? It's as if they were waiting for you to set up the Welcome Centre..."

Rayne nods. "Well, then I hope we can help them! Though really, we've only actually helped that Korra girl so far. Though I think Ren helped out Anne-Marie? With Ren I can't tell if she's doing it as the Welcome Center or just because that's what she does, you know?" She can't help but smirk.

Silencia shrugs lightly and smiles. "Maybe both? It's difficult to see Ren in a role that does not involve welcoming and informing people..." Silencia then chuckles and grins happily. "Because there are so many people I can coddle now, it really feels like I'm back at my old home..."

Rayne grabs another bite of her pie to eat(finally) and then points to Silencia with the fork as she finishes chewing the bite and swallows. "Exactly. This is why I wanted her on the team. She's beyond a natural, and helps ease people into the wierdness of twisted by having such a friendly but freaky looking person talking to them."

Silencia nods understandingly and peeks down at Flandre, who seems to have fallen asleep. "Adjusting quickly to the weirdness of this place is a must for newcomers... And it does help talking to someone who is so very different from what one would expect." Silencia lifts up Flandre and positions the vampire on her lap, letting her sleep more comfortably. One might think it's a bit surprising how easily she does that, though Rayne did have a little peek at Silencia's strength before. "By the way Rayne, have you done anything to keep your progress with your anxiety about physical contact going? Or did you take advantage of me being a bit preoccupied?

Rayne says, "My point exactly, Sil." She offers the other woman a slight grin that vanishes as Silencia brings up a new route of conversation. "No. I have not. I manged to be fairly close in proximity to Sunset as we hung some paintings in the Welcome Center, but there was no physical contact involved. Also, I'm... pretty sure she was aware and keeping her distance."

Silencia gives Rayne a knowing smirk. "Thought so... You should at least do the things you are already able to do on a more regular basis, so that you can get accustomed. Give Sunset a little pat on the shoulder to show her you appreciate her help every once in awhile. You won't be able to get over your anxiety from just me pushing your boundaries. That will have the opposite effect if you don't keep up with it."

Rayne lets out an annoyed sigh. "I'll... try. But I can't make any promises. My mind has been on a lot lately, and stuff like that just doesn't enter it."

Silencia nods acceptingly, her smile now gentle. "I know, I know, that's why I haven't been pressuring you. I just thought I should remind you of it, that's all." She peeks down at the sleeping Flandre. "Well, it seems like I'm stuck here for awhile..."

Rayne raises an eyebrow at Silencia. "Well, that's one thing that I don't have to deal with. An advantage of not portraying myself as a welcome place to sit."

Silencia chuckles and grins at Rayne. "But they're so adorable! I mean, look at how harmless Flandre looks now!" She gently strokes the vampire's hair. Silencia sighs softly. "I really can't resist cute things and people..."

The door opens, and someone peeks in. It's Asato. He always seems to check before he actually enters into places, ears swiveling about as if listening for trouble. But he soon enters the restaurant proper and looks around. He notices Rayne and Silencia, but though his gaze stops on them, he doesn't go over to them, or wave. It's a little awkward, as if he's not sure how to deal with realizing he recognizes someone there in the restaurant.

Rayne shakes her head. "Flandre may look adorable, but I have had to run for my life from her. And remember what she said earlier. She is not harmless, and if you think of her that way, you will get bitten." It's hard to tell if she means bitten metaphorically... or literally. Probably both. Alas, Rayne isn't watching the door, and thus doesn't notice the silent Asato entering.

Silencia giggles at Rayne. "I know she's not harmless, but you've got to admit she simply looks like a cute little child when she's sleeping!" Silencia doesn't seem to hold much fear, but that's normal, considering under whose protection she is. Silencia might not have been watching the door, she happened to sit in a way that allowed her to see movement at the door. She peeks and sees Asato, waving with a smile. "Hey there Asato! Why're you standing there? Come join us!"

Asato blinks, and then heads over to Rayne and Silencia's table. He nods in greeting. Then he looks at the sleeping Flandre. His nostrils flare slightly a couple times. "...She smells wrong," he comments, his ears going back a little.

Rayne says, "With fangs and strange crystaline wings? I'm sorry, Silencia, but once you run from someone in fear of your life, you tend not to look at them as a child. That goes double after what she said today." She looks up at Asato as he walks over and smiles to him. "Good evening, Asato, how's life finding you today?"

Silencia shrugs and grins at Rayne. "I can understand that. I'm just lucky I haven't seen that side of her. Let's hope I never will!" She then peeks at Asato as he comments that Flandre smells wrong. She can't really argue with him, there probably was something wrong with the vampire girl, aside from the need for blood. "Her name's Flandre and she's asleep, so you don't need to worry, Asato..." Silencia smiles reassuringly and gestures to a nearby chair. "Take a seat, Asato, would you like something to eat or drink?"

Asato tilts his head at Rayne's question. "... It hasn't. Kira stopped sending cats to kill me. And Rikusu is dead." Apparently he doesn't quite understand the question. He is as awkward as ever, evidenced also by how he actually doesn't take a seat even though he's talking to them. But at least his ears face forward again, returning to relaxed pose. Then Silencia reminds him there are chairs. He moves a litle stiltedly, like he had just remembered he should probably be sitting down if he's going to converse with them at the table. The question gets an affirmative sound. "... I like the chicken they have. With the sweet sauce."

Rayne dryly responds to Silencia, "Be glad you haven't. She can be scary." And Rayne's not even seen the worst of the little vampire. She blinks up at Asato, "No, I meant, 'how are you today?'" As she looks up at him, though, she notices the clock on the wall behind him and sighs. "Well, I have to get going now, sorry." She stands up and leaves some money as a tip for Sae on the table. "Sorry to run just after you got here, Asato, but I have to get back to work. I'll see the two of you later, okay?" With that, she turns to leave the Usual Restaurant.

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